Jones March 2022

Dear Praying Friends & Supporting Churches, This year, it has already been a huge blessing to see some of our church attendees grow in the Word. We have several families and van children coming on a weekly basis. Praise the Lord for that!!  The first reason for this letter is to let you know that New Haven Baptist Church is doing well with a core group attending! The second reason for writing this letter is to ask for financial help to help keep our church going. We are still a new church plant, and our people are still getting to know us and learning to give. We receive monthly support from churches and friends and we receive just enough for our personal needs and our monthly church bills. However, we do not receive enough for our end of the year bills like Auto insurance for the church van, property insurance, and other surprises like plumbing and sewer issues. We need $4,460 ASAP to help with these costs:State Taxes $260Auto insurance $1,000Property insurance $1,600Bathroom Repairs $700Registering the church in California $1,000(New Haven Baptist Church was Registered in Arizona last year because we had no property in California when we started the church. Since we now own a property in California, we have no choice but to Register in California.) If you cannot help by giving, then please keep us in your prayers! We love you all! Sincerely,The Jones Family Missionaries to the Native Americans Colossians 1:18