Grammer February 2023

Dear Friends in Christ,

January dropped a lot of snow on us and now February has left us with more snow storms and this coming week, another snow storm is forecasted.  We are above the normal amount for the winter and looks like we might be setting records, though still not the #1 spot!  This has changed our activity somewhat and not just shoveling snow.  Some classes (piano and leatherwork with local kids) have been cancelled and since the roads have not always been safe, Janet has had to skip a few nursing home visits.  We are not complaining however, as God is still in control and has provided well for us;  we have plenty of firewood, well-stocked pantry and freezer and electric that only went out for less than ½ hr one night.  When our plans are changed on us, we know Who is in control and confident that His plan is always the best.

March 6 is the scheduled first class for the spring semester of the Northern Arizona School of the Bible.  Once again, Sam will be teaching 2 of the classes, along with a local pastor and is eager for classes to begin.  This school is held at a local church in Flagstaff (Ponderosa Baptist) but is also available on line and the Crown Bible College in Tennessee accepts the credits earned.  We have 3 that have graduated from the 2 year program so far with more signed up for this coming year.  Thank you for prayingwith us for this ministry.

Sam is still working on podcasts that will be made available on line.  He has finished the book of Titus and now working on the book of James.  Pray that God will use these studies as He sees fit in the lives of Believers .

Please continue to pray with us about the Thorne Bay Radio station project.  

            We have been praying for the needed cedar siding and it looks like it will be available this summer but the costs has more than doubled from last year’s quote. 

            We have also considered driving and taking the ferry from Seattle with a load of needed items for the building, but again, the fares have increased tremendously since last summer.  Pray for wisdom to know if we should continue with this plan or have the items shipped to Thorne Bay.  Which would be the most economical?  We want to use what God has provided wisely and not need to go into debt.

            Continue to pray about electric lines being brought to the property.

            Also, pray with us for the right man to keep the station running; as well as the financial support needed.             


Once again, thank you for praying with us and being a part of our ministry to the Lord.

                                II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer