Grammer October 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,
As we mentioned last month, our schedule is quite busy through November.  Each week-end, we are traveling to various reservations (Hopi, Navajo & Yavapai-Apache) for meetings and then we will be traveling back to spend Thanksgiving with our family and also a wedding of our grand-daughter, Emily.  Our letters for the next couple of months won’t be as regular because of being on the road, so don’t feel that you have been forgotten if you don’t hear from us in Nov.  Please do be praying for us as we travel and as Sam teaches and preaches. 
Janet is still visiting the elderly that are in Homes here in Flagstaff.  Helen goes with her to translate into the Navajo language.  It is difficult for Helen because of her personal physical challenges but she is a great help and wants to use her life to serve the Lord.  Pray for them as they visit and encourage these women.  As they were singing Navajo hymns, suddenly another voice joined in.  When the song was finished, the lady clearly stated, “I am a full-blooded Navajo and I am a Christian!” How wonderful to hear such a strong declaration of belonging to Christ!  She was invited to join us each time we visit.
Due to a funeral of a Christian brother, the class for the Dine Bible Institute was postponed.  The next class is scheduled for Nov 3.  They are going to try “modular” classes this year to help those who have to travel a distance to class.  These will be 6 hrs long, so Sam will need prayer for his voice to hold out and the students to be able to focus for this extended period of time. Sam was the speaker for their evangelistic services and it was good to see God once again working in hearts and using us. (One lady who lives down the highway a bit, had come to town for gas and heard about the meetings so joined us and came back the next day for more and is now planning on joining the Institute for more study.)
Thank you to each of you for your prayers and gifts that make our ministry here possible.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Sondergaard October 2019

Dear Family and Friends:
“…My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 How we need the power of Christ in our home and church! But when we depend on our own strength, God’s power is missing. Jesus Christ must be preeminent!

We thank you for helping us bring these many needs to the throne of grace:
Needs of Salvation:
Please pray for Naomi’s grandpa, Frank Bird, who is 96. As far as we know, he has not accepted Christ as his Saviour. He has heard the Gospel many times. Pray that he would respond to God working in his heart.

Also, please pray for the children who come to Living Waters Baptist Church. Almost all of them come from broken, unsaved homes. Pray that they will turn to Christ. Please pray for wisdom as we teach the life-changing truth of the Gospel.

Needs of Health:
Jack and Sharon, a couple who recently moved into the area have been coming regularly. Sharon’s daughter, husband, and two sweet little girls (Adelynn and Riley) visited several Sundays ago. Two weeks ago, the parents, Tyler and Danielle, were hit by a semi truck. Tyler is in a medically induced coma and on DNR (do not resuscitate). He will be taken off life support Thursday (Oct 17). Danielle is badly injured and in much pain. Thankfully, the girls (age 6 and 8) were not in the car. Please pray for healing, comfort, and God’s strength.
One of the Native American ladies, Vida, has been having many healthy needs. Please pray for her and for her family who are unsaved and causing lots of stress.

Needs of Spiritual Growth:
Please pray for John. A Native American man who made a profession of salvation earlier this summer. He came to church for the first time this past Sunday! Praise the Lord. He brought Jennifer and their two boys (Jonathon and Angel). Sadly, she did not stay in the service because the youngest boy would not listen. Paul has been challenging John with Bible truths. John expresses a disire to follow God.
Please pray for Denny, a Native American lady. She stopped by our house a few days ago just to sit and talk with Naomi. Naomi encouraged her in the things of the Lord and prayed with her. We are not completely sure if she is saved but the door is open!

Thank you for your prayers! God is the only One who can change these lives!

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Messick Sept 2019


The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped:

therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.” Psalm 28:7

Dear Ones in Him,

We thank you for allowing us to be your missionaries to the Yavapai-Apache Nation. Recently Bob, a man from the Reservation, came to church with his two little girls, Sacred and Danai. The next week they were back and Bob’s little son, Robert was with them. It is a blessing to see a parent coming with their children, not just sending them on the church van. We are not sure where they are spiritually so we ask that you pray that their spiritual needs would be met.

Gary had two surgeries in September, one to repair a hernia and the other was to remove a spot on his upper arm. The surgeon felt it could be a melanoma and cut quite deep. We praise the Lord it proved to be benign, but he did say it was caused by exposure to the sun.

We have mentioned the deteriorating condition of the modular ceilings. Gary & Paul tore out the ceiling in two areas and found mold. After treating it and putting paneling on one of the openings, Paul then coated the roof again. But a few days later we received heavy rains and the water poured in again and the paneling began to bulge. We would so appreciate your continued prayers about the modular replacement.

This month we were privileged to have the Marty Roembke family with us to share their ministry with the Menominee Tribe in Wisconsin.

We would ask for your prayers concerning an extended trip we will be making in October. We were supposed to make this trip for our 50th wedding anniversay four years ago, but have not been able to work it out until now. The start of our trip will be to attend the wedding of our Grandson, Jake Tyson and his fiancee, Jessica, who will be married on October 12, in Conway, AR. We are excited for both of them and welcome Jessica into our family!

From there we will be doing some sight-seeing and attend Bev’s family reunion in Indiana. Please pray for Paul & Naomi as they carry the extra load while we are away. We are thankful for men who will be helping Paul with some of the preaching services during that time. 


  • Simon and John in Rehab
  • Andrew’s continued progress
  • Wisdom concerning the modular replacement

*Salvation: Tony’s family, Kelly’s family, Marlon, Simon

*Spiritual Growth: Alex, Joni, Jimmy

Thank you for your part in holding us up in prayer and financial support. Your prayers are vital to this work.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Grammer September 2019

Sept. 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,

Our calendar is really full for the week-ends from now until well into November.   We will be on the Hopi Reservation, as well as the Navajo Reservation and the Yavapai-Apache Reservation. 

A missionary on the Hopi reservation will be traveling on the west coast and has asked us to fill in for them while they are away.  This is a small ministry and held in their home.  We went up for a Sunday service recently to meet the folks and be introduced to them.  The morning service is small and in the afternoon, they hold “Kids’ Church”  which varies greatly in size. Since this is a good 2 hour trip, we will go up on Sat. nights and return home Mon. mornings.

The Hopi Reservation in located on 3 large mesas and is surrounded by the Navajo Reservation.  As they have increased in population, the Hopi people have asked the federal government to increase their land size which is now occupied by the Navajo.  The Navajo are reluctant to give up land that their families have lived on for generations.  This has created some conflict that has been going on for years. 

The Hopi are not eager to have strangers among them so this ministry is a real challenge.  We have worked with Hope people before, but this is our first time to actually minister on their reservation.  Please pray for the missionary couple (Andrew & Nancy Magnarella) as they travel and as they try to reach this community with the Gospel message.  Pray for us also as travel back and forth and fill in for these pastors on the 3 Reservations.

This past week, Janet was visiting a friend in an Assisted living Home when another resident rolled her wheelchair up and joined them.  She was able to talk to her about salvation and the woman replied that she had never heard of it before and would have to think about it.  A tract was left so please pray that Jeannie will read the verses and realize her need for Christ as Savior.  It also gave an opportunity to encourage the friend and remind her that God has a reason for putting her in this home and possibly it is to witness to the others that she is now living with.   

Thank you for praying for Helen.  She has been able to visit with the elderly with Janet.  It is a challenge for her to maneuver but Janet is grateful for her help with the visits. 

Also, this week-end, the Dine Bible Institute will be starting their fall semester.  They are going to try a new schedule using modular classes rather than weekly classes on Sunday evenings.  The first modular class will be this Saturday for 6 hrs.

Thank you to each of you for your prayers and gifts that make our ministry here possible.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

Pulpit-3rd Mesa.JPG
Kid's Church.JPG
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Grammer August 2019

August 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,

This month has been a very dry month for our area.  Though we are considered “high mountain desert”, we usually have a monsoon season at this time bringing us much needed water.  The lack of water has caused several wild fires throughout the state.  One of them was just north of Flagstaff and some of you saw it in the news. (This one was called the “Museum Fire” because it was close to the Northern Arizona Museum.)   We are thankful that our home was never in danger-thank you to those of you who were praying for us during this time.  The folks living in town appreciate the drier summer months because of the threat of flash floods in town as a result of the fire.  It is good that God is in control of even the rains.

We are still waiting for the fall classes to begin for the Dine Bible Institute on the Navajo Reservation.  Until then, we are using the time to get some things done around our home; including getting our winter supply of firewood down off the mountain.  After a busy spring, this slower pace for the summer has been a blessing.

We filled in for a local pastor that had to be away on 2 different Sundays this month and at present we are scheduled to fill in for another pastor later this fall.  Much of our ministry this summer has been un-scheduled contacts as we have been able to share the message of the Gospel with visitors and neighbors.  Please pray with us that the Holy Spirit will guide what we say and which Scriptures we use and that hearts would be open to submitting to Christ and accept His gift of salvation.

Thank you to each of you for your prayers and gifts that make our ministry here possible.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Grammer July 2019

July 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
June was a month of travel for us.  We were able to visit Sam Jr.’s family in Alaska for a week and get to better  know those 3 grandsons (7, 4 & 2 years old).  After 1 ½ weeks at home, Janet flew back east to spend a couple of weeks with some of the girls as they had a surprise birthday party for our oldest daughter, Faith.

While Janet was gone, Sam flew back to Alaska to Thorne Bay to work some more on the radio station project.  This is normally a very wet part of our country, but this summer, they are experiencing a drought so rain did not hinder any building projects this year.  The resulting heat was not comfortable but the planned projects of putting a skirting around the building and installing the wood stove were completed.

Another week at home to rest up and Sam was the English teacher for the Bible classes  at the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship annual Family Conference here in Flagstaff.  This conference began on a Sunday through the following Saturday; with Bible classes in the morning and again in the evening.  

The director of the conference had some severe health issues a few days before the conference began so another Navajo man stepped in to do the leadership responsibilities for the week. 

A Navajo pastor was to teach the evening classes taught in Navajo and his son, another Navajo pastor, was to teach the morning classes in Navajo.  However, their wife & mother died the week before and her funeral was on Monday and they weren’t able to join us until Wednesday.  Again, another Navajo teacher had to fill in for them both with little time to prepare.

Some of you may have seen on the news the wildfires that are a result of the dry weather.  Our yearly monsoons were slow in starting this year and a campfire got out of control and caused some concern for the citizens of Flagstaff. This fire started on the first day, Sunday , but thankfully, they were able to continue their program, in spite of a warning to be prepared to evacuate.  Some of the older folks were complaining about all the smoke causing difficult breathing.   (The rains began on Tuesday, which was a great help in getting the fire under control.)

In spite of all the troubles, God was good and this year’s conference was a blessing.  We are always encouraged to see folks that that are still being faithful and serving the Lord.  We enjoy meeting folks we have ministered to over the years  as former Bible school students, campers, VBS kids, people where we’ve pastored or worked with in Conferences and Camp meetings.  It is good to see how God is still working in lives.

We have also filled in for a pastor for a Sunday when he had to be away and have some more scheduled for the next few months.  Please pray as the Lord opens doors to give out His Word for wisdom as the messages are prepared.

You folks are truly a blessing to us.  It is your prayers that help us continue to serve the Lord, as well as the financial support that you send so that we can pay bills.  Thank you!
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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David DeFord July 2019

  Dear Prayer Warriors,                                                                            August  2019 update

   Happy to be ‘home’ in Arizona, although it is the middle of “monsoon” season which brings humidity, dust storms, wind, high temps and rain.   Love it!

   We arrived in Chandler July 2 and found a very nice RV spot for the next six months.  We both have routine doctor apppointments to catch up on.   Praise the Lord for good health during our travels.

    One of the many blessings we received was promises of prayer for more laborers in the Native American fields.  The opportunity to speak in S S classes and worship services made this possible.  We were priviledged to visit in several of our supporting churches as well as churches we’ve been familiar with over the years.

    Two of our grandchildren will be getting married within a year.  Micah will be married in November to Rachael Holder from the U P of MI.  We were happy to meet her in Fargo, ND where Micah is in college.  Next July Brenna will be marrying Drew Turner from Birmingham AL area.  Both will be graduating from PCC.  They will be married here in Mesa.  That will make a total of five ‘grands’ married.          


  Good to be in our IBIMI churches for services and to be of assistance when needed

  Safety in almost 14,000 miles of travel  (coast to coast and border to border)

  Encouragement from supporting churches and individuals

  Many opportunities to tell of the need there is for dedicated workers in the Indian fields 

  The Lord’s continued blessings


  Opportunities to explain the need for the Gospel message to be preached on reservations.

  Pray with us for the Lord’s direction in whatever He chooses for us in the future.  We are    aware we won’t be able to travel as we do now for any great length of time.  We are planning    through January 2020 – July 2020 if the Lord would lead.

  IBIMI annual retreat Aug. 1-3 in Albuquerque.  Plan to do survey work on NM reservations near Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

In His love and ours,

Dave and Becky DeFord

2 Cor. 4:3

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Grammer June 2019

June 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
This past May, Janet was invited to speak to the Ladies’ banquet at the Yavapai-Apache church in Camp Verde where 2 of our missionary families are working.  There were about 20 ladies present and the topic was how to live a holy life and pleasing God.  It was a good time and the ladies seemed to enjoy the fellowship and encouragement.
The Dine Bible Institute classes are finished for this semester and we plan to start again this fall.  It is a blessing to see some of the students using this training to minister among their own people.
Just last week, we returned from a trip to Port Alsworth, Alaska for a week with Sam & Amber and our 3 grandsons (James-7, Peter-4 & Ira-2).  It has been 4 years since we have been in their home and a short visit from them 2 years ago at the family Thanksgiving gathering.  We don’t get to see much of our grandkids so this was a real treat.  We use our credit card a lot (paid off each month to avoid interest) and had saved enough “air miles” to get the tickets.  God is so good in providing our needs and even treats us to some of our “wants”.  
June 25-July 11, Sam will be flying to Alaska once again; this time to Thorne Bay
Some have asked if this is near our son’s home.   Sam & Amber live north of Anchorage and require another 1 ½-2 hr small plane flight to their community.   Thorne Bay is a 3 hr. ferry ride from Ketchikan in the south-eastern part of the state.   Same state- but it is a big state and the locations are far apart.
 We didn’t have any volunteer groups planned for this summer’s work, but God brought a Christian couple into our lives who plan on being in Thorne Bay this summer to visit family at the same time that Sam plans to be there  and the man hopes to be able to help with the work planned for this summer.  Amazing to watch God’s provision along the way.  Pray with us for safe travels and that much will be accomplished this summer
Some gifts sent this past month will help pay for this summer’s work.  We are thankful that God has met each expense along the way so that we have been able to avoid debt.  We are purchasing a large generator to power this project, since we are not getting a good response from the Alaska Power Company regarding electric coming to the property.  The cost will be approximately $5,500.   (We have to include the transportation costs of bringing it up on a barge to Thorne Bay.)  Please pray with us about meeting this need.
Sam will have a short break after arriving back in AZ before he has to speak at a Navajo family Camp; July 20-27.  He will be taking the morning and evening sessions in the English language while others will be teaching the same material in the Navajo language.  Many of the elderly still speak Navajo as their primary language but then many of the middle age and younger generation are more comfortable in English and may not even understand Navajo.  Be praying with us as he prepares for this week
Sometimes we share prayer requests and then have letters asking just how God worked in each situation.  Thank you.  It tells us that you are praying and also reminds us to mention how prayers are answered.  We were recently asked how the missionary family is doing that were experiencing a difficult pregnancy.  Jacob & Lydia Jones now have a healthy baby boy in their arms; Samuel.  The recovery time was longer than hoped for because of Lydia’s health challenges and an unavoidable c-section.  However, she was able to carry Samuel to full term and give birth to a healthy son -a definite answer to prayer!  
Thank you to each of you for your prayers for us and the ministry God has put us in.  You are a blessing to us. II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Veldhuis May 2019 Update Addendum

 My first four month post radiation cancer treatment labs May 31st found the prostate Specific Antigens less than one-half of what they’d been and in the middle of the normal range for a healthy man of my age. 
     We couldn’’t be more grateful for all the prayers and gifts responsible for the health and means to carry on all Cocopah ministries while covering medical expenses.  PRAY for Godsends of strength, coworkers, vehicles, weather, receptive souls, and funds for summer’s numerous ministries. 
     Pray Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s on and off deputation meetings while helping us will soon enable them to join us full time, and that until then Dawn and I will be able to safely handle and control the huge increase in van and bus riders and class sizes without our usual monitors. 
     Your PRAYERS for our LORD’s true lasting fruit this summer as well as for Dawn’s vasculitis, Lydia’s pulmonary hypertension, and my remission through September 2019’s next cancer evaluation are truly an invaluable and appreciated lifeline as you labor with us. Romans 15:30 
Michael and Dawn

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