May Newsletter from Grammer’s

May 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

Our letter is a week late this month as our “secretary” was out of town.  We had 2 grandchildren graduating from high school; one was home schooled and the second graduated from a Christian school. The Lord provided and Janet was able to fly back and surprise the graduates.  What a wonderful treat for her and what fun!  There were also 2 family birthdays that she was able to celebrate with them.  We don’t get much family time so it is always a special treat when we do.

We are making progress on Sam’s dental troubles.  The surgeries are over and work on the dentures has begun.  We are  hoping he will soon have enough teeth that he can graduate from soups.  We still have to pay for the dentures (around $2,000) but the 9 surgeries have been paid for.  God truly does provide for all our needs.  If you have had a part in meeting these bills, Thank you!!  Thank you also for the prayers.  Only one Sunday service had to be missed because of the dental work.

We are also thankful for recent decisions for salvation.  Just this past week-end, a young woman who has been attending services frequently with her family, prayed for salvation.

During the week, another young woman called and asked about our church.  At first, it seemed she was asking location and times of services, but it soon became apparent that she was trying to compare our doctrine with the doctrine she had been raised in.  After explaining how to receive God’s gift of salvation, she asked, “Can I do that right now?”  What a thrill! Her name is “Carol” and she asked us to pray for her and ask others to pray for her.  She is in a Mormon polygamist colony and being pressured to marry as she just turned 18.  She will definitely be facing opposition to her conversion. With no transport-ation, no job skills and no place to live, it will be difficult for her to break away and in need of prayer.

School is out and the summer has begun with various activities and programs.  Please continue to pray as we travel many miles each week to and from Page, as well as the miles we will be traveling with children going to camp-both for Jr week and Teen week.  The road situation means more miles and the cost of fuel is not getting any better, but God has faithfully been meeting the financial needs.  Thank you for your help in this area.
We are very aware of your part in our ministry and thank you for both your prayers and your gifts.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet