Grammer January 2024

Dear Friends in Christ,

            2024- Another new year.  Full of unknown opportunities!  But then, isn’t that true with each new day?  Are you looking for opportunities to serve our Lord right where He has placed you?

            With a new year, the Northern Arizona School of the Bible is once again preparing for the spring semester.  Sam is eager to teach again this year.   This is an extension of the studies at Crown Bible College in Tenn.  and these courses can be accepted if they should decide to enroll full-time at Crown College.  We have had some that have already completed the 2 year course and hoping and praying some of our youth will choose to move in this direction.  

            Our Bible Reading sessions at the adult resident home, Brookdale, have begun.  December, we read the Christmas story along with a couple of Christmas carols.  This month we read the story of David & Goliath and included 2 well-known hymns. Since many of these residents are dealing with memory loss, the past is often very clear in their minds, while recent events are harder to remember.  Hopefully, our readings will remind them of Biblical truths.  Please pray with us to choose the Scripture needed for each of these folks.

            The children’s Christmas bell program went very well again this year.  You don’t have to be musically gifted as the bells are numbered and colored and you just need to follow the poster for the right order.  Since there were more kids than bells, we mixed in some group songs to ensure the message was clear.   Thank you for your prayers.

            Plans are now in the works for this summer’s work in Alaska on the Christian Radio Station Project in Thorne Bay on the Prince of Wales Island.  With only a short time each summer to build, it is slow progress-but still progress!  We are thankful for each of you that have had a part in this ministry by volunteering your time and giving so that we have not had to go in debt.  The skills of our work crews have truly been a blessing with the construction.  Please continue to pray with us to get this station on the aire soon.

            Thank you to each of you that have a part in our ministry, whether in giving or praying (or both).  You are a blessing!!! Thank you.

                        II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer