Veldhuis July 2022

Dear Co-laborers In Christ,
    Summer’s draining 110 + degree heat and destructive sandstorms came upon us with a fury matched only by the unending daily facility and vehicle repairs just in time for nightly use here for Neighborhood Bible Time and then weeklong excursions to distant camps.  Too many prayer requests in our February letter have been answered, however, to fail to thank and apprise you of God’s blessings and the power of your intercession. (Ephesians 6:18-19)
     P.T.L. for multiplying your faithfulness in restoring vans and buses to service through huge individual repairs including an alternator, water pump, radiator, entire A/C system, shocks, body work, and windshield.  The blessing of introducing the new bus from Idaho into service allowed us to donate our other 66 passenger bus to a dear Navajo church with whom we’ve worked for years.
     THANK the Lord above all for “giving His word free course and delivering us from unreasonable and wicked men.”
(II Thess. 3:1-2) Salvation decisions and rededications through the last several months’ back-to-back 5-day Bible Club, Neighborhood Bible Time, Christian camps, and ongoing local ministries are trophies of God’s grace in an amoral culture completely given over to violence, crime, indolence, and pleasure at any cost.
     Perpetual injustice and a culture of death fuel the hopelessness, despair, and suicidal thoughts expressed by abused teen natives.  The recent death of 36-year-old Junior and the murder of another young man push us to enlist your prayers to help natives “…recover themselves out of the snare of the devil…” (II Timothy2:26)

  • Medical and dental work in Mexico for Michael and other missionaries
  • April mission’s meeting at Temple Baptist Church in Statesville, NC
  • North reservation 5-day club with the help of Brother Nick of San Diego saw a profession of faith by Mariah and rededication by Anthony.
  • All critical vehicle repairs for summer’s load
  • Alani, Felix, Jaylon, Vadale, and Lilah salvation through N.B.T. June 11-17
  • Vonny, Violet, Valena, salvations and dedication at West Branch Ranch Junior Camp June 20-24
  • Airus and Jazmyn, saved teens, were helped with PTSD through counseling at West Branch Teen Camp July 11-16
  • Upgrade and donate a greatly needed bus to Navajo mission Church


  • Apache Creek Camp July 25-30.
  • Repair of 1999 15 passenger van’s A/C and permanently fix the 1982 most practical bus.
  • New Coworkers after our handyman’s move, and Jacob and Lydia’s shift to full time work with the Quechan church
  • Cold disinterested Cocopah teens
  • Salvador, Lorie, and her four children’s spiritual, physical, and mental health
  • Multiple health needs of faithful 71 year old Millie
  • Our daughter Lydia’s health after severe further lung damage due to covid 19.
  • Strength and health for both Michael and Dawn

     Thank you for your invaluable prayers and financial support!

      Sincerely In Christ,
Michael and Dawn Veldhuis