Grammar September 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,
The reservations are still shut down to non-residents.  Each tribe makes their own regulations, but generally, only outsiders delivering water, food and supplies are allowed access.  The Navajo reservation, which is the closest to us, has 84% of the state’s COVID cases.  This has caused them to impose curfews each night and “lock-downs” each week-end, discouraging even neighbors and family from visiting with each other. (To be caught outside your home during these hours could result in fines or jail time.)  Local pastors are prohibited from holding services among their people and Christians are missing the fellowship with each other and worshiping together.  Some are resorting to telephone and internet contacts, but still miss the personal contact of meeting together.

Once the curfews are lifted in the mornings, folks are free to leave the reservation and often come to Flagstaff for supplies and visits.  Though the Lord has restricted our former ministry with meetings, we still have frequent opportunities to witness and counsel on a personal individual basis as different ones stop by our home or call on the phone.  Our outreach methods may have changed, but God still is in control and accomplishing His purpose and we have seen God working in hearts during this stressful time.  

Though we are presently unable to have classes at the Dine Bible Institute, the local pastor is considering the possibility of having classes via tele-conferencing .  We still have contact with some of last semester’s students and they seem eager to begin their studies once again.  Pray with us as decisions and plans are made.

The physical problem, that prohibited Sam from going to Alaska this summer, required a surgical procedure (out-patient) which was taken care of this month.  Recovery went well and the Dr. was pleased with the outcome.   Thank you for your prayers for us in our health, as well as our ministry.

Once again, please pray with us about the radio station project in Alaska.  Pray the building would be completed soon, so that the station can begin to broadcast.  Pray that we can get electric to the property at Thorne Bay, as the cost of generator power would limit air time.  Also pray with us for the right man to keep the station running once the station is ready for broadcasting.

We truly do appreciate you folks.  Your prayers are definitely a part of our ministry!  We also appreciate the financial support you send to help us continue.  Even in this difficult time for our country, you have been faithful-Thank you!!

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer