Roembke January 2024

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you to all those that sent such generous Christmas love offerings this past month. We had a blessed Christmas and are looking forward to what God has in store for this new year. We are excited to share how God has worked in our ministry in December and into January so far.

Christmas Outreach
On December 14-17, we had evangelistic meetings with Evangelist Joe Mueller. The first night we had a good group of our people show up and the gospel was clearly preached. Two people did raise their hands during the invitation indicating that they needed to be saved, but no decisions were made.

Only a few people attended Friday night, and one of these people was a lady named Tyler. Tyler has faithfully attended our services since October when someone invited her while door-knocking. She questioned if there was even a God and if what He said was even true.  We have spent hours teaching Tyler the truth of God’s Word and after the service Friday night, Tyler told my wife that she believes in Jesus as her Savior and that He lives in her! What an amazing transformation!

On the third night, we did what we called Christmas with Hope. Many churches sent us Christmas shoeboxes full of Bibles, snacks, toys, school supplies and many other items. We were not sure what to expect but God was good to bring around 80 people to receive gifts and to hear the gospel preached! How exciting it is to see a room packed with people hearing the gospel! Pray for people to get saved from this outreach.  

We also made several new contacts including three men with special needs and their caregivers.  The caregivers were so impressed by how different our church was from others they had attended with their clients that they assured us they would be back each chance they had! It has been such a joy getting to love these people as the Lord loves them and witnessing to their caregivers. Please pray for this ministry that the Lord has given us.

A couple months ago the Lord provided a baptistry from a supporting church. Our desire is to fulfill the commission that Jesus gave us from Matthew 28:19 to baptize believers. Shortly after she declared her faith in Jesus, Tyler immediately began to ask for counsel about how to reach her unsaved family.  My wife was able to teach her about believer’s baptism then Tyler told me she was ready to be baptized and that she wanted to do it for her love for Jesus! After learning that Tyler was going to be baptized our daughter, Aliza, came to us to say she wanted to be baptized as well! (She was saved in the summer of 2022.) On January 7th, we got the baptistry ready and had our first two baptisms!

On January 4th, Ezekiel and Isaiah turned 3 years old! Twins can be a challenge at times but are also a blast! Pray for my wife as she manages caring for our three little boys, homeschooling our daughters and ministering at Hope. She could use your prayers for strength. Pray for me to have wisdom and strength to lead our home with all the busyness of our family and ministry life. Praise the Lord for His goodness through everything He is allowing us to do!

Please continue to pray for our family, the Ojibwe people, and Hope Baptist Church. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support! May fruit abound to your account.

For the cause of Christ,

Marty, Logan Michelle, Aliza, Annie, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Max Roembke