Jones January 2023

Dear Family And Friends,

     My family and I hope that you had a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year! God has been faithful in providing for us and helping us in the work He has called us to do. This year, we had the privilege of celebrating our first year anniversary at New Haven Baptist Church with 42 in attendance. With VBS, Jr. Camp, and Teen Camp, we were able to see 12 accept Christ as their personal savior! We had several get baptized this year as well and are praying for many more to make this decision! 

     Just this morning, I was able to lead a 17 year old young man to the Lord. This teenager was terrified that if the Rapture took place that he would be left alone. With urgency, he called me telling me that he wanted to be saved! I drove straight there and was able to lead him to the Lord! We have had a total of 28 salvations this year! 

     Lydia has had the opportunity to homeschool a Quechan teenager the past several months and is keeping quite busy using the ACE curriculum. 

New 2023 Ministries:

Moment In the Word: I am doing 15 minute devotionals going through different Biblical topics and principles on our New Haven Baptist Community page every Wednesday morning.  

Goals For 2023:

To raise monthly support-because of inflation, I have had to travel part time on deputation in nearby areas on Sunday nights. 

To raise funds to update our church facilities- our building was built in the 1950’s and needs some interior and exterior repairs.

A Co-op ministry- Lord willing- several kids that attend our church deal with severe academic challenges. In order to train future workers, they must first have the fundamentals of reading and writing mastered. If a Christian cannot read the Word of God, he cannot be equipped for the work the Lord may call him to.

That I can get my bus license- we are currently running two or three trips to pick up everyone on our van route.

As a final prayer request, please continue to pray for Lydia’s health. We recently got the results of her stress test and discovered her pulmonary function is dropping for unknown reasons. Please pray that we are able to find the cause and a treatment soon!   

​Thank you all for your prayers and financial support! 

We so appreciate your time and sacrifice!


Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel Jones 

​Colossians 1:18