Grammer March 2022

March 2022
Dear Friends in Christ,

The winter months are often a bit slower and let us get caught up with things that we have had to put off, as well as prepare lessons and messages that will be used in the months ahead. However, spring has officially started and things are picking up and the calendar is becoming full again.

Every week-end in April, we will be traveling to help out a church that is 2 ½ hours from our home.  Their pastor is having serious surgery this week and will be recovering during that time. Please pray for pastor Quintana as he recovers and for our travel.  Pray that the messages will be a help to the people and just what the Lord would have shared during this time.

Pray also for the teleconference with the Navajo Bible Conference during the Easter week-end.  There will be messages in both English (Sam) and again in Navajo by a Navajo pastor.

We still have classes each Monday night at the Northern Arizona School of the Bible, here in Flagstaff.  Since Sam has 2 classes to teach each week, please pray this month as we come back each week from a full week-end.  Pray also for the students to really benefit from these classes as they grow in their knowledge of God.

July & August, plans are now being made for 3 different work teams to help us progress on the Alaskan Radio Station project. 
1-safety in travel and in the work  
2-good progress so we can soon be on the air
3-electric to be brought to the site 
(This will be cheaper than a generator and also increase the broadcasting hours.
4-for the teams who need to take time off from their employment-that the scheduling will work
5-for the families left behind
6-direction in finding the man God would have to maintain the station and keep it on the air
7-SOULS TO BE WON TO CHRIST and Believers to grow in the Lord through the teaching

So far, we have been able to stay out of debt in this project.  Thank you to each of you that have contributed financially and in physical labor and especially in prayer.  By only spending a few weeks each summer, the progress has seemed slow to us.  Pray with us for the Lord’s timing in seeing this desire fulfilled.

{We also have some needed roof repairs on our house.  This is beyond re-roofing but rather changing the slope of the roof and needs someone with experience.  A local contractor gave us an estimate that is quite high- so if anyone with this ability would like to help us out, please contact us and we can better explain the problem.  Thanks}

Thank you to each of you that have helped us financially, but especially those who are behind us in prayer!  We appreciate you and thank God for you!

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer