Grammer December 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,
This is about the time of the month that we send our monthly letters out (both by e-mail or postal service) but realize that many of you won’t get this until after Christmas.  Hopefully, your holidays were filled with joy; not just from all the extra activities and family gatherings, but because of the joy that comes when we recognize  & appreciate God’s precious gift to us!

Our annual family holidays are really during the Thanksgiving season and it was a treat to see so many of our family members (4 generations!).  What a blessing to see God working in the lives of the younger generations.  Many of them have gone on to Bible College and we pray for them to know just where God wants them to serve in His plan for their lives.   God is so faithful! Thank you for praying for us during our travels.
This past month, we were able to fill in for a missionary that had to be away for the week-end.  It is a small church that still meets in their home.  Because of the COVID scare, as well as the newness of the new church, no-one came for the morning service, but we had 9 children show up for the afternoon Children’s church.  We were thankful for the opportunity to minister again and praying the lock-downs and curfews will soon be lifted so Believers can once again enjoy the fellowship that they are now missing.  Please pray with us for this.
After 35 years of trying to get a Mt. Big Horn Sheep tag, Sam finally got one this year!!  The season began on Dec. 11 and he was able to hunt for one day.   The week-end of the 13th, he preached and the very next day, he was out hunting again and God provided a very nice ram.  We are thankful for a beautiful trophy and especially for the meat.  God always provides what we need and often more then we need!  This was truly an answer to prayer!

(Vince Lopez from Colorado, has hunted with Sam for many years and was a big help-especially when packing the meat out to the truck!!)
During our trip, we were able to visit in 2 churches that are planning on sending volunteer work teams next summer to work on the Thorne Bay radio station site.  Please continue to pray with us that electric will be available on the property by the time we are ready to begin broadcasting.  A generator is being used during the construction, but will limit broadcasting hours because of the cost of fuel.
{A young man from Flagstaff that worked with the team this summer in Alaska, just lost his father this past week.  Recovering from back surgery, blood clots caused a cardiac arrest and they were unable to resuscitate him. Please pray with us for the Carder family during this time.  Will is presently a sr. in high school and plans to attend Bible College this fall to prepare for ministry.}
Since the nursing homes have been closed to visitors, one of our Navajo ladies died (non-COVID related but rather age-related) and another was admitted to the hospital today after testing positive and exhibiting symptoms of COVID.  She can’t stay in the Home at present because of her symptoms, so they have had to take her to the hospital until she can test negative.  Sometimes, Janet is able to visit on the phone with them but some are hesitant to talk on the phone.  This is a trying time for all, but especially for those with mental deterioration that don’t understand that they are not being ignored, but restricted because of governmental regulations.  Pray for the elderly; both in our area, as well as those around you.  Stay in touch as you can and pray for them.
We are both doing well and no problems personally with this virus so far.  Thank you for each of you that have stayed in touch and are praying for us.  
Pray as we have contact with Believers from the reservations, that we can encourage them to stay faithful and not become discouraged at this time.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer