Jones May 2022

Dear Friends & Family,
Thank you all for your prayers and in faithfully supporting the work God has called us to. The last few months have been a little challenging for my family and I, but they have reminded us to trust God more and lean not on our own understandings. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all the ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

During the first week of February,  I contracted COVID and quarantined for 2 weeks. It was not fun. We did not cancel any of our services. I just asked that anyone showing symptoms of sickness stay home. During those two weeks, I was able to bring in a few preachers to come fill in for me. On February 22nd, I was able to go out visiting and minister to a few folks. Every Wednesday, my family and I have the priviledge to minister to the Cocopah teens. God is working on these Cocopah teens. Please pray that they will surrender to the Lord’s will.
During the last month, we have had several opportunities to counsel and encourage a few Cocopah families as well.
On, Saturday, Feburary 26th, my family and I took 5 teenagers from the Quechan side out door knocking with us. I was excited to see them out and about passing out Gospel tracts to their own people! 
During the month of March, we were able to have a Bible study with one of our teenagers who is called to preach. His name is Justin. He is 13 years old. He comes from a home that wants nothing to do with God in their home. Please pray for this young man and his family. We have a Native Grandmother who comes to our church every Thursday with her grandkids named Ms. Bernita. She only comes Thursdays because she is the piano player at the Quechan Nazarene. She is in her 70s and grew up Nazarene her whole life. She has said to me that she loves our church and if there was someone to play the piano for her over there, she would gladly start coming to our church every Sunday. Almost everyone who attends our church is Nazarene or grew up Nazarene most of their lives. They are coming to our church because the kids love learning the Bible in my wife’s class and they love how welcoming we are. Almost all of the 12-16 adults that attend our church have their doctrines mixed with the Nazarene theology and/ or Native spirit worship. I have been teaching them about Salvation, Eternal security, abiding in Christ and the local church. In the next few months, I am going to teach on the idea of Spiritual warfare. Please pray that God will open their eyes to the truth. We have had several come to myself and my wife with questions. 
During the month of April, we had our largest attendance at New Haven Baptist Church. There were 41 in attendance! This was on Sunday, April 17th for our Resurrection/ Anniversary Sunday. It was a great day as we looked back at our first ever service via video. We started NHBC with 5 first time visitors, a few local pastors, and friends from other churches.
God also gave my wife and I the opportunity to witness to a lady and help her receive medical care due to Cellulitis. She was in the hospital, but when she recovered both she and her grandson attended service!
My family and I are rejoicing over the fact that the Lord has allowed us to serve on the reservations.
     Some of you might be wondering why we are late sending out our May prayer letter. Back in February, after months of prayer, God led my family and I to leave Faith Baptist Church as our sending church in Yuma, AZ. 
We love  Faith Baptist Church and we are indebted to them for all the years of ministering to us personally and loving us! 
For the last few months, we have been in prayer for a new sending church.
     On May 8th, True Light Baptist Church in Los Lunas, NM voted to be our new sending church. We are now under the leadership of Pastor Matthew Wootan. Pastor Wootan has been serving the Lord for over 25 years and we have known each other for almost 20 years. 

Thank you all again for your love,  prayers, and financial support! 

Prayer Requests:
Salvation: Many are confused by dreams and seeing spirits. Please pray that they will come to know the truth. Ivan: new contact with questions. 

Spiritual growth: Teenagers Justice, Airus, and Jazmyn (for wisdom with life’s circumstances and for strength to live for Christ on the reservation. Justin (teenager who is called to preach.) Jonathan (teenage boy), Julie (new convert who has mixed Catholic/ New Age theology). The Golding family, the Straws family, the Ramirez family, and the Robinson family.

Upcoming Events:
Mother’s Day on May 8th, Teen Revival on May 14th, Neighborhood Bible Time on June 12th- 17th, Jr. Camp on June 20th- 24th, Teen Camp on July 11th- 15th and Vacation Bible School on July 21st- 23rd. 

Personal Prayer Requests:
Lydia’s lungs, Samuel’s future, my in law’s health (Pastor Mike and Dawn Veldhuis), wisdom, dissernment, and for us to keep our eyes on Jesus. 

The Jones Family
(928) 315-5057
Colossians 1:18