Jones November 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

      We want to thank you all for your prayers and financial support these last few months. We hope you are all doing well!

These last few months, Brother Jacob has been traveling to raise support. Our support level is at 82%. We are praising God for his goodness towards us.

During the months of August, September and October, Brother Jacob has traveled to 9 states and has the opportunity to present at 23 churches. All the churches were a huge blessing! Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, Bro. Jacob has been doing Bible studies through Facebook and our YouTube channel for the Cocopah Teens and the Quechan people. We have a few watching but pray that more will do so. Lydia has been writing letters, contacting people, mailing out devotionals and gospel materials to the Cocopah ladies who are struggling at this time. We are hoping and praying that the reservations will reopen soon. There are a lot of Cocopah contacting us asking about church and if we would pick them up for service. We are not able to pick up anyone for church until the COVID-19 cases on the reservation go down in numbers. This has been heavy on our hearts. Please… pray that they will reopen soon! Also, pray for us that we would be at 100% support by the end of this year. For the ones who do not support us, we would ask you to pray about doing so. For those who are unable to support, thank you for being our warriors in prayer!

God Bless!

Prayer Requests:

Salvations: Mariella, Satori, Ayla, Jay, Denisa, Marley, Aris, Jerry,  Jalen, Felix, Phoenix, Even, Richard and his younger brother, Darrell, Von and his family, Izadiah, Mitchell, Miracle, Laila, Millie, Rosie, Jazmine  and Cheryl

Spiritual Growth: Molly, Loren, Tyler, Lilly, Roxanna, & Alex, Justice, Jazmyn, Mya, Kayla, Vincent and Ammon

Specific Prayer Requests: Kayla, Vincent, Desiree, Elena and their families as they continue their spiritual and physical recoveries in Phoenix. The kids and teens who are struggling with home life. Pray also for comfort for the Thomas family with the homegoing of one of our oldest and most faithful Cocopah church members.

Health: Lydia, Samuel, & Bro. and Mrs. Veldhuis with general health. Pray for the Cocopah families who have gotten the COVID- 19 that they will recover soon. 

Personal: Wisdom, health, protections, traveling safety and to reach our goal  of 100% in support by the end of the year.

Ministries: Visitation, care package ministry, online Bible studies and pray for the new online Bible study with the Quechan people.

Thank you all again for your prayers and your sacrificial giving!

                        Sincerely In Christ,

Jacob and Lydia Jones Missionaries to the Native Americans

                     Cell: (928) 315- 5057


II Corinthians 4:3-4

“But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto.