March 2014 Letter from Sam & Janet Grammer

March 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,


This past winter has been a very dry one for us. I think the winds have blown it all eastward as we are hearing of extra snowfalls along the east coast. This brings us into a dry spring with wildfire dangers running high. How thankful we are that God is in control of even the weather and we can trust Him for our safety.


For some time now, we have been dealing with a leaking roof at both the front and the back entrances of the church. These leaks have been serious enough to start to destroy the inside walls in the entrance ways. We’ve tried patching and re-sealing, but what was needed was to just replace the roofs over the entry ways. This month, the men took a few days and began the task. We now have new roofing over the back entry, which was the more severe. The sheet rock inside was also replaced but still needs the trim and painting to be completely finished. They had hoped to get them both done during the few days that were available, but found it more of a challenge than first thought. The front entrance still needs to be re-done, and then we will be ready for the annual rainy season in the desert. We are so thankful for men who knew what to do to repair this problem and were willing to take so much of their personal time to do it.


Thank you to those of you who have been praying with us for Keanu (pronounced “Key-ah-new“), who broke his wrist last month. He appears to be healing well and now has his cast off, wearing only a brace. It will still be a few more weeks before we’ll try to return to his piano lessons though.


This month, Keanu’s sister, Aaliyah (pronounced-“Ah-Leah“) broke her toe, so is now walking in a special boot. Keanu and his sister are home schooling for the first time this year. Both of our home-schooling families, the Hendersons and the Winlocks, each have an older son attending Bible College. It is so encouraging to see parents that are doing all they can to help their children grow in their knowledge of our Lord and use their lives to bring God glory. It is not easy and Satan is still the enemy of God’s children, especially when they want to serve Him. Please pray with us for these homes. Those of you that are involved in training your children at home, are very aware of the challenges and know more specifically how to be praying for them.



In Christ,


Sam & Janet Grammer