Grammer January 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

            As you may know, we live on a mountain at 7,000 ft above sea level.  The climate is “high mt. desert”, so our water supply comes from winter snows and the annual monsoon season with about 2 months of daily rain lasting 1-2 hrs.  We have had several years of drought with mild winters and little to no monsoon season.  This year, we have returned to the past when the girls were little and snows that were deep.  We have had over 5 ft. of snow so far this month and more expected the last couple of days of the month.  Some churches have had to go to online services because of the weather. One of Janet’s piano students said he has missed 4 days of school and a local grocery store had to evacuate customers when the roof had 7-8 trusses give way due to snow, (Thankfully, no-one was hurt and they want to inspect the rest of the roof and re-open soon.) God has been so good to us.  Not only are we getting much needed water, but our pantry and freezer are well-stocked, our firewood supply is great and we have had no power outages!  Even with the grocery store, Janet had been shopping there a couple hours before the incident and was safely at home when it occurred.  God has promised to supply all our needs and has given us so much more!

            During this slow down time, Sam has been working on the outline for this summer’s Navajo Family Bible Camp.  They meet annually with both English and Navajo speakers.  The outline keeps the speakers covering the same material, no matter which language is chosen. 

            Also during this time, Sam was able to complete the taping of the podcasts on the book of Titus.  A local teen, Eric, has been a great help with the technology and is also taking piano lessons from Janet.  We have appreciated his help so much.  He will be finishing school and is considering going to a Bible College soon.  Pray with us for the Lord’s direction to be clear to him and for him to have an obedient heart.

            The Northern Arizona School of the Bible is scheduled to start up in March, but we have heard nothing about the Dine Bible School restarting since the COVID scare.  The Indian Reservations have been hit hard with sickness and they seem to be concerned in this area.  Pray with us for wisdom for the leaders and for the students as they study the Word of God.

            Please continue to pray with us for the radio station project in Thorne Bay, Alaska.

1– We would really like to see the Power company bring lines to the area, so generator power will no longer    be necessary and broadcast hours won’t be restricted.

2-We need the Lord’s direction to find the right missionary to man the station and the financial support he        will need.

3-For enough cedar siding to be cut this winter and ready when our volunteer crews are there to put it on. 

            Also- at a reasonable cost.  We have been able to stay out of debt during this construction.  Thank          you to those who have sent gifts for this project.

            Please continue to pray for Janet’s piano students-to encourage and equip future church pianists and to be able to share the Gospel with her Mormon student.

Once again, thank you for praying with us and being a part of our ministry to the Lord.

                                II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer