Grammar July 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

The annual Navajo Family Bible Camp held in Flagstaff each year, was canceled but replaced with a “teleconference” this week.  The theme was “…things which must shortly come to pass…”.  The first 3 nights were in English with Sam teaching and the last 3 nights are in the Navajo language, taught by 3 different Navajo Pastors.  There were approximately 60 phone connections each night but we don’t know how many were listening on each phone, but praying that the lessons were an encouragement to fellow Christians as we spent time in the Word of God together.
The reservations are still closed to outsiders, but folks are starting to visit us more as they have business to take care of in town and need some fellowship, encouragement, counsel and prayer.  Continue to pray for us as we make ourselves available to minister as God opens doors.  We have also had some calls and texts asking prayer for their families who are sick.  Several have already recovered and a few are facing death.  It is an opportunity for our Christian brothers and sisters to tell family members of salvation through Christ.  One lady told us that her son was sick and also unsure of his salvation, “But he’s sure now!”  A couple of days later, she sent the message , “my son is now in gloryland this morning!”   Rather than focus on avoiding death, which is inevitable, let’s focus on preparing for death and be busy telling others of Christ’s free gift of eternal life.
Early in August, the plan is to fly to Alaska to work on the Thorne Bay Radio project again.  A teen from Flagstaff will be traveling with Sam to help with the labor, as well as a man from Virginia and a group from N. Carolina.  Pray for each of them 
*as they travel (flights are a bit more challenging and COVID tests to take) 
*that they are safe as they work together and much progress will be made
*for a good time of fellowshipping together in their daily Bible studies together

We are still uncertain about this fall’s Bible School classes on the Navajo reservation as we don’t know just when they will be open to non-family members or residents.  Please pray with us for the Lord’s timing in this.

We are both in good health and God has been graciously providing all we need.  Thank you for letting God use you to help provide for us as well as your prayers for us.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer