Grammer’s January 2017 letter

Jan. 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

            The family “secretary” was away for over 4 weeks attending the weddings of 2 grandkids, as well as our annual family get-together for Thanksgiving.  Thank you to those who were praying as we traveled and “yes” the weddings were a good family time. We are so pleased that the grandson and granddaughter both chose Believers to spend their lives with and now praying that these new homes will put Christ in the center and bring Him glory!

            We trust your holidays were full of joy and thankfulness for our wonderful Saviour and His work in your lives.  Many of you sent letters with your Christmas cards, bringing us up-to-date with your families.  In the way of Grammer family news, we are now awaiting grandchild #17 (Sam & Amber-3rd son) and great grandchild #5 (Faith and Drew Holton-a granddaughter).  During the trip we were able to meet 2 of our great grandchildren, Peter Chick and Oliver Holton.  It was a joy to finally be able to hold them and tell them they are loved; something we rarely get to do with so many miles between us.

Since we haven’t written for the past two months, I thought I’d get this one out a little bit earlier than normal for the month.

The Bible Doctrine classes are to begin again at the end of the month.  Hopefully everyone will be back from their breaks and on schedule again.  Please pray for these students.  There is nothing like knowing God’s Word to motivate a Christian’s growth.  Pray for faithful attendance and for more students.

Pray with us for opportunities to minister in the local native churches.  We have had several visitors in our home as folks came into town during their holiday breaks and shopping but now things are settling down to normal schedules.

The radio station project is still progressing.  This summer’s trip will hopefully see the septic tank installed (The cost for the septic is estimated at $6-7,000) and the exterior walls put up.  We need to get it all closed-in in one trip to avoid weather damage.  Then plans can be made to complete the interior in the future.

Sam would like to drive to Seattle and take the ferry to Ketchikan and then another ferry to the Prince of Wales Island.  This way, he can take up needed tools and equipment for the work and also provide transportation to and from the site.  The cost of travel by ferries will be approximately $4,500.

Pray with us for the workers needed as well as the costs. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact us.  We can put in the septic ourselves if we have the manpower.  As we mentioned before, the lumber has been donated by a local Christian man with a lumber business in the area which we are thankful for.

Once again, thank you for your prayers, as well as your gifts!

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,


Sam & Janet Grammer