Grammer August 2022

August 2022

Dear Friends in Christ,
Thank you for your prayers.  Some of you have sent us messages stating that you are praying for us and remembering our needs before the Lord.  Thank you.
At the beginning of Aug., Sam traveled back to Alaska as the last work crew was getting ready to head back home.  He was able to see what had been finished off and what to plan for next year’s goals and then close up in preparation for the coming winter months.  
Due to the abundant rainfall for Thorne Bay, it is recommended to use red cedar siding on buildings.  However, we were unable to find any available this summer.  Two men who cut lumber, have offered to try to have siding available for us by next summer. Pray with us that the cost will be reasonable.  As many of you know, building supplies have increased dramatically this past year across the nation. 
We are still using generator power and are asking the Lord to provide the electric power lines to be brought to the area.  This would be convenient for the family living there, as well as increase the broadcasting time.  Pray with us.    We are eager to see the radio station in operation so the Gospel message can be heard, people accepting Christ as Saviour and Christians growing and encouraged in their daily lives.  It is good to remind ourselves that God is in control of the timing, as well as the response to the message.
Pray with us for the right one to man the station and for the financial support that they will need to live in Thorne Bay.  We are looking for someone who loves the Lord, desires to serve in this remote area of our country and has the technical knowledge to broadcast and maintain the equipment.  
3 days after returning to Arizona, Sam spoke at a camp meeting in Tuba City on the Navajo Reservation.  The camp meetings are Bible Conferences that required folks to camp out over night and attend the next day’s meetings.  (Though few actually “camp out” now, the name is still used.)  We have ministered in Tuba City over the years and even pastored there for almost 7 years,  so it was good to see brothers and sisters in Christ that have remained faithful over the years.   
We have been having a drought over the past few years in Arizona and this year, the monsoon season has once again returned.  This is the rainy season that replenishes the water supply for our mountain desert climate.  However, the recent wildfires have created flash flood dangers for our area and some homes have been flooded (about 2 miles from us) and have had to clean up mud and large rocks that have come off the mountains.  12 years  ago, a similar wildfire and flood situation occurred and the county built a flood mitigation program for our area that included a large ditch/canal that runs past  our home. At one time, this canal was filled with flood water but God spared our house and property from any flood damage!  Daily we thank God and ask for protection for the coming day.  Thank you for praying with us.       
This coming week, the Northern Arizona School of the Bible will begin the fall semester.  Sam will be teaching 2 classes:  the Christian Home and New Testament Survey I.   This is an extension class of Crown College in Tennessee and  students that complete the classes receive a certificate from there or are able to transfer the credits towards a degree(if they enroll in Crown College).   
Once again, thank you for praying with us and being a part of our ministry  to the Lord.           

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer