Grammer February 2018

Feb. 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
The Bible School classes for this semester are on Christology/the doctrine of Christ.  We have students that are taking the class for credit and others that are auditing.  One of the students brought her mother-in-law to class one Sunday evening.  The topic for that particular class was “Why did Christ have to die?”  Salvation was clearly explained and the students were told that it was simple and to pray a prayer such as this…  A voice was heard quietly repeating that prayer and after Class, when asked, the mother-in-law admitted that she had prayed that prayer and accepted Christ!  The class was for the training of Believers and equipping them to serve.  But God used it to add another member to the family of God.  Thank you for your prayers.
(Included are some pictures taken and sent to us during one of the classes.  We thought you might enjoy them.)
We have had a lot of flu going around here in AZ and hearing it is hitting all across the country.  When we were traveling to the San Carlos Apache Reservation for their Sweetheart Banquet, we were called and informed that the Banquet had to be cancelled because so many had the flu.  We still had Sunday services with them though many were still out sick, as well as a meeting with some of their teens.
The next Sunday, Sam woke up not feeling well and we were afraid it might be the flu.  It was interesting to see God’s hand in it all.  When we called to let them know he wouldn’t be able to teach that night, we found that during the week, the power company was putting in a new pole and hit their sewer line so neither the church nor the parsonage had any plumbing.  Classes had to be canceled.  It was a good time for resting up and by the next day, Sam was very much improved.  Thankfully it wasn’t the flu!!
Janet and Helen had scheduled a visit to the nursing home that following week and we did postpone it so that we wouldn’t be bringing in any viruses or flu bugs to the residents.  Hopefully, the health of the general public will improve and we can start more regular visits again.
Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer    

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Veldhuis February 2018

Veldhuis February 2018 Prayer Update

Dear Co-laborers In Christ,

            Despite the many regretful delays with this update, fruit since our October letter has been too substantial to overlook thanking our great Jehovah-jireh or you for each victory.

            “God is able to make all grace abound toward you that ye always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work” (II Corinthians 9:8).

            Phenomenal provisions from many of you and all three Yuma supporting churches for our October 26-28, 2017 Native Revival miraculously surpassed our daily needs and met each evangelist’s hundreds of miles’ travel expenses.

            The spiritual fruit of new inroads into the extremely traditional May and San Diego families and the assurance of salvation of 30 year old Alex was enriched by the means of finishing major car repairs for our farthest driving couple.

            How grateful we were for Heritage Baptist Church and so many of your gifts for a totally unimaginable prepaid vacation on the San Diego Bay, Nov. 6-9, 2017! Your humbling magnanimous recognition of our 26th anniversary of Cocopah work recharged us for December’s grueling load and enabled us to complete mammoth longstanding church driveway and vehicle repairs while packing some 300 bags of fruit and tracts. P.T.L. for rewarding otherwise forbidden door to door distribution of these “gift bags” with well attended evangelistic Christmas and New Year services and new church pick-ups.

           PRAY for eternal fruit through Bible studies and church services as well as through Jacob and Lydia’s new 36 mile round trip route for youth night pickups. Pray that individual weekly Bible studies with some eleven teens will bring true saving faith and maturity to even those seriously damaged by parental substance abuse or blinded by the most pagan, satanic, traditional deceptions (II Corinthians 4:3 &4).

            God’s hand was definitely on Jacob and Lydia January 25th, 2018 as they drove 200 miles and led early thirties Lydia B. and her cousin, “Pumpkin” to faith in Christ in front of unsaved family members prior to Lydia’s potentially fatal brain surgery that day. PRAY for Lydia B.’s health and both of their growth.

            Jacob and Lydia’s additional non church times with Cocopah youth contributed both to winning teens and increasing their own burden to reach the entire nation. They are to be commissioned in September to join our mission and begin deputation toward working fulltime with us. Pray for wisdom and safety throughout deputation, as Lydia’s lung diseases are manageable at Yuma’s near sea level elevation but quickly decompensate without oxygen in the cold or at even a couple thousand feet.

            Dangerous driving conditions and constant close contact with carriers of Hepatitis C, MRSA, Tuberculosis, and other diseases make your prayers for each of our health that much more critical. P.T.L. for getting me through another year’s strict C.D.L. medical tests as you PRAY for Dawn’s bronchitis, Betty’s spinal arthritis, Felipe’s neuro/cardiac needs, Chris and others’ mental health needs, and Lyetha and Roxanna’s safe baby deliveries.

            We can’t thank you enough for your grace in so faithfully enabling and praying for our Lord’s Native work when we are so delinquent in updating you.


  • Jacob and Lydia’s new North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club and steps to join our mission.
  • 50 year old Joe’s survival from septic appendicitis and second chance to grow in Christ.
  • Reconnection and follow up of relocated foster children of all ages.
  • Successful treatment of all church building corrosion from our 2015 flood.


  • Comfort and spiritual needs of the Davis family after 38 year old Anthony’s death.
  • No tragedies from this month’s huge annual cash casino disbursements.
  • New individual adult Bible studies with Adolfo, Darren, Darnel, Eric, Joe, and others.
  • Ability to install church yard lights purchased fall 2017.
  • Illumination and salvation of mentally limited or spiritually blinded souls.
  • Pre-Easter revival meetings at Maranatha Baptist Church and our own Resurrection Sunday services.
  • Preparations for summers Neighborhood Bible Time and camp ministries.

                                    Gratefully Yours In Christ,

               Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Messick January 2018


Happy is He that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” Psalm 146: 5

Dear Friends and Family,

In our Christmas letter, we were looking forward to the ladies Christmas party, the Christmas play and our family Christmas.

Nine ladies enjoyed a great evening at the party hosted by Naomi, and her devotions were a blessing and challenge.

The children did well presenting the Christmas play “The Christmas Story,” and we were pleased to have several visitors in attendance.

How we loved our Christmas celebration with our kids, grandkids and Gary’s brother, Jack. We’re so thankful for every minute we have together, but the only downside was that the time passed much too quickly!

God continues to use people to bless His work at Living Waters Baptist Church. Once again, Don & Patty Beebout from Shariton, Ia. spent a few days of their time to help with work projects. You may recall that last January a building was erected that is a combination teen boy’s classroom and storage shed. While Beebouts were here, the men were able to get the electrical wiring run, insulation and drywall hung. Patty helped Naomi & Bev organize another storage area, decorate for the Valentine’s Banquet, and even get some decorations made for VBS. We also enjoyed a lot of good fellowship with these dear folk. Praying God will richly bless them for their labors.

Prayer Requests:

*Parents to not just send their children to church, but have a desire to come with them

*Our Valentine’s Banquet

*Salvation of several children and adults

*Need for another van or mini bus as we are consistently running 15 to 20 children on Sunday and Wednesday evenings


We thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf. Our Lord is so loving and faithful to meet our every need. May He find us all “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

In Him,

Gary & Bev

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Grammer January 2018

January 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,

The Lord has given us another year.  We are truly thankful for His hands on us this past year and allowing us to be a part of His plan.

Now that the holidays are past, we are slowly getting back into our routine.  Sam’s Bible School classes have started up once again.  It was good to see the students again and most of them were present for the first class of the year.

Janet and Helen have begun visiting the local nursing home again.  Helen is recovering, but slowly, from her wrist and elbow surgery.   As a young girl, Helen had polio which has left her with a life of physical struggles.  Yet she continues to use her life to serve the Lord and is an encouragement to those who know her.  We are thankful for her help in these visits with her interpreting for the Navajo ladies we see there.  (Janet also babysits for a local Ladies’ Bible Study which is starting at the end of this month.)

Next month, we are scheduled to be with an Apache church for a week-end, to speak to a Couple’s Banquet and also a youth meeting.  Pray with us for the travel as well as the time spent together in God’s Word with them.

We are experiencing a very dry winter.  We tell our eastern friends that they stole our snow.  Since we are considered “high mountain desert”, the snow up on the Peaks are an important source of our water, even in the summer months.  Pray with us for some snow or rain soon.

We have found the period between New Year’s and Easter to be a bit slower pace and try to take advantage of the time to rest up before the busy summer, fall and winter schedules hit us.  Already, our calendar is marked for spring and summer activities.  Pray that we use the time wisely as we spend time just studying and preparing.

Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer                         

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Grammer December 2017

November-December 2017    
Dear Friends in Christ,

Last month, we made our annual trip back to the east coast to spend Thanksgiving with our family.  5 of our 6 children were able to be together for Thanksgiving Day.  Our son from Alaska brought his family down so we could all meet our 6 month old grandson and to enjoy the holiday with us.  It was a great time together and we look forward to it each year.

Sam’s classes on Sunday afternoons are now taking a 3 week break because of the holidays and are scheduled to begin once again on Jan. 7.  Thank you for your prayers for these students.

We have also had some hospital visits, both here in Flagstaff and on the Navajo Reservation.   All were professing Believers and we trust that we were an encouragement to them as they faced difficult times.   One Christian man, that has been a friend for years and has been in poor health for the past few years, is spending this Christmas with our Lord.  Again, we pray that we are an encouragement to his wife Kathy as she continues on without him.

We usually ask you to pray for safety as we travel and deal with winter roads.  Since we haven’t had any rain or snow for several months, we haven’t had to deal with slippery roads-just the normal winter temperatures.  We are actually asking the Lord to send some snow our way soon as our water supply is dependent on the snow packs in the mountains.

We try to use the Christmas season each year to remind those around us and ones we meet in town of God’s wonderful gift in Jesus Christ and our salvation from sin.  They seem to listen more readily during the holidays and we want to take advantage of the opportunities we find to speak of our Lord.  

Thank you to so many of you that have sent us Christmas cards and notes.  What an encouragement to find reminders that we are being prayed for; some of you on a daily basis.  We appreciate you and recognize that you are an important part of ministry.

As another year is drawing to a close, we are thankful for a Heavenly Father who has been with us throughout the year and has seen fit to use us in His plan.  

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and another good year with our Lord.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer                 

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Dave and Becky DeFord Dec 2017


Dear Prayer Warriors,                                                            Dec. 2017 update


   Although Thanksgiving season 2017 is officially gone according to the calendar, we want to convey to you some of the blessings and answers to your prayers and ours the Lord has showered on us these past six months.


   Not in any particular order; travel safety we experienced since leaving Arizona May 2, 2017. We traveled 18,600 miles covering 22 states.   During that time we were blessed to be in all but two of our supporting churches. We also had the opportunity to visit many churches for the first time. Some of the churches we were familiar with and some we had no prior knowledge of, but we’re grateful for the hospitality extended from each one. It was a blessing to be asked in multiple churches we visited to explain the need for missionaries and pastors willing to consider the Native American fields as well as the Western states.


   We purposely tried as best we could to visit as many reservations and designated Indian lands to determine the population of good sound churches in the area. Sadly, as was stated in our last letter they are desperately lacking.


   There were two very personally encouraging Missions Conferences we attended. It is always an encouragement to see young folks (and not so young) surrending to the Lord’s command to encompass the world reaching the lost. It was a blessing for us to meet some of them, spend a week getting acquainted with them and their field of service.


   We are very thankful for the health and stamina the Lord gave to each of us to pursue this trip. If directed, we would do it again.  


   We are in Arizona now for December and January visiting family, mission churches and updating with doctors.

In His love and ours,


Dave and Becky DeFord

Requests for prayer: Health needs

                                  Strong, growing Indian churches

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Gary & Bev Messick Oct 2017

Dear Ones in Christ,

Two years ago, in celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary, our children gave us funds toward a trip to Washington, DC to tour our capital and see the Vietnam Memorial. It took two years to work it out, but we left on Sept. 21. We wanted to report to the three churches that had sent out workers to help with our church remodeling. We arrived at Marshalltown, IA. on the 23rd planning to report to Fellowship Baptist in the evening service on the 24th, but learned that Bev.’s sister, Janet, was near death. Pastor Hannahs graciously let us report during the Sunday School hour so that we could leave for Indiana after the morning service.

We are so thankful for the precious time with Janet before she went to be with Jesus on the 28th. Bev and her eight siblings have always been very close, and Janet will be greatly missed. But it is such a comfort to know our separation is only temporary.

What we saw as a random choice for a date for our trip back east, we realized was clearly orchestrated by God. At the same time, we learned that Bev’s sister-in-law, Bernice was in critical condition. We cancelled our trip to DC, which allowed us more time to be near her and visit with family. As of this writing, we are thankful to still have Bernice with us. We would appreciate you prayers for her and brother Bob during this difficult time.

While there, it was a blessing to report to First Baptist Church in Goshen, IN. and then First Baptist Church in Wayland, MO.

On our return trip we were so thankful to spend a few days with JD and Jenny’s family – our Arkansas kids.

We arrived home safely on Nov. 1st after traveling over 6,000 miles. We are so very grateful for the many acts of love and kindness shown us along the way.

We can’t begin to thank Paul and Naomi enough for efficiently carrying on the work in our absence. Not only were our “regulars” faithful in attendance, but they saw some new folk attending services, as well.

Many have asked about Paul’s health and we are including an update from him.

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughtfulness for me these past three months. As you know near the end of summer I began experiencing shortness of breath and congestion. It got to where I was out of breath every day and often could only get through simple tasks with great effort. Needless to say, I was very concerned and sought some medical help. I had an x-ray (which showed some inflammation), a pulmonary function test (which showed decreased lung capacity), some blood work (which ruled out heart problems or blood clots), and I had a CT scan (which ruled out COPD). I was also taking several supplements to help with inflammation and lung health. And I changed my diet to avoid dairy (which tends to cause congestion) and limited gluten (which can cause inflammation.) The next step was to get a referral to a pulmonologist to determine the exact cause and prescribe a treatment. It was frustrating knowing I needed to see the doctor, but the referrals were never sent. As we waited and kept calling the doctor’s office, I gradually began feeling better. And now today I feel almost normal with just an occasional feeling of breathlessness. In a couple weeks I have an appointment to see a doctor. Although I don’t feel I really need to go, I am hoping to get some advice on prevention and maintenance of lung health. Thinking back over the experience I think perhaps I had some inflammation or a virus in my lungs which gradually cleared out. Having an experience like this reminded me that I cannot take good health for granted. And it taught me to depend on God’s people to pray. So many of you have never met me – yet you prayed – and God answered your prayer!

All for Jesus,

Paul Sondergaard

We appreciate each of your prayers and how much you have encouraged us in the ministry over the years. God bless you.

Serving Christ with you,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Sam & Janet Grammer Oct 2017

October 2017   

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have had several opportunities to serve the Lord this month: 

                *We both were teachers at a Parenting Conference on the Navajo Reservation.

                *We have been able to share the Gospel with folks that God puts in our daily life as well as times                             of counseling in our home.

                *We were able to have a small part in a Missionary Conference on the Hualapai Reservation.

                *We filled in for a pastor that had to be away from his church on the Navajo Reservation.

                *Each Sunday evening, Sam teaches a Theology class on the Navajo Reservation. 

                Please continue to pray with us for the faithfulness of the students and their spiritual growth as a result of studying God’s Word.

                Janet has not been able to do any visiting in the local nursing home this month as her partner and translator, Helen, is recovering from surgery.  Hopefully, we can make a visit before the month is over.

                It was 45 years ago (1972) that we left the east coast to minister among the American Indian people.  Our main goal has been to train the Indian Christians to serve the Lord.  A large percentage of our ministry has been in the Southwest part of the US; New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.  There were several tribes that we have worked with and some of them from all over the country that came to the Southwest for schooling.  However, We have also had ministry opportunities among the Sioux, in North Dakota, the Carrier in British Columbia, an Indian tribe in Mexico, and the Shimshian, Tlinglit and Haida in Alaska.  These opportunities lasted  from  a week to over 3 months. 

                Sam has also gone on short term mission trips overseas to teach doctrine classes.  These were largely financed by tribal churches here in the southwest; in Nicaragua, India, and twice to Russia.  This was exciting to us as we saw the American Indian Christians reaching outside their own communities to help other Christians.   We have also been blessed over the years  to see them send some of their own into the mission fields besides serving on their own reservations.

                At present, we are busy in Arizona, but each summer, we have spent 2-6 weeks in Alaska working on developing a building for a Christian radio station that will hopefully reach several small Indian villages with the Gospel.  The radio station project began as a result of one of these times spent in Alaska.  Once the building is completed and the station up and running, we are praying for someone with computer knowledge that wants to serve the Lord by manning this station and deal with any computer problems.  We are making progress as the Lord supplies the funds.  If you should desire to be a part in this project, gifts can be sent to our office address and marked for the Alaska Radio Project.

                   What a thrill to watch God working out His plan and using us.  Your support and prayers have made this possible.  Thank you so much for your faithfulness over the years.   As long as God blesses us with the ability and opportunities to serve, we hope to continue until He takes us Home.  Thank you again for your prayers for our good health and our safety with all the travels through the years.  


II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer


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