Sondergaard November 2018

Dear Family and Friends:
“Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the Lord” Psalm 150:6. This month we have been reminded that every breath is a gift God gives that we might praise Him. A breath is such a simple gift that is easy to expect and take for granted. May the tests God has allowed our family to experience remind each of us to praise God. A breath: a simple yet wonderful gift. Don’t waste the gifts God gives you! Praise Him today!
Thankful for New Life & Growth
We are thankful for many of you who expressed love and concern while Andrew was in the hospital. You gave encouragement when our faith was challenged, and God answered your prayers! Andrew is now home after spending 14 days in isolation in the Flagstaff hospital Special Care Nursery. While in the hospital, Andrew was healed from his UTI infection and has steadily regained weight. Paul’s parents graciously took our children to their house while we were at the hospital. What a relief to know our children were in good hands!
Although Andrew is out of the hospital, we still need to have some issues checked out. He struggles feeding and often arches his back and neck. He also favors turning his head only one direction. In December he will retake a hearing test since he may have partial hearing limitation.
Thankful for God’s Work
Please pray as we get back in our responsibilities both at home and church. It has almost been a whole month since Naomi has taught the church children or homeschooled our own children. Naomi and Beverly are planning a ladies Bible study this coming Monday evening and Paul is back to preparing messages. Thankfully the Lord allowed Pastor’s hospital stay to be at a time when we could fill in and then the Messicks could fill in when we were gone. Most of all we are thankful for God giving our health back. We are reminded of the need for more laborers for the ministry here.
Thankful for God’s Care
Recently we asked for prayer for Paul as he deals with being out of breath. He was finally able to get in to a pulmonologist who discovered that Paul has pectus excavatum (which is a structural condition where his ribs press against his wind pipe and heart). It appears that his breathlessness is due to his wind pipe being pressed and partially closed. We are thankful that he doesn’t have a lung disease that could only get worse but instead has a condition that can be corrected. Paul is now waiting to get in to a doctor who can advise on treatment.
Thankful for Spiritual Reminders and New Visitors
God graciously reminds us of our need to live every day for Him. On hearing of the death of Missionary Charles Wesco in Cameroon, we were reminded of the urgent need to live every day for eternity. “Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last!”
For the past month, a Native American lady named Denise (Denni), has been coming faithfully to church. She expressed her thankfulness for our church and the preaching of the Word of God. She often brings her son Scotty or her grandson Hayden. Please pray for their salvation and her spiritual growth.
Andrew is 1 month old!
Andrew’s 1st Sunday back and first visit with Dave & Becky DeFord.
A sweet visit from Mrs. Bev’s 94-year-old brother Bob and his family.
Thankful for the beautiful fall colors in Flagstaff.
• Care and healing for Andrew
• All of you for showering us with love and prayer through this time
• Protection for Patty (a widow in our church) who had a small fender bender
• Those who come faithful to every service
• Denise who brings her son and grandson regularly
• Adults and Children who hear God’s Word
• Provision through a job for Paul
Prayer Requests:
• Continued healing for Andrew – hearing tests and arching back/neck
• All the nurses, doctors, and staff who received Gospel tracts (about 40)
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Rachel’s son, Simon showed interest in having a Bible study with Pastor
• Simon’s girlfriend, Markina, who comes to some of the Bible studies and church services – salvation
• Church children to learn respect and reverence for God, His Word, and His house and for us to walk in the Spirit as we minister to them
• Wisdom as Naomi starts to homeschool again
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children
• Full time financial support if that is God’s will
• Another couple to come and help in our ministry
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
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“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God,
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3