The Steve De Ford family Nov 2015

Psalm 74:17 Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.

Dear Indian Missions Supporters,

December already! Winter is nearly here. With it comes all the festivities of Christmas and the New Year. But before we close out a year that has already moved too quickly, we would like to fill you in on the details of the last couple of months.

The first three days of October many of the missionaries of the Independent Baptist Indian Mission met for our annual Mission Retreat. This year Brother Marshal Yazzie, Steve’s parents, and the dear folks at the Baptist Indian Chapel on the Gila River Reservation hosted the event. Pastor Paul Hiscock was our key note speaker. All in attendance were encouraged by the various Sermon-n-Song messages that Pastor Paul presented. We were also knit in heart with the Don Stephens family as we learned their son and our dear friend, Todd, was hospitalized. Our Lord eventually graduated Todd home to heaven. Our prayers remain with the Stephens family.

Toward the end of the month the Hualapai Baptist Church had our Mission’s Conference. Ministries among the Chinese, off the coast of the mainland, and among the Jews of New York City were presented. While Pastor Ed Hannahs of Iowa challenged our church with faith promise giving.

We were counting our blessings in November as Sherry and Josh were able to travel to California twice to visit our son, Micah. The first trip was with our high school Juniors and Seniors for college days. Then the family went back to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The church celebrated another Harvest Dinner and hosted one of its most beloved missionaries to Natives, Sam Grammar, for our monthly “Super Sunday”. We have seen several guests in our services lately. And now eagerly await the coming Christmas activities.

The family also eagerly awaits “the boys” return for an all-too-brief visit.

Thank you for all your prayers, and may you count all your blessings too, at this wonderful time of year!

For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford family

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Prayer Letter Steve and Sherry DeFord May 2015


1 Chronicles 16:4 And he appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord, and to record, and to thank and praise the Lord God of Israel:

Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord for His working among the American Indian people! We are continually blessed and humbled to be called to this work. Thank you for all you do in helping to sustain this ministry through your prayers and financial contributions.

This past month we were encouraged to see the church nearly full Resurrection Sunday morning. We had a sun-rise service and very nice breakfast at 6:00 AM. It was well attended, but then even more came back for the regular Sunday School hour and Morning Worship Service. We didn’t hit a new record this year, however, 85 were in attendance.

Two weeks later our youth leader, his wife, and seven teens went to Youth Conference in Lancaster, CA. Every year we pray for the Lord to use this event in the lives of our young people. This year two of the teens made decisions to be obedient Christians.

On April 25th, our ladies took a trip to Flagstaff for the annual Ladies’ Retreat that the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch hosts. This year Sherry was asked to be the guest speaker. The church van was full and a few of the ladies drove on their own. The theme was “Oh,the Depth of His riches.” Steve drove the van and got to see first hand what a great time the ladies have whenever they get together.

Your prayers for the ministries of the Hualapai Baptist Church and the Independent Baptist Indian Mission are greatly appreciated. And thank you again for your generous support of our family!

For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford family

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Steve & Sherry DeFord Jan 2015

Hosea 14:9 Who is wise, and he shall understand these things? prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the LORD are right, and the just shall walk in them: but the transgressors shall fall therein.

We want to thank all our ministry friends for partnering with us this past year through your faithful prayers and support. God blessed throughout the year, but the last two months were a special blessing as we were able to join Manny and Micah in Pensacola for Thanksgiving. Micah then traveled home with us and Manny came later for their Christmas vacation. Both are doing well in college and appreciate your prayers for them as they return to school and start in with second semester.

Hualapai Baptist has also had a joyous and busy Holiday season. Our young people enjoyed college days at West Coast Baptist College back in November. While our men continued to make progress on our building get some much needed cement poured.

December was a flurry of activity with all the group Christmas parties. Ninety-five people attended our Christmas program. And for the first time our congregation when caroling around the Peach Springs community.

Our family offers many thanks for all the cards, gifts, and special Christmas wishes we received. May your New Year be filled with our dear Lord’s presence as you yield to His Spirit each day.

For God’s Glory-Steve De Ford

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Steve DeFord’s Fall Update 2014

Dear Friends of Indian Missions,

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.
     Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of the ministry.  The last two months have been full of opportunities here at Hualapai Baptist Church.
     Our ladies attended the Lancaster Baptist Church Ladies’ Retreat in September and were encouraged to pray for and seek Godly wisdom. They returned home refreshed and eager to share what they had learned. The following weekend our youth group went to a rally near Phoenix hosted by the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch. The key note speaker, Evangelist Chris Miller, followed the teens home and spoke for us the following day at our September Super Sunday. Then our family enjoyed  fellowship with brother Miller and his sons for the next few days in our home.
     We began the month of October with missionary Amie Richard who challenged us all with the enormous need in Thailand.
     One of the responsibilities that comes with being the director of the Independent Baptist Indian Mission is to try to help fill ministries that are without pastors or missionaries.  One such mission came to our attention earlier in the year in remote Northwest New Mexico.  Brother Cleve, my son Josh, and I went to visit the Star Lake Baptist Church October 12. This work has been without a pastor for several months. One of the local Navajo men is trying to hold together the work while a Colorado pastor assists in finding a full time pastor/missionary. Pray with us that the Lord would guide us to His will for this church.  Later that same week, my dad joined Josh and me on a quick trip to Utah for the graduation of Zachary Pike. He is the son of a member missionary who graduated from a Christian trade school. Zachary is looking forward to whatever the Lord may have in his future. If God has Native American missions in his future, we look forward to serving Zachary any way we can.
     A local Kingman pastor was the special guest speaker at our annual Harvest dinner the evening of the 17th of October.  We had a great turn out and  great fellowship around a full table and the Word of God.
     The last full week of the month we were blessed to have Dr. Bill Rice III with us for revival meetings. We had nearly 100 guests during the week. And three of our youth earned a free week of camp! The highlight of the week was a young lady gaining assurance of her Salvation and a man, who has struggled with alcohol for his entire adult life, being saved. Pray for Falcon as he seeks victory in his life.
     Finally, after weeks of attempts, Steve was able to have a Bible study at the Peach Springs jail. Two men came to the study. One gave a good testimony of his salvation years before. The second man was concerned that he could not give such a testimony and received Christ as his Savior. Please keep Skyhawk in prayer.
Thank you again for your partnership with us. We appreciate you all and covet your continued prayers!
For God’s Glory,
Steve De Ford
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Steve & Sherry DeFord’s August 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

God has blessed us with a great summer! Thank you for your prayers for this ministry.

July was a very full month. Our juniors went to camp the first full week of the month at the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch. West Branch has not begun a regular schedule as of yet. However, we were invited to participate in a “work week” or practice run as the camp prepares for a regular schedule next summer.

With just one week in between we held Vacation Bible School. Three young men received Christ as their personal Saviour during the week. Attendance was excellent, and our church family did a terrific job hosting the community.

The week following VBS our teens went to camp. Our campers from both weeks really enjoyed camp and are looking forward to next summer already!

In the middle of the month, Sherry hosted another quilt class for the ladies at church. They have been learning a technique that helps them piece the quilts together much more quickly than traditional quilting. Everyone enjoys the fellowship. And Sherry presents a quilt themed devotional as well.

August had us overjoyed as our nearly all of our children were home together. Manny finished his traveling on ensemble, Josh ended his cowboy work in Tennessee, and our daughter Jackie’s family was able to join us for a week. There were a lot a trips back and forth to the airport, but grandma and grandpa were not complaining! We cherish the time we get with our little grandson, Nathan.

The men of the church got together and got more work done on the buildings in preparation for home school co-op to begin for the fall. It is a continual blessing to see the church facilities continue to improve each year. Plans are moving forward for our next BIG project-a fellowship hall/gymnasium building with much needed classroom space included. We will be writing more about this project in the months to come.

Sherry continues with jail visiting. And, as of August, Steve began taking some of the men to the jail for visitation. Unfortunately for the men, no one has come to the services yet. Please pray that the men in the jail will realize we have a great concern for them and their souls.

Co-op began the 25th of the month with 14 students. Again, I would ask for your prayers for each of our young people as they begin a new school year.

We will be taking our son, Micah, to Tennessee to begin Bible college Thursday, August 28. We are diving from home to Murfreesboro, helping him settle in, then traveling back home. We will put a lot of miles on the car between now and our expected return date September 6. I am grateful for the men of the church that will be filling in for me in our absence.

We want to take a moment and thank all those that have helped contribute to Sherry’s hospital expenses. Your gifts and your prayers are very much appreciated!

For God’s Glory-the Steve De Ford family

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DeFord’s July 2014

I Timothy 1:12 And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;

Hello from the hot Southwest!

We have entered the warmest time of the year and are eagerly awaiting the annual monsoons that typically begin in late June or early July bringing some relief in the afternoons. We saw the first large rain clouds yesterday. There isn’t any rain yet in the forecast, but we hope that changes soon.

June was an eventful month in our home and at Hualapai Baptist Church. The month began with our Men’s fellowship meeting. We had a young man visiting from the Supai Reservation (Grand Canyon) and a new doctor from the clinic in Peach Springs attend. We finished a study on Jacob and will now turn our attention to Joseph.

Also in the first week of the month, the ladies got together for a quilt class that Sherry taught. Several got together to finish some projects and listen to a quilt-themed devotional. Sherry has been teaching some quilting methods to the ladies who attend. Later in the month, the ladies got back together for their monthly Ladies Bible Study. I am very thankful for a wife that is a partner in life and in ministry.

We celebrated Father’s Day with 8 dad’s in attendance. Each was recognized with a special gift and we had fellowship meal, too. On Wednesday of that week we had another fellowship after our prayer meeting with our Watermelon Wednesday! Our people really enjoy getting together for fellowship and for Bible study. We are so thankful for the people God has giving us in this work. Its a blessing to be a part of the desire for revival that exists among our congregation.

The highlight was seeing another soul come to know Christ as a result of the ladies jail visits this month. Sherry led a young lady to Christ who is the sister of the young lady I led to Christ at the hospital last month. We desire to see these ladies grow in their faith and see God give them victory in their lives.

The month finished at church with a Patriotic Sunday. We were encouraged by a missions presentation by the Pierce family who are serving with Armed Forces Baptist Mission. One of our own deacons who served in the Marines preached in our evening service wrapping up a very good day and month at church.

We also appreciate your faithful prayers for our family. Sherry has gotten her last CT scan. We are thankful that all tests have come back good so far.

Micah has graduated and been accepted to attend the first year of Bill Rice Bible Institute in Murfreesboro, TN. He got a job to help add to his savings for college expenses. Manny is currently traveling with an ensemble for Pensacola Christian College which also helps with college costs, however, both boys will need additional funds to finish this coming school year. Please pray with us about this financial need.

Thank you again for your prayers and financial support. Your love, prayers, and giving are appreciated as we serve the Lord here on the Hualapai Reservation.

For God’s Glory

The Steve De Ford family

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Steve & Sherry DeFord May 2014

Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. II Corinthians 9:15

Dear Praying friends,

Thank you for your faithfulness in remembering this ministry and us in your prayers the last couple of months! God, as always, has shown Himself merciful and gracious to us all along the way.

Our youth leader, Brother Cleve, took nine of our teens and one guest to the West Coast Baptist Youth Conference in early April. This was the first significant trip in our new church van! Everything ran well, and for the first time, everyone was able to travel together. Several of our young people made good decisions while there, and Brother Cleve continues to sense God using him to a greater degree in His service. We praise the LORD for his work in both our teens lives and the life of our teen leader!

Resurrection Sunday was unusually low in attendance. This has always been one of our highest attended service so we were a surprised by the turn out. Our teens had hung door hangers informing and inviting the community to attend. We did have a few visitors. And the services were a blessing beginning with a Sonrise service.

Another highlight of the month was the wedding of one of our deacons to our church treasurer! Melvin and Myndee are a sweet Christian couple. Both have grown tremendously over the past few years. They began courting recently, and it didn’t take them long to realize they were God’s will for each other! Steve was blessed to councel them and perform the ceremony. In addition to serving as deacon, Melvin also teaches our primary Sunday School class, and is enrolled in the institute class Steve teaches on Monday nights.

May began with a home school co-op field trip to the Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium west of Phoenix. Moms and dads of all our families but one were able to get the day off to attend along with us. Again, God gave safety to everyone traveling. While visiting the Zoo, one our moms got word that her brother had died in a traffic accident. It was a blessing over the next few days to see God’s grace again at work in this family’s life. The deceased was saved, and the funeral was a great testimony to the LORD! The family that had not been able to go to the zoo was occupied with another funeral. Again, the deceased was a child of God and the family is comforted in knowing he is in heaven.

We celebrated Mother’s Day with 19 mothers in the morning service! Each received a gift from the church and were honored as our special guests.

After Mother’s Day our attention turned to graduation. The last day of co-op was Thursday the 22nd. Two of our children finished their home-schooling. Molly will be assisting Sherry next school year with the young children. Micah graduated and will be among the first class of the Bill Rice Ranch Institute in Murfreesboro, TN this fall. Our graduation speaker was Pastor Stephen De Ford from Ekalaka, MT. Pastor De Ford’s son Dustin was one of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives a year ago in the Yarnell fire outside Prescott, AZ. The DeFords are distant relatives of ours and have been friends for several years. Everyone was moved by the testimony of this young man, and our home schoolers were encouraged to live their lives for the LORD.

Our son, Manny, began traveling in his college ensemble. He is really enjoying this summer ministry and has been able to meet up with some family members in the mid-west at the same time. We miss him, but we rejoice that he is doing what he loves and serving the LORD through singing.

God has been good to us in times of rejoicing and in times of grief, but He has been especially good in allowing us to see two new souls saved as a result of Sherry and Laurie’s (one of our church members) outreach into the local jail. Three have now been saved since they began this ministry a few months ago.

Thank you again, for your prayers for us and the ministry among the native American Indians here in Arizona. Thank you also for your continued, faithful support. We are fully aware of the essential part you have in seeing this ministry continue to go forward for our God!

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

Steve De Ford
Director Independent Baptist Indian Mission
3880 Stockton Hill Rd. #103-438
Kingman, AZ 86409
Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider how great things He hath done for you. I Samuel 12:24

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Feb 2014 Newsletter from Steve and Sherry DeFord

Dear Praying Friends,


We are amazed to think we are already into March. February was a good month for us here in Arizona. The church, family, and mission are all doing well.


Several of our families from church attended the annual Marriage and Family conference Bill Rice Ranch West Branch sponsored in Phoenix. We have had a very good turn out the past few years for this event. And this year was no different. We all enjoy staying together in a local hotel and the preaching is always a blessing! Sherry and Laurie began a new jail ministry in the local Peach Springs jail. They had three ladies in attendance their first time together on February 21. Steve took Micah and two of our men to the West Branch camp site to do a drywall project the last weekend of the month. Raynard is a drywall hanger and he led the project. Cleve serves our church as a deacon and is a great worker. The four men were able to finish the project and a little extra work for which the Ranch seemed to be extremely grateful. West Branch is one of the ministries our congregation supports through our missions program.


The kids that are still home are making good progress on their schooling. Molly and Micah are both looking forward to graduating this spring. Manny is doing well in college and is looking forward to traveling in an ensemble this summer.


We keep hearing good reports from all our member missionaries within the Independent Baptist Indian Mission. If you are not familiar with the ministry of the mission, I encourage you to visit our website and read the reports from the other men. The address is with links to each family and their respective ministry.


Thank you for your support of our family and the ministry among the Hualapai. May our Lord continue to bless you as you faithfully serve Him!


For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford family


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Steve & Sherry DeFord’s

Phil. 4:17b …I desire fruit that may abound to your account.


Dear Friends,


Thank you all so much for your generosity this past month. God has been both gracious and generous toward us. Not only is our finical need continually met, but God blessed us with His continual presence, comfort, and empowerment.


After some wonderful family time, we again said good-bye to our son Immanuel who is back at college. We enjoyed every minute with Manny while he was home, knowing that we would not get him back till August. We are excited for him to have made a traveling ensemble for the summer, but will miss his smile, singing, and humor for several months. While he was home, we got word from the college that he had made the Dean’s list for first semester! He is adjusting very well, and we couldn’t be more pleased.


Our daughter, Jackie, called us January 18 to inform us that we would be grandparents again. However, by the afternoon of the 20th she lost her second pregnancy in as many months. We were all heartbroken and thank you for the many prayers you said on our behalf. Our dear folks here at Hualapai Baptist Church paid for Sherry to fly back to North Carolina to be with Jackie while she recovers from emergency surgery. We have been overwhelmed to see God work in our behalf. In the middle of lost, He has given great peace. We can only praise Him for all His goodness. Our little grandson, Nathan, is more precious to us than ever! Please keep Jon and Jackie in your prayers as they continue to grieve and trust God with their future.


The church continues to be a blessing to us. Steve began Institute classes again this semester. This year we have five of our men studying Bible Doctrines. They have gotten off to a good start, and Steve is encouraged by their eagerness to learn. Our home-school co-op families have been doing most of their educating at home rather than at the church this year. This has allowed Steve to help Sherry teach the kindergarten and first grade. We have enjoyed spending our days together in the ministry.


Molly, Micah, and Josh are progressing well in school, too. To say our children are a blessing seems too simplistic. We are thankful for each of them and the work they put forth in the ministry.


Continue to pray that souls would be saved, Christians discipled, and fruit would abound…to your account!


For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford family


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December Letter from The Steve De Ford family

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. Matthew 20:22

Dear Co-laborers and Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. We have been blessed to have each of you standing with us during 2013, and look forward to partnering with you in 2014.
Your prayer and financial investments have definitely paid dividends these past couple of months. Annabelle, has been attending Hualapai Baptist Church for over a year. She was one of the first to go through our New Converts’ Sunday School Class earlier this year. As of the last Sunday in December she has joined with us in membership. There are others who need to take this step, and we pray Anna’s obedience will encourage others to do the same. She has been a blessing to our congregation with her eagerness to participate in all the church activities. She was personally blessed early in the year when she encouraged her son and daughter to attend a youth rally at a sister church in Kingman. At that meeting our youth leader had the privilege of leading Annabelle’s son, Bryson, to the Lord! Several days ago she sent a text to Steve informing him that her nephew was in the hospital in Kingman. Edgar is a 27 year old man whose mother (Anna’s sister) we laid to rest a year ago. Edgar had been unable to attend the funeral because he was in jail at the time. Like so many of our native people, Edgar has struggled with the sin a drunkenness for many years. He was in the hospital because his drinking had caused his pancreas to fail. Steve was able to share the gospel with Edgar and see him gloriously saved! Please, keep this young man in your prayers that he will grow in his new walk with Christ.
Annabelle’s story is not the only blessing we have had this year. At our annual testimony and praise service the night before Thanksgiving nearly everyone in attendance gave God thanks for the blessings of the previous year. One of our seniors in particular brought us to tears. Rose was in a nearly fatal car accident just a year previous. We did not think she would make it through because of her advanced years and the extent of her injuries. Within a few weeks of her accident her husband passed away. The miracles God has worked in her like over the past year are overwhelming. To hear her put words to her gratitude was a blessing beyond words.
The week before Christmas, Steve preached a funeral service for a young man. At the closing of the service another young man indicated his need of salvation. As Steve led in the sinner’s prayer, several could be heard praying throughout the congregation. We may never know the results of that service this side of heaven.
We concluded a month of Christmas celebrations with our annual Christmas program on Sunday, December 22. Paul and Betty Hiscock had helped us earlier in the summer with a program they put together called “Tell Me the Story of Jesus A to Z”. We received several comments of the work done in hearts as a result of the program.
Thank you again for standing with us and the ministry among the Hualapai.
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family
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November 2013 Letter from Steve & Sherry DeFord

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – Ephesians 5:20


Dear Praying Friends,

During the month of November, we are thankful for so many things. But we are especially thankful for you who have faithfully supported us with your prayers and gifts. Your prayers are vital to the Lord’s working here in Peach Springs, Arizona.


October has been a busy month for us. The youth group began the month with a big work day on the 5th. Brother Cleve Lewis our deacon and youth director organized a day of wood cutting, splitting, and stacking. He and the young men spent the entire day helping our elderly folks prepare for the cold weather this way. While the boys were busy, the girls met with his wife, Teola, to bake cookies for them. Our elderly were SO appreciative!


Our family spent 2 weeks on a road trip. We went to North Carolina where we picked up our daughter Jackie and grandson Nathan. Then we drove to Georgia for our nieces wedding. This was a wonderful time of fellowship with Sherry’s side of the family. We were also able to visit Crown College and the Bill Rice Ranch.


Our family is doing well. Manny will be home for Christmas. He has done well at PCC and especially enjoys having his cousin for a roommate. Molly, Micah, and Joshua continue on with homeschooling and are all doing well. We would appreciate your prayers for Jackie and her husband Jon as they experienced a tubal pregnancy this month resulting in 2 surgeries for Jackie. We all grieved the loss of this little baby, but were reassured through God’s Word. “My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26 We know that we will see this baby one day when we enter God’s presence.


Our services at church have been going well. We have had good attendance (between 60 -70). Steve has been preaching through the book of Romans. What a blessing it has been to see our people respond at the altar when truth is given! One teen girl accepted the Lord as her Saviour (on her physical birthday). Please pray for Trina as she grows in the Lord while facing the temptations that the devil throws at her.


Our church’s homeschool co-op continues on with God-honoring results. We have families now in their 5th year of homeschooling. Our heart swell with love for these children and parents. We are seeing results that will last eternally. The church has acquired additional land right next to the church. We are earnestly praying that God would supply us with the funds to put up another multi-purpose building that we can use for our homeschool co-op classes, much needed fellowship hall, larger Sunday School classrooms, gym etc.


We ended the month with the highlight of the year for Hualapai Baptist Church – Missions Conference 2013. Brother Adam Zamora of Desert Hills Baptist in Buckeye, AZ was our keynote speaker. And our missionary to Washington state, Jim Brock, was our special guest. The greatest part of all was a young mother who accepted Christ as Savior!


Thank you for your support this ministry. Your prayers and financial assistance keep us in the “ripened fields”!

Steve De Ford

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October 2013 Letter from Steve & Sherry

Dear Praying Friends and Ministry Partners,

  Romans 10:14-15 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
  We have wrapped up a great summer of ministry on the Hualapai Indian Reservation here in Northwestern Arizona. Our home church youth group came out to help us with backyard Bible club and VBS early in July. The girls in the group taught the Bible clubs each morning while the boys helped us paint the church. They also put in some fruit and nut trees at our house. We are looking forward to many great harvest in years to come. The VBS was well attended and two young people accepted Christ as Savior!
  We want to clear up any lingering misunderstandings regarding the home-going of Dustin De Ford. Dusting was one of the 19 firefighters lost in the devastating fire near Prescott, AZ. His family are friends of ours and there was much confusion because Dustin’s dad, Stephen, is a Baptist pastor in Montana. Many thought we had lost our son in the fire. Please, continue to pray with us for the Stephen De Ford family in the loss of their son.
  In August, we attended our annual IBIMI conference. This year Brother Gary Messick hosted the meeting at the work in Verde Valley, AZ. It seemed God had a special meeting planned for us as circumstances prevented most of our plans from happening. We were encouraged by many of our men to continue for the Lord in the ministries in which He has placed us. God also brought Brother Garry Locklear and his wife Sheril to visit with us. The Locklears are Lumbee Indians from Fairview, NC and travel all over the US supporting Indian missions through preaching, building, and a ministry of encouragement to missionaries. They were a blessing to our entire mission family! Sherry and I also celebrated our 25th anniversary. The mission family surprised us with a beautiful cake and many cards. A couple of weeks later, Paul and Betty Hiscock were with us for a crash course on music! They brought our a Christmas program for our church to begin working on and walked us through it step by step. We loved our time of fellowship with them. And look forward to their next trip west!
  September brought us back to the beginning of another year of home school co-op. I also drove to Pensacola, FL to take our son Immanuel to college. Sherry had a hard time letting him go, but Manny is adjusting very well to college life.
  We did have the sad duty of removing one of our families from the membership roll. Please keep Danny and Ruth in your prayers. Satan has gotten a hold of this couple and is trying very hard to destroy them. They had been members of our co-op as well, so their children are back in public school. We are grieving over this family and pray they return to us quickly.
  Now, we look forward to fall and all the ministry opportunities that await this wonderful time of year. Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry. We are truly grateful for your part in the Lord’s work among the Hualapai!
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family
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