April 2014 Letter from David and Becky DeFord

Dear Prayer Partners,

In February we were able to visit with Gary and Beverly Messick at Living Waters Baptist Church. It was so good to see Gary much improved health wise and to visit with their church family briefly. Their new building is progressing. It will be such a blessing to this church family to have the new facilities finished and in use.

The Ladies Bible study at Ferguson Memorial continues to be a blessing. Attendance has maintained steady and it is such a joy to hear the ladies’ comments about Job’s trials at the ’ash pile’, then relate the study to their own personal lives. Applying Scripture to everyday life is more than reading and studying, they are learning it is doing.

March was filled with traveling. It was a blessing to fill in for Steve and Sherry while they took some well deserved time for Spring Break. The Hualapai Baptist Church is a very loving and caring church family. They are truly a blessing. We were able to attend Thursday and Friday nights of their revival services with the Adrian Burden family. David preached the next Sunday a.m. and p.m. and the following Wednesday night. Sherry invited Becky to go with her and another lady from the church to the Tribal jail on Friday. Two in-mates were there that evening. After the devotion was given from Daniel 1:8 around the theme of “Making Wise Choices”, one of the ladies asked the Lord to save her and to help her make wise choices in her life. Please pray for Piceeta Walema as she is released and returns to her family. Pray she will have a real desire to attend church and grow. She faces many obstacles and temptations.

While at Peach Springs David had opportunity to attend the Men’s Conference at Bill Rice West Branch with Steve and the men from Hualapai Baptist. Following the conference Evangelist Bill Rice III and his wife, Mary spent the weekend with Steve and Sherry. We all had a good visit together.

Please remember to keep Pastor Steve Fox and Treasa in prayer. His voice is weak, although he is able to preach short messages along with Neil Price who has been voted as Associate Pastor.

Prayer Requests: Neighbors, Pastor Steve Fox, Gilson Wash Baptist Church, Baptist Indian Chapel, Travel in April and May (from one end of the state to the other) new Christian Piceeta Walema.

Praises: Safety and continuing good health, Opportunities to preach and witness

In His love and ours, David and Becky