April Letter from Sam & Janet


The calendar says it’s spring!?  But it’s a bit questionable.  We had 12 degrees one night and then it was in the 60’s and no need for a jacket when walking outside.  What fun guessing what to wear each day.Last Sunday we had another baptism.  A SS teacher used Easter Sunday to once again explain what it meant to accept Christ’s gift of salvation.  At the end of class, she told her students to come talk with her if they had any questions or wanted to be saved.  Her own son responded and  the following day, in their home, she led her son to Christ!  He seems to be quite aware of what happened and wanted to be baptized.  What a privilege for any parent-especially one that has brought up his name for prayer for the past couple of years!We have recently had new prayer cards printed and have sent a few to each supporting church.  If you didn’t get one, but want one, please send us a note.  Also let us know if you need more for your church.

Sam has completed his 9th oral surgery and presently has no bottom teeth.  The surgeon has told him not to return until he’s had his dentures and then just for a check-up!  We are so thankful that he still has good speech with only an occasional  lisp for his “sh’s”.  He also doesn’t have much swelling or discoloring so is still able to preach and teach.

God is good and we’re thankful that He never leaves or forsakes us. God provided a surgeon who gave us a 40% discount-but still the cost to this point was over $4,000.  Just over $3,000 was given to help us with this financial need! Thank you to each of you that have helped us. We don’t know just what the dentures will cost but confident that God will continue to keep His promise to supply all our needs. Thank you so much to each of you who have been used by God in supplying. We are looking forward to the end of this “journey”.

We are very aware of your part in our ministry and thank you for both your prayers and your gifts.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet



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Grammer’s March Update

March 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,I had planned to write this letter last week but obviously, it didn’t get done.  Today I’m thankful that I haven’t already sent it out so I can include yesterday’s joy!Last Sunday, a young father asked about a dedication service for his daughter who is only a few weeks old.  This week, before the service, he and his wife were in the office to discuss it.  When asked if he knew the Lord as his Saviour, the father quickly admitted that he was born again 8 years ago.  However, the mother stated that she had never accepted Christ as her family was strong in their traditional beliefs.  The Gospel message was explained, a message so simple but so very important.  When asked if she would like to trust Christ, her response was YES!  The husband looked at her in surprise.  She then prayed to become a member of the family of Christ!  Less than 2 months old, this little baby was used by God to lead someone to Christ!

Also that morning, another young lady who was visiting for the Easter service with her sister, accepted Christ as Saviour.  Praise God!  We had prayed that God might see fit to work in hearts and save a soul during the holiday services and He gave us 2 new sisters in Christ!  Please pray with us for Mardisia and Sheila to grow in their knowledge and love for our Lord.

The closure of the main road into Page has affected our attendance.  A couple of ladies who live on the other side of the collapsed road have not been to church and we pray that they are finding another church to fellowship in.  At the same time, there are 2 families and some single ladies who live in Page but had been leaving on Sundays to attend church on the reservation.  Because of the increased travel time, they have started to join us on Sundays.  The young mother that was born again on Sunday is from one of these families and they have stated that they would like to make our church their new home church.  Even “bad” things are used by God to bring about His plan.

The latest report on this road is not  favorable to soon be traveling that shorter route.  They are finding the ground is still “very unstable and that it is a wonder that the entire mountainside didn’t slide into Marble Canyon.”  We are sorry that it occurred but thankful there were no tragedies as a result.

Plans are presently being made to make a trip in August to do the foundation for the building to house the radio station in Thorne Bay.  We have a used pickup and camper that we plan to take to Alaska for transporting building supplies and a place to sleep during the building process.  We will then leave the truck in Craig, AK,  for future construction trips.  However, the cost of taking this to Washington, transporting on the ferry to Ketchikan, then another ferry to Prince of Wales Island, the fuel while in Alaska and then a return flight home from Ketchikan to Phoenix is estimated around $3,000.  If you would like to have a part in meeting this need, it would be appreciated.  Please let us know.

There has been no progress in Sam’s dental trials.  We are on hold as they are giving time for the mouth to heal before moving on.  Thank you to those of you praying for this.  Please continue.
Thank you to each of you for your interest in our ministry and for your financial help and prayers!

In Christ,
Sam & Janet

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Steve & Sherry’s March Report

Ephesians 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.


Your prayers were especially appreciated this past month. In addition to our regular church and homeschool co-op activities, we had a number special events.


Melvin, one of our young adults, taught his first adult Sunday School class the first Sunday of the month. It is always an encouragement to see more of our men taking on new challenges and trusting God to use them in His service.


Later in the month 13 of our men attended our annual Men’s Conference this year. Two of our sons also helped in the kitchen for this event. The day after we returned home Hualapai Baptist Church began our spring revival with Evangelist Chris Miller. Much prayer had gone into this revival and we are thankful for four souls that were saved. The alter was full every night. Since the meetings ended we have seen new faces in church regularly!


The ladies were blessed with an attendance of 18 in their monthly Ladies’ Meeting. Their attendance has increased so much they may need to start meeting in a different location.


We are celebrating Easter with a Sunrise Service and fellowship breakfast. Then, in our Sunday School hour, another one of our men, Raynard, will be teaching his first adult class. Because Resurrection Sunday falls on the fifth Sunday of the month, our youth group has the main responsibility for the service. Our youth leader will be preaching the morning service. And our youth will be leading singing, giving announcements, taking up the offering, and providing special music.


Our family continues to be a blessing to us. Our daughter, Jackie, and our son-in-law, Jon, are in North Carolina serving in their church. They continue to seek God’s will for their future ministry. Little Nathan is getting so big. Grandma Sherry is really excited because she gets to visit next month!


Drew is still in Atlanta. We appreciate your ongoing prayers for him. We desire to know that all our children are serving the Lord.


Molly will be finishing up home school next school year with our son, Micah. She continues to be a huge help to Sherry doing chores around the house.


Manny is on track to finish school in April. We are planning a graduation in May. We have included a recent photo of him. He has been accepted to Pensacola Christian College for the fall semester.


Micah and Josh are both looking forward finishing another school year and serving at the Bill Rice Ranch again this summer.


Thank you again for your continued prayer and support of this ministry. We are grateful for each and every one of you.


For God’s Glory,

Steven R. De Ford

Manny DeFord

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