Sondergaard July 2018

Dear Family and Friends:

“For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God” (Heb 6:7). Throughout the Bible, rain illustrates God giving or withholding blessing. We have had an unusually dry year and now face strict fire restrictions. We are thankful the late summer rains have begun giving much needed relief from extreme drought. More than a refreshing rain in a dry desert, we need God refreshing His people with His blessing. Oh, that God’s rains of revival might refresh our churches and homes!

Thank you for praying for our Vacation Bible School. This year the theme was on faith from the life of Noah. Paul finished the week with a chalk drawing illustrating Noah believing God’s faithful promise. Each night we had about 20 kids—some for the first time. Several responded to the Bible lessons.
After VBS, nine kids from the reservation went to Junior Camp at West Branch. We are thankful for the truths they heard and the responses from tender hearts. Three of the children raised their hands for salvation and others made decisions. One of the girls has faithfully come to church since then.

Thank you for praying for Brendon and Danielle. While they express a determination and excitement to be at church, they do need encouragement for faithfulness. After our trip, we hope to begin discipling this family. Danielle came to Bible study this week and asked some thoughtful questions.

We are very thankful Shea came to help us this summer. It has been a blessing to have her help with VBS, go with the kids to camp, and ride the church van when picking up on the reservation. She has been such a help to all of us and will be a great help to Mrs. Bev while we are gone on deputation. Please pray that God will provide for her needs at Ambassador Baptist College. On July 31, she will travel home to visit her family and then to Ambassador for her last year of college.

Please be in prayer as we plan on leaving early next week to visit several churches in the Midwest to share the burden and needs of the ministry here. We will be visiting churches in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. Please pray that we might be a blessing and help to each church we visit. We have a couple openings for Midweek services, so if you know of a church we can visit, please let us know.

• Both children and adults who responded to Bible truths at VBS and Camp
• Several first-time visitors again lately
• Faithfulness of a new couple – Danielle and Brendan
• Good attendance and participation at Ladies Bible Study
• God’s provision for our family in many ways
• Two more churches scheduled in Indiana
Prayer Requests:
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Rachel: more infection after her leg amputation
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children
• Deputation trip: July 16 through August 13

All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, and Aletheia and baby __?