Grammer Feb 2020

Feb 2020
Dear Friends in Christ,

Some of you have asked how the modular system is working out with the Dine Bible Institute where Sam teaches.  It  appears to be working out well.  Because so many lessons are scheduled for one day, it is important that no class days are missed.  

One of the students had to miss a class because of a witness opportunity! A man from a family that follows traditional Navajo beliefs was quite sick and is now much better.  However, while sick, he heard Jack give the gospel message and accepted Christ.  He invited Jack to attend a gathering to share the message with his extended family.  We have been praying for this student and hope to hear a good report this week-end as the next class is scheduled.  

Plans are now being made for this summer’s work in Thorne Bay, Alaska for the radio station for late July and August.  Please continue to pray with us that the power company will put in power lines to the property.  If not, a generator will need to be used.  After the initial cost, there will be the cost of fuel to keep it running and will restrict the amount of time on the air.

We had an answer to prayer this past month.  Janet’s hearing aids are close to needing replacement and the cost given to us was almost $6,000.   A Christian friend showed us a sale in his newspaper that we were able to take advantage of if we drove to Prescott (1 ½ hrs away from Flagstaff) and dealt with another company.  This saved us $4,000! 

At present, Janet has no piano students but stays busy as she visits some of the elderly ladies that we have ministered to in the past and that are presently living in Flagstaff in nursing homes.   She also does child-care for a local ladies’ Bible study.    

Thank you to each of you for your prayers on our behalf as we serve here among the tribes.  We are very aware of your part in our ministry and you are appreciated!   Thank you also to each of you that help us financially.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer