July 2013 Newsletter from Baucom’s


Dear Friends Of The Baucoms,


We sure hoped to have had more to report concerning people being saved!  But, we sure have had many visitors.  The Church folks are about as happy as they have been in a long, long time.  Now that summer is here, it sure is a task to keep them steady. It’s heart breaking when we come to Church each Sunday and see folks just working out in their yards as if it was a weekday.  But one day that’s all going to change.


Lately we have put two of our men teaching Sunday School classes: Bill is teaching the adults and Earl, our song leader is teaching our teenagers.  They are doing a great job.  The Bible School material from Brother Robert Carlson’s Church is really helping these men.


We did have an outstanding Graduation Service for one of our young ladies in our Academy, Michelle Johnson.  Michelle has never known anything but our Church Sunday School and Christian School education.  She has been and is an outstanding young lady.  The Sunday evening of the graduation brought out the largest crowd we have had in many years with over 65 people in attendance.  We were all surprised.  After the banquet there was hardly anything left on the counters except a little bit of salad. But everyone got filled to the max.  It was a lovely evening.


Your faithfulness to our ministry here is commendable and very much appreciated.  We hope we can visit you and your Church soon.  If you are planning a special service and would like us to attend, please let us know.


We remain full speed ahead, encouraged, excited and expecting Jesus any day.


Yours For The Harvest,

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July 2013 Newsletter from Grammer’s

July 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

Vacation Bible School at Navajo Fellowship Baptist Church for 2013 is now history.  Our theme for this year was “Kingdom Chronicles”, focusing on the spiritual warfare and putting on the Armor of God.  Our first night we had 22 students, but the rest of the week stayed pretty consistent between 37-39 in attendance.

Most of our workers worked at a job all day and then joined us for another 3-4 hours each night.  By Friday, we had a tired crew, but rather than complaints, we were hearing praising.  Yes-we had a good time together, but we also had 4 youths make professions of faith in Christ.  Now that was exciting!  This coming Sunday, we are planning on at least one baptism as the young man wants to make a public declaration of his salvation.

The morning after VBS, we got a phone call, asking Sam for help at a Camp Meeting (Bible Conference) on the Reservation, where the scheduled speaker was unable to come.  So it was a quick shower and 1 hour drive to arrive for another full day.  Physically tired from a full week, could he keep focused and be understood as he taught God’s Word?
Psalm 71:8 & 18  “Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honor all     the day.  (16) I will go in the strength of the Lord God:  I will make mention of thy     righteousness, even of thine only.”
What mighty God we serve!  As we accumulate more years, we become more aware of our need for His strength to serve Him and accomplish His work.
II Cor. 4:7 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the
excellency of the power may be of God.”
II Cor 12:10 “…for when I am weak, then am I strong”

The Tuesday, following VBS, we had a visiting musical group from West Coast Baptist College.  We enjoyed the evening with good music, but also we want to encourage our young people to choose Christ-honoring schools for their college education.  Wherever God puts them in His plan, they need to have a good knowledge of His Word.  This month, a missionary with Home to Heaven at the age of 88.  A good reminder that we need to be preparing co-workers and replacements.  We’re not ready to quit!-just challenged to help others prepare that the work might continue.

In August, Sam will be traveling to Alaska, with 3 other men from Arizona, to do some more work in preparing the property in Thorne Bay for the radio station that we’d like to see established in that area.  Please pray for their safety and that much will be accomplished before they have to return home.  It’s the only “rainforest” in the USA, so pray also that they will have a few rainless days as they work.

Again-we thank you for your prayers and gifts that allow us to serve here in the Southwest.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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May-June 2013 Brian & Louann Shannon

May-June 2013


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” I Sam 12:24 We are amazed again at how many great things the Lord has done for us, and it truly is our reasonable service to yield ourselves completely to Him!


What great (& busy) months May & June were! We are very thankful for the visitors (and faithful also) who came out for special services on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So much hope for the next generation rest with this generation of parents who so desperately need to know the Lord personally and share Him daily with their children. May we all be faithful parents/grandparents, etc… in sharing Him with them!


The biggest event of the past two months (and year) was our 4th annual Summer Day Camp on the reservation. We had several workers come from out of town before and/or during the camp and help with the work. Evangelist Dale Vance and his family came out again this year, as Bro. Dale preached for the camp. Alaina Pettit from Sweet Springs Baptist in Alabama came out again and worked hard before and during the camp, as did Bro. Ronnie Henderson and his wife (from Montana)! Several of our own folk also joined in the work, and it was all greatly appreciated. We certainly needed all the help, as the Lord blessed us with the largest camp yet. Attendance each day averaged 90 (previous year highs were in the mid-60’s!). We were blessed to meet many new people from the reservation, see some familiar faces back, along with the faithful as well! The Lord blessed us with a great time of good singing, food, fun games and crafts, and wonderful Bible-based messages. There were 5 people who asked the Lord to save them during the camp, and a lot of other help received by all from salvation assurances, to rededications of lives, etc… We are very thankful for all the Lord did during the 4 days of camp. It was a very expensive, exhausting effort by all involved, and The Lord blessed greatly! Two of the biggest blessings personally from the camp were: receiving a letter from a young couple, recently saved and married, who were expressing their gratitude for their salvation, for the camp, and for all the Lord was doing for them through the church and camp, and; a young boy telling his mom before the final service “I’ve been praying I would win (that) prize at church tomorrow night,” (all of us were unaware of this prayer, but God wasn’t) and this young boy’s name was drawn from probably over 100 entries for that specific prize! What a great thing the Lord did for this little boy and his mother! I’m so thankful we serve a prayer-answering God who is just as concerned for everyone in the world! Thanks be to God for the great camp, and thank you very much to those who contributed to the expense. If you would like to contribute to the camp expenses, please mark the gift with “Day Camp.”


We were blessed to have Pastor Darrell Roe and Heaven’s View Baptist Church spend many hot hours laboring on the reservation to help work on the bath house project, which is very near completion. We are so thankful for these dear friends! Thank you to those who have given and prayed for this project. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated!


We were blessed to celebrate Brandon’s 6th birthday in May, as well as his K5 graduation! I’m thankful for my family, and we cherish your prayers for us! We were also blessed with a great vacation for a few days at the end of June, for which we are very grateful!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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July 2013 Prayer Letter From Steve & Sherry DeFord

Proverbs 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD; and the fruit of the womb is His reward.


Greetings in our precious LORD’s name,


June was surely a month of BLESSING. Our children Micah and Joshua flew back to Tennessee to the Bill Rice Ranch to work again this summer. This makes Micah’s third summer and Joshua’s second. Although this summer they are on the operational staff, so they will be gone longer. It is a BLESSING to have them call and give reports of how many young people were saved each week. Keep the boys in your prayers. They return home August 3.


Melvin, a man Steve has been having Bible Studies with for over a year, began teaching a Sunday School class. We mention it often, but it is so true-God has BLESSED us with some great men. Melvin has grown tremendously over the last several months. Having more men in places of responsibility is essential for the church to ultimately be self sustaining.


It was a BLESSING also to see a good number of father’s out for Fathers’ Day. We missed a few who were our of town, but we were encouraged with a couple guests.



Little Cutter made his appearance on the 14th making his daddy, Scott, a father again for the seventh time! Cutter and mother, Laurie both did great! Keep this family in your prayers also-Cutter’s next older brother is 13 so mom and dad feel like they are starting all over again, though they couldn’t be more BLESSED.


Sunday, June 30 was “Fifth Sunday” when our church is BLESSED to have the youth group take over the Sunday morning services. Our teen girls taught Sunday School classes and our boys lead in prayer, lead singing, and took up the offering. Our youth leader, Cleve, preached the morning service.


Steve was back in the pulpit Sunday night. On our way home from church we learned of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell fire. It wasn’t until the next morning we learned that our pastor friend also with the name Steve De Ford had a son who died in that fire. Our prayers go out to the De Fords in Montana, but even in our grief we are BLESSED to know Dustin is in the presence of God and His holy angels. We will meet again and share all eternity together!


For God’s Glory,


the Steve De Ford family


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July 2013 Newsletter from Dave & Becky DeFord

Dear Praying Partners Second quarter 2013


We are experiencing some of the ho7est days of the year as this le7er is wri7en. We’ve already had temps of 119. The overworked phrase of ‘it’s a dry heat’ emphasizes the dry, but when it is 119 degrees….it’s HOT. Residents adjust schedules and seek the comfort of air condiAoning leaving outside work and acAviAes for mornings and early evenings. We are grateful for A/C.


We especially want to thank each of you who prayed for David as he had surgery April 3. The Drs were anAcipaAng he would be in the hospital a minimum of three days and possibly 5. He progressed so well he was released aCer the second day. Healing has been quick and steady and he is back to a normal rouAne, able to finish the remodeling of our uAlity room and kitchen.


Becky had an epidural injecAon which has relieved the pain in her back. She has a ruptured disc that conflicts with a swollen sciaac nerve causing the pain down the leg. We’re grateful the epidural is at least a temporary remedy.


The highlight of the last month was VBS at Ferguson Memorial. June 9—12 we had a program called “ShooAn’ Straight”. The church folks put on the Bible School themselves. For some of them it was their first Ame doing a VBS. David taught the Bible lesson each evening and had the privilege of leading 3 young people to the Lord the final night. Please pray with us for spiritual growth in the lives of Adam, Jessica and Titus. They are not regular church a7enders, but friends of our church folk. All the

workers were excited with the results of the week and sAll menAon how much they learned.

Our foremost prayer request this le7er is for Pastor Steve Fox. His cancer has grown with new spots on his liver and lungs. As a results his doctors have him on a chemo therapy every Monday which takes a very heavy toll on him physically. A week is hardly enough to recoup his strength until its Ame for another treatment. As you remember him, please include his wife Treasa in prayer as well. Pray also that we could be used of the Lord to encourage them both through a very difficult Ame .


It has been good to have been able to visit services at BapAst Indian Chapel with Marshall Yazzie, Tohono O’odham BapAst with Jay Shannon and preaching for Pastor Barthel at Gilson Wash BapAst in San Carlos.

Please conAnue to pray for the neighbors we menAoned in our last le7er. Some of them are winter residents and some are year round residents.


We are looking forward to IBIMI Mission Retreat in August at Camp Verde with Pastor Gary Messick. Each year this is our ‘family’ reunion with encouraging messages and great fellowship with the Mission family. This year we are excited to have three new missionary families join the mission, one family will be with us that work the Six NaAon Reserve in Canada. Two families are on deputation and hopefully will be able to be with us another Ame. So thankful for more laborers!


Thanks to each of you for faithful prayers and financial support for the work here in this corner of the Lord’s harvest field. We pray for you daily and ask the Lord’s blessing in your lives and area of ministry.


In His love and ours, Dave and Becky

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June 2013 Update from the Grammer’s

June 2013

Dear Friends in Christ,


We are diligently preparing for this summer’s VBS program and it’s a pleasure to watch God working to meet each of the needs and workers for each position that needs filling. Our program this year is “Kingdom Chronicles”. It is a study of the battle between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light and how we need to put on the armor of God and prepare for battle. Many of our people are very aware of this battle in their homes and personal lives and each battle differs as Satan attacks our weaknesses. We pray for them in their trials and our goal is to train them in God’s Word, which is His armor.


2 of our families are talking about removing their children from the public education system and starting home-schooling this coming fall. They hope to meet at the church and work together in this endeavor. This is a new challenge for them and they are looking at various curriculum and trying to prepare themselves. Please pray with us for these two families regarding what materials to use, how to schedule their days, how to adjust their budgets to include the added expenses… but especially how to encourage their children to live lives that are God-honoring.


We had 4 teen girls go to Christian camp this past week and they all seemed to enjoy themselves and have shared how God has challenged them in their personal lives. We have some jr. campers that are anticipating their turn at a week of camp that is planned the week just prior to our VBS. Pray for their safety and for God to work in their hearts as He sees the needs.


The plan is for Sam to have some teeth again this coming week. Pray that they will be a good fit. We are thankful that God has provided a dentist that is willing to take payments to pay for this final step. He has proven Himself so faithful-over and over again.


Thank you for your prayers each month, as well as the financial help you send to enable us to continue in this ministry.


In Christ,

Sam & Janet

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May Newsletter from Grammer’s

May 2013
Dear Friends in Christ,

Our letter is a week late this month as our “secretary” was out of town.  We had 2 grandchildren graduating from high school; one was home schooled and the second graduated from a Christian school. The Lord provided and Janet was able to fly back and surprise the graduates.  What a wonderful treat for her and what fun!  There were also 2 family birthdays that she was able to celebrate with them.  We don’t get much family time so it is always a special treat when we do.

We are making progress on Sam’s dental troubles.  The surgeries are over and work on the dentures has begun.  We are  hoping he will soon have enough teeth that he can graduate from soups.  We still have to pay for the dentures (around $2,000) but the 9 surgeries have been paid for.  God truly does provide for all our needs.  If you have had a part in meeting these bills, Thank you!!  Thank you also for the prayers.  Only one Sunday service had to be missed because of the dental work.

We are also thankful for recent decisions for salvation.  Just this past week-end, a young woman who has been attending services frequently with her family, prayed for salvation.

During the week, another young woman called and asked about our church.  At first, it seemed she was asking location and times of services, but it soon became apparent that she was trying to compare our doctrine with the doctrine she had been raised in.  After explaining how to receive God’s gift of salvation, she asked, “Can I do that right now?”  What a thrill! Her name is “Carol” and she asked us to pray for her and ask others to pray for her.  She is in a Mormon polygamist colony and being pressured to marry as she just turned 18.  She will definitely be facing opposition to her conversion. With no transport-ation, no job skills and no place to live, it will be difficult for her to break away and in need of prayer.

School is out and the summer has begun with various activities and programs.  Please continue to pray as we travel many miles each week to and from Page, as well as the miles we will be traveling with children going to camp-both for Jr week and Teen week.  The road situation means more miles and the cost of fuel is not getting any better, but God has faithfully been meeting the financial needs.  Thank you for your help in this area.
We are very aware of your part in our ministry and thank you for both your prayers and your gifts.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet

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Baucom’s May Newsletter

Once again the Lord has met our request and exceeded in giving us a “High Day” in attendance of 38 people.  And that’s not all; On Sunday, March 17th, a Native man came forward in the invitation for salvation.


Several people have noticed how that the Lord is restocking and rebuilding our Church with a different group of people.  People are coming that we never had any idea would.  The talk in the Church and among visitors is that the Church is so different now.  It is so peaceful to come to Church and enjoy it now.  The fellowship is great!  It seems like we are starting all over again.  We have much liberty and people are getting involved in many other areas now.


My wife Elaine is working daily in the school with our four students.  One of them is planning on graduating this June.  This will leave three students. We have rolled it over in our minds about opening the school up to whoever wants to enroll.  We’ve never done this as we don’t have the staff now.  This would be something that needs great thought and prayer.


Our son John is still living in a far country.  Yet the Lord is merciful to him.  We see him about once a week.  Also, he has just been hired by Ford Motor Company in Mississauga, Ontario, close to Toronto to work on an assembly line.  I never thought that would happen, but the Lord is again, merciful!


Melissa is in Hamilton, Ontario, about 45 minutes from us. We see her about every three weeks, but communicate every 2-3 days.  She is attending Church there, but not like we’d like her to.


Mary is married and living happily in Little Rock.  She and her husband are so happy together. She serves the Lord as their Church secretary and pianist and also works cleaning houses and bakery orders on the side.


Due to Churches struggling with the economy and our Church here being cut down in half the size, we had lost around $1,500.00 a month support since October.  We have gained about a thousand of that back as our Church here now is able to pay our rent in town.  We do not plan to move back to the Reservation due to the Residency Bylaws that are being examined considered.

We probably could move back, but we know that as non-native, this bothers many people. We are very happy in our apartment.  We are about 7-8 miles away from the Church.


There has been some Churches to send in special offerings.  That has really helped us greatly.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

We are indebted to all of you dear folks.  We’ve never been so blessed with the ministry here as we are now.  God is blessing the work and our hearts as we continue to minister here.  We are so encouraged and happy, happy, happy!

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Velduis May 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

The last few months’ opportunities and pleas for salvation or growth were so convicting one can only marvel and grieve as Jeremiah did at how a whole nation could “…reject the word of the Lord…and provoke [him] to anger with their graven images, and with strange vanities” (Jeremiah 8:9, 19)

Yet this was the response as a whole to the most impassioned, Biblical invitations to true salvation and discipleship heard at our Native tent meeting and at Heritage and Maranatha Baptist’s revivals January through March, 2013.

The medicine man promises the “…peace, peace; when there is no peace”, but “…they have provoked [God] to anger with their graven images and strange vanities” (Jeremiah 8:11, 19). Cocopah traditions that promise “cleansing” through the sweat lodge or “Indian power” through the eagle or gourd dances, are as destructive a trust as faith in their annual casino/conference center income.

February profit-sharing checks were largely squandered on cars, entertainment, trips, and ungodly activities. None of four professing Christians gave God so much as a tithe. Others were distracted from our meetings, ending up hospitalized, fleeing the law, or destitute even of electricity. Harry’s unreached aunt perished in a careless car wreck.

Alex, Angelina, Ashley, Clarissa, Daren, Dillon, Harry, Hilda, Jesse, Julia, Kelsie, Matthew, Millie, Omar, Robert, Roxanna, and Wanda are among those enslaved by immorality, substance abuse, tradition, or violence. Some of these are also awaiting trial in our Yuma county detention center.

PRAY for true repentance and saving faith in our Lord for Cocopah on our reservations like we’ve in non-Indians in our detention center the past year.

How we BLESS our Lord for Eric, Mark, Ricky, Hubetha, and Janelle’s conversions in detention and growth thereafter through Bible studies at home, the detention center, or in state prison. PRAY as much for each person’s deliverance from the physical and emotional ravages of years of substance abuse as you do for their growth. Mark’s witness in detention saw Ricky saved months ago, Chris converted April 26, and Rudy professing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ May 1, 2013.

PRAY for wisdom and strength juggling the demands of two or three days a week prison ministries with the challenge of discipling Cocopah who have moved far away. Tri-weekly services, and at least three days a week vehicle, visitation, cactus, and family responsibilities, make heartfelt timely correspondence an almost unrealistic goal.

On the other hand, each obstacle to winning the lost reminds us of the incalculable value of the individual soul as well as of our Lord’s promised provisions for victory over “… the rulers of darkness…in high places” (Ephesians 6:12). Your prayers and support are more critical to breaking the adversary’s death grip on natives than we will know in this world.

Only our Lord could have overcome the tribal Chairwoman’s opposition to our March 11 -16 tent meeting and blessed with perfect weather, safety, and twelve Native or non-Indian preachers. The McIntyres from New York State and the Hendersons former missionaries to the Crow nation, helped us make the most of your support. Heritage, Maranatha, and True Vine Baptist churches’ help with housing, meals, music, and fuel unified all labors into a successful whole.

“Cocopah Revival” banners close to the tribal sweat lodge “Gathering Grounds” sign gave Cocopah a clear alternative to pagan creature worship (Romans 1:25). Four Gospel messages per day echoed from Brother Jason’s improvised sound system to within yards of the “Gathering Grounds” and to more homes than ever.

Bless the Lord for His encouragement of church people and visitors in attendance, but PRAY for eventual repentance and saving faith in the lost who heard the word. P.T.L. for the greater number of visitors and nominal “believers” who also heard similar gospel messages and challenges to growth at the Resurrection Day service, March 31 or the Ladies’ Bible study and craft day May 4.

How almost unbelievable and appreciated the Lord’s additional provisions were for tires and a fuel pump for our bus as well as for sandstorm repairs, property taxes, Lydia’s Bible college, Andrew R and Silas’ college, and major Dental work in Mexico for three of us. May our Lord richly bless you as you thank Him for His seen and unseen work as you PRAY for summer’s opportunities.


· The many nominal, saved, or unsaved Cocopah exposed to the gospel and biblical precepts.

· Spiritual well-being and fair hearings and sentences for Claude, Eric, Hubetha, Janelle, and Mark.

· Jolie, Julia, and Wanda’s first steps of repentance at church or our local mission.

· Reconnection with Daren, Valerye, and the Thomas clan through the ladies craft day and other natives.

· Our daughter Lydia’s improved lung function test May 8 and college graduation May 11, 2013

· Lori’s successful heart valve replacement early May.

· Relocation and return of Lori’s children to services.


· Repentance and deliverance of almost all young adults from substance abuse and immorality.

· Return of the Golding, Sanchez, Sereno, and Twist young people to our Lord and church.

· Lasting Fruit to God’s glory through Neighborhood Bible Time, June 16-21 2013.

· Conversions and growth of young people through Calvary Navajo Youth Camp, July 22-27 2013.

· Spiritual and physical needs of saved and unsaved Betty and Millie, elderly ladies battling heart failure and arthritis.

· Alex, Arturo, Ashley, Clarissa, Delsie, Joshua, Karen, Kelsie, Laura, Loren, and Roxanna’s cold or lost states.

· Final preparations of vehicles and workers for summer ministries and weather.


Gratefully yours in Christ,

Michael, Dawn, Lydia, and Silas Veldhuis

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May Newsletter Steve DeFord

Dear Friends,


Micah 6:8b What doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?


The words of Joseph before Pharaoh “It is not in me.” is our theme for 2013 at Hualapai Baptist Church. Together with the words of Micah we have been challenged to humble ourselves before God every moment of every day. God has been blessing this attitude in His people.


April was a great month especially for our youth. Eight of our teens attended the annual youth conference at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA. This conference is a highlight for them each year. The preaching was powerful and the breakout sessions were a great help to Steve and our Youth Leader who accompanied the teens to California. Please remember to pray for our youth. We are thankful that our two homeschool Seniors have been accepted to Christian college for the fall. Chastity will be attending West Coast, and our son, Manny, has been accepted to Pensacola Christian College.


Our ladies attended a one-day ladies retreat in Flagstaff, AZ. They came back with testimonies of how God used the services in their personal lives. We do not take for granted the resources we have in Bible colleges and camps. These ministries are a huge help in the church planting ministry to which the LORD has called us.


Our sending church in Indianapolis flew Sherry in to speak at their annual Ladies’ Conference. The theme was “Bringing every thought into captivity”. While in Indianapolis Sherry was also able to see her parents who drove over from Ohio. Before coming home, she was excited to go to North Carolina and visit with our daughter, Jackie, and her family including our little grandson, Nathan! It was a great trip for her, but Steve and the kids were very eager for her to get back home.


Our youngest son, Joshua, turned 16 on the fifteenth. Mom and Dad are trying to adjust to our “baby” driving. We are most blessed to have the family and ministry God has given. We truly are thankful for His goodness and humbled before our great God.


Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God! Thank you for your prayers and support.


For God’s Glory,

The Steve De Ford family


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May Newsletter Messick’s

Dear Fellow-laborers in Christ,


Already we are in to May! The year seems to be flying by, partly due to the busyness that goes with the church remodeling.


April held many blessings, both spiritually and materially. Here are a few:


Several visitors last month in our church services, some from the surrounding community. Among the visitors were:

*Pastor Mark & Caryn Felber and children from Whiteland, Ind. We enjoyed their time

with us so much, and we were richly blessed to have not only Pastor Mark preach in the

Sunday morning service, but then the whole family gave a wonderful concert for our evening

service. It was a great week, but it went much too quickly.


*Jim & Karol Lindsay from Newport, Tenn. took time from their vacation trip to stop by for a

short visit, and to help Gary with the electrical project. Their help was appreciated so much.


Beautiful used kitchen cabinets were donated to the church by Dave and Becky DeFord. What an improvement they have made in our the kitchen!


Prayer requests:


*Funds are still needed to finish the church remodeling

*Physical needs would be met for Larry, a young husband and father of three in our church recently

diagnosed with MS

*Comfort in the loss of Kathy, a fifty-two year-old woman who was found beaten to death on the

Reservation. She had attended our services a few times and was a friend to several in the church


Thank you to each of you for your love, concern and support of the ministry here. May God bless you.


In His service,


Gary & Bev Messick


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