February 2014 Update from Grammer’s

February 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,


This month has been a busy month, but nothing exciting to write about. We’ve been staying busy with studying and preparation and ministering God’s Word. Please pray for us to be doing exactly what God plans and purposes for our lives.


We did have an answer to prayer during February, as one of our young boys (10 yrs old) hurt himself while riding a scooter. He broke two bones by his wrist and dislocated the wrist. The concern was the “growth plate” in his wrist, but right now it looks like all is going to heal up well. Please continue to pray with us for Keanu for complete healing in this wrist. (Keanu is also one of Janet’s piano students, so obviously we are taking a break in our lessons for a few weeks.)


Over a year ago, one of our ladies asked that Janet visit her sister-in-law in the hospital. As the Gospel message was shared, Sally became a sister in Christ! This past month, Sally went Home to the Lord and we were able to take part in her funeral. One of our former Bible School students that now pastors in the community that Sally lived, preached the funeral service and the entire family heard the message of salvation. During the graveside service, Sam again gave the salvation message and 3 responded that they wanted this gift from God! Sally’s family are not Christians but follow native beliefs, so this was a blessing that they agreed to a Christian funeral service. It is always a good reminder to us that death is awaiting each of us and we need to be diligently serving the Lord and sharing the Gospel message. We are so glad that Sally is now with the Lord and pray that her family might still be thinking about the truths that they heard and come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


In Christ,


Sam & Janet Grammer