Veldhuis May 2019

Veldhuis May 2019 Prayer Update

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

How good it is to freely appeal to our Lord’s eternal rewards when words fail and circumstances hinder our individually thanking and returning you the enormous blessing of your faithfulness this year.

“For God is not unrighteousness to forget your work and labor of love, which we have shewed toward His
name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.” (Hebrews 6:10)

Your inquiries, prayers, gifts, and special provisions for my cancer treatments and Jacob and Lydia’s needs are fresh enough memories to view this update as a personal note of gratitude to each of you.

January 8, 2019 Yuma obstetricians and cardiopulmonary experts referred Lydia and Jacob to a Phoenix high risk perinatal clinic with the goal of getting Lydia to a potentially viable 26-week delivery of their firstborn
son. Low oxygen Sats, potential heart failure, edema, and crippling weakness made carrying the baby much farther too risky, but God blessed her beyond our boldest prayers.

Countless prayers undoubtedly superintended the frequent ultrasounds, prenatal and cardiopulmonary care, E.R. visits, and hospitalizations that culminated in Samuel Jacob Jones’ delivery, March 28, 2019 at 7lbs 4oz.
Despite initial food intolerance and reflux problems, Samuel’s four pound weight gain in as many weeks highlighted the toll his delivery had taken on Lydia. Twenty-nine hours of induced labor ending in a C-section left her hospitalized again a week later with life threatening edema and possible heart failure. THANK the LORD Lydia gradually recuperated enough this month to resume full time Cocopah work here with Jacob. PRAY for their remaining 50% support needs as Jacob canceled May meetings to be home. He will make occasional short deputation trips solo until Lydia and Samuel are able to accompany him.

Nine weeks of weekday focused prostate radiation treatments ran from Nov. 27, 2018 through Jan. 28, 2019 for me. Morning sessions allowed me to carry on all ministries in the afternoons and weekends with extra rest.

One blessing was their conclusion in time to attend Grace Baptist Church’s annual Bible Believer’s Conference in Corona, California, Jan. 28-30th.
General exhaustion and other radiation side effects diminished steadily throughout February and permitted the resumption of cactus landscaping work and the initiation of serious vehicle, property, ministry, and staff
preparations for summer’s opportune labors.

PRAY the first cancer follow-up evaluation, May 31, 2019, will clear me to focus fully on the grueling weeks ahead and that any additional or alternative treatments will be covered by my specified disease insurance
policy. Kindly accept our late but heartfelt thanks for your enormous help to date!

Your prayers and enabling for Christmas, New Year, and ongoing winter Cocopah ministries undoubtedly contributed directly to the decreased mayhem of death, substance abuse, and violence normally accompanying
their huge casino cash disbursements each February. Adult church attendance dropped as thousands of dollars were squandered on casinos and sinful pleasures, but junior and teen attendance increased despite having to combine their classes.

Young couples Alex and Roxanna, Loren and Martina, Stanford and Cheryl, and Vincent and Kayla either sent their children or attended occasionally until surrendering to substance abuse or the cares and pleasures of
this world. PRAY for the unique spiritual and family needs of each couple and their combined 15 children as Satan’s attack on these first two generations of Cocopah believers is vicious and unending.

Thankfully, Lori returned to church after her release from prison and is doing her best to provide for her four children after their recent abandonment by their caretaker for an ungodly higher paying job. PRAY for Adolfo, Michael, and Tyrus’ true repentance and conversions in prison and family members’ needs at home.

P.T.L. for nearby Native and Hispanic adults to whom we devoted labors rejected by disinterested Alvanez, Hayes, May, Phillips, Serrano, Soto, and Thomas Cocopah families. What can compare to the privilege of leading 84 year old Joe H. to the Lord January 5, 2019 or of preaching and giving the gospel to neighbor families prior to their move in May.

PRAY for all of these souls as Mays and Phillips youth and a first time parent have miraculously resumed or begun young people’s or adult Bible studies and rallies. Your prayers and sacrificial gifts are the lifeline of
winter and spring blessings as well as summer’s opportunities, as “ye strive together with us in your prayers to God for us.” Romans 15:30.

● Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel’s 50% support level and fulltime work with us as of this past April.
● Gospel seed sown and grown through Maranatha’s revival with Evangelist Tim Green April
● Dawn and my first mission conference in some nine years with faithfully supporting Calvary
Indian Baptist Church in eastern Oklahoma.
● Humbling special gifts for medical needs, vehicle maintenance, and larger repairs for summer
● Brother Carl Engstrom’s months’ help with church piano accompaniment and youth chorus

● Salvation of 11 year-old Airus and comfort in her young father’s death.
● Restoration of Lydia’s health as well as that of the Hastrichs and the Wilburs.
● Strength for and fruit from Jacob and Lydia’s resumed North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club
25 miles away.
● Repentance and just sentences for Tyrus, Vincent, and Kayla as well as continued Biblical care
for Kayla’s four children.
● God’s strength, safety, provision for, and truly eternal fruit through:
○ Bill Rice West Branch Junior and Teen Camps June 24-29 and July 8-12, 2019.
○ Neighborhood Bible Time (on our property), July 15-19, 2019.
○ Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp 600 miles away, July 22-29, 2019.

Yours In Christ,
Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Steve De Ford March/April 2019

Galatians 2:20
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live is the flesh I live by the faith of the
Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Greetings from the warming Arizona desert, and thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of this ministry. We are continually blessed, humbled, and amazed that the Lord would use us in His service. The working of Christ over the past two months among the Hualapai has been a joy to watch. We’ve seen four saved since our last letter. Both of the boys in Sherry’s class and two young men in our church services trusted Christ. Sherry led her kindergartner to the Lord during school. While Steve was blessed to lead her first grader to Christ during Sunday School on Resurrection Sunday. One of the young men who had been coming a couple of weeks was saved after the main worship service that same day. Back in March our home church flew us back to Indianapolis for a nice long weekend to get reacquainted and give an update on the ministry. We were able to be involved in several different aspects of the work. It seemed like everyone felt the need to feed us as if we hadn’t eaten for weeks! Thank you, Burge, for your warm hospitality. We were additionally blessed to be able to attend an Enrichment Retreat in Pensacola. Most of the conferences we are able to attend are either for men or ladies. Going together was great and we truly were> enriched! While we were away, our men attended the annual Men’s Retreat at Bill Rice Ranch West Branch. Brother Bill and Brother Wil Rice filled in for Steve on Sunday. Since returning home, we have begun a new discipleship class on Sunday afternoons prior to the evening service. Several new attenders have joined some of the “old timers” to learn more of God’s truths. Sherry took seven other ladies to the Ladies’ Spring Getaway in Flagstaff at the end of May. This is always a treat for her! We are ever thankful that Christ lives in us, loved us and gave Himself for us!
For God’s Glory,
Steve and Sherry De Ford Facebooktwitter

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Jones May 2019

Dear Family and Friends,       

We want to thank you so much for your prayers and financial support these past few months!
    Due to Lydia’s health, we have limited ourselves to part time deputation.
    It has been a roller coaster ride these past few weeks, but through it all God has been good to us!
    You may have already heard some of the following news on social media, but for the ones who haven’t heard here is our  update for the last 3 months.
    During the month of February, Bro. Jacob travelled to New Mexico and all through Arizona to present the ministry. When not travelling, he stayed with Lydia at the Ronald McDonald Home in downtown Phoenix. He had the opportunity while driving on the Navajo reservation to see new sights and meet new Native pastors.
He went through both rain and snow during his trip, but was very thankful for God’s protection while travelling on the weekends!  
    We would like to thank the Aguilar Family, the Stenger Family, the Gifford Family, and the Wilbur Family for staying with Lydia while Bro. Jacob travelled.
    Throughout the week, Bro. Jacob cared for Lydia, set up future meetings, and worked on a sermon series on Proverbs for the teen curriculum. He and Lydia kept in contact with people from the Cocopah reservation via social media.
    We knew the month of March would be a challenge due to Lydia’s pregnancy complications and Samuel’s birth.    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path.”Prov. 3:5-6    Through the challenges we experienced, God has tested our faith in Him.
     Bro. Jacob was able to present at 3  churches in Arizona and one in southern California. We would like to thank these churches for being extremely flexible and for allowing him to come and present.
    During the month of March, Lydia was suffering from preterm labor, shortness of breath, and high uterine fluid. The specialists told us that Samuel looked good and that they wanted Lydia to carry him to 37 weeks because she was stable.
    On March 27th, Lydia was admitted to the hospital and induced at 7 a.m. Bro. Jacob, Pastor and Mrs. Veldhuis, and Mrs. Wilbur were there. She was given Pitocin via I.V. and a catheter to help speed labor.
    Throughout the day, the contractions grew stronger and she was given an epidural. By that night, she was dilated to 10 cm. She contracted all night, but her water hadn’t broken so they broke it early the next morning.
    Lydia’s specialists had determined that a vaginal delivery was safest, and she labored throughout the day. However, the Dr. discovered that her pelvis was small and after hours of pushing,  Samuel wasn’t progressing through the birth canal. Her epidural also failed and the anesthesiologist didn’t realize it. She was finally rushed into an emergency c-section.
    Samuel Jacob Jones was born at 2:43 p.m. on March 28, 2019. He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz! We were so excited to finally see our baby boy face to face!!
    While recovering from the c-section, Lydia was monitored for blood clots and heart problems. After 4 days, she and Baby Samuel were cleared to go home.
    On March 30th, Lydia was discharged and she and Bro. Jacob were able to go home to their apartment in Yuma after 3 months of living at the Ronald McDonald Home. It was so exciting (and nerve wracking!) to take our baby boy home for the first time!!
    The next day, we noticed Lydia had severe leg swelling and shortness of breath. She was taken to the hospital in Yuma. There, they gave her IV diuretics. After 4 days, the Drs. found that she’d suffered heart failure during the c-section and had lost a lot of blood. Lydia lost 22 lbs of fluid and felt much better!
    Her heart is recovering extremely well, but her Drs. say she cannot travel for the next few months due to a high risk of blood clots.
    Due to Lydia’s health, and Jacob caring for she and Samuel, we feel that he should hold off on full time deputation until they are healthy enough to join him on the road.
    In the meantime, Jacob and Lydia will be working with Cocopah teens and adults doing discipleship, Bible clubs, Wednesday night teen class, and other activities.
    In April, the Jones family had a great time attending Resurrection Sunday as a family! Pastor Veldhuis spoke on the resurrection and there was plenty of food!
    Please continue praying for souls to be saved and continue praying for us as we minister to the Native Americans.
                 Future Ministry Goals     One of our main goals is to begin a couples class at Bethel Independent Baptist Church. Another is to start the H.O.P.E. addiction ministry. In the future, we also desire to plant a church on the Quechan reservation and establish other ministries as the Lord leads us to start in order to reach Natives for Christ. Please pray that God would begin working in hearts and opening doors in order to allow us to reach these goals.      Currently ,there are over 1.6 million Native Americans in the United States and 562 distinct sovereign tribes. Many of these tribes struggle with substance abuse and poverty and have no gospel witness. Please pray with us that God will send more laborers into the Native American field located right in our backyard. 

 Prayer Requests:
Salvations- Mariella, Satori, Ayla, Cayden, Airus, Sherry, Stanford, Sylvia, Mary, Joe, Jessie.
Spiritual Growth- Molly, Loren, Tyler, Lilly, Roxanna, Alex, Edward, Justice, Jasmine, Mya, Kayla, Vincent
Health: Lydia, Sherry with possible tumor; Mary, Edward, and  Bro. and Mrs. Veldhuis with general health.Personal Needs:
     That more churches will take us on for support. As of now, we are at 51% of our support goal.
These next few months, we will be a little tight financially due to only being on part time deputation as well as the limitation of presenting to only nearby churches. Pray that the Lord will provide for our needs. 

      On February 20th, God provided us a van for deputation and ministry activities. Thank you for your prayer and financial giving towards the van. 
Lydia and her safe delivery.
Samuel is in good health. 
Bro. Jacob safety while traveling.
The Lord has been so good towards our family.
Thank you for your prayers!

                        Sincerely In Christ,
Jacob and Lydia Jones Missionaries to the Native Americans
                     Cell: (928) 315- 5057

II Corinthians 4:3-4
“But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto. 
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Grammer April 2019

April 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,

We had a wonderful day yesterday on the Navajo Reservation.  Sam was the moderator for the ordination of 3 men from the Tuba City Baptist church; George Adson, Clifford Hyden and Alfred Hyden.  These 3 men have been leaders in the church for years and were a real blessing to us when we served there as interim pastor.  The church has several older folk that speak only Navajo and also younger adults that speak only English.  The schedule allowed for morning services in Navajo while the English SS was taught.  Then everyone switched rooms and the English worship service was held while the Navajo SS class was taught.  These men took turns preaching in their Navajo language.  The purpose for the ordination is to send them out to other Reservation churches to preach.  For 3 years, these men sat in Sam’s doctrine classes each Sunday afternoon for 2 hrs.  What a joy to see them putting to use the teaching and training.

This coming week-end, Janet is to speak at a ladies’ banquet on the Yavapai-Apache Reservation.  Pray for her as she travels and that is will be a help to the ladies as they spend time together in God’s Word.

Sam now has tickets to Thorne Bay from June 25-July 19. Please pray with us that the needed supplies will be ready for this summer’s projects and that we can continue to build and stay out of debt.  This summer we hope to see the skirting put on the foundation and the wood stove installed.  We have all that is needed to put in the stove, just needs to be done.  Once this is completed, workers can stay in the cabin and work on completion at any time of the year that is convenient for them. There are no volunteer work crews this summer, so pray for Sam to get much accomplished and maybe find some local Christian men to pitch in.

Our calendar between Christmas and Easter are usually pretty free and a good time to schedule annual check-ups, dental work, eyes, ears…   It’s easy to share with you scheduled events, but harder to share the ministry to individuals while visiting and counseling.  The personal struggles are not ours to share but we do appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we pray with them and try to encourage.  Thank you.

This past year, our old wood truck has been in the shop and for the first time, our yard was emptied of firewood.  God met our needs for the winter (our wood stove is our main heat source for the house) but it is now time to restock for the coming winter.  Pray for Sam as he travels up the mt. for our firewood and for safety as he cuts and loads up the truck.  It’s been a year and he needs to get back in shape for this type of labor.

We have plans to visit Sam jr.’s family in Alaska from May 28-June 4.  This is when we normally get out another letter so we don’t expect to send one out next month.  We don’t get to spend much time with our family and Sam’s family rarely gets to NC for the Thanksgiving family time.  Pray with us as we travel and for a good time together with Sam, Amber and the 3 boys (ages 2-7)

Thank you to each of you for your prayers for us and the ministry God has put us in.  You are a blessing to us.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Messick March 2019


Dear Ones in Him,

Once again we need to apologize for being late with our monthly letter. For the last month or so we both have battled bronchitis and colds, and fell behind with our office work.

Our annual Valentines Banquet went well with twenty-four in attendance. Brother Troy Carlson brought a very timely message and the meal and games were enjoyed by all.

February brought us more rain and snow than usual. You may have heard that the Flagstaff area received close to four feet of snow one weekend. During that time, we had snow here totaling ten inches, but not all at once. That’s the most we’ve see here. The only way for us to get in or out is to cross the creek below us. What with the melt off from ours and the snow up north, the creek flooded over its banks. Some folk living near its banks had up to three feet of water in their homes. Despite the problems and inconvenience, living in this arid state, we are so thankful for the added moisture. 

Our revival services were the first week in March. Brother Glen & Mary Jaspers traveled from their home in Illinois to minister to us, and his preaching through the book of I John was a great blessing. They have such a heart for the Native American works and our people love them. It was great to have Brother Bud and Connie Wells here during that time, as well. What a wonderful time of fellowship!

Also in March, we enjoyed a visit from relatives of Bev’s from Indiana, Jeff & Karen Hummel and sons, Nathan & Peter. They used this vacation time to come help with work projects at the church and here at home. We are so thankful for all their hard work and for our special time together.

Another blessing was having Brother Bill Rice & Mary and Brother Wil Rice & Sena and their son, Weston for an overnight stay. Brother Wil brought a challenging message for our Wednesday evening service.



Paul & Naomi’s baby is now five months old and has had to make yet another trip to the hospital for tests. We awaiting the results , and would ask that you continue to keep this little one in your prayers. 


Our old modular has served us well, but to put more money into it would be a poor use of God’s money. I mentioned in our last letter the possibility of putting up a metal building to replace the modular. We met with a contractor who has helped us in the past and found the cost to be prohibitive. After counseling with Evangelist Glen Jaspers and Pastor Bud Wells, who have been a tremendous help in the past, we believe it would be a better use of the Lord’s funds to go with a frame building, which would be a third of the cost of a metal building. Our church presently has $28,000.00 in the modular replacement account, and will have a special building fund offering on April 7th to add to that.

We need a building that would house three classrooms, a nursery, kitchen, one bathroom, space large enough to set up ten round tables for fellowships, where the children’s ministry, baptisms & funerals would be held. We covet your prayers for God’s direction in this need.

Our heart-felt thanks to you for faithfully standing with us in the work here through your prayer and financial support. God bless you.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Grammer March 2019

March 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s hard to believe that spring is already here but the calendar is filling up with ministry opportunities.  The warmer months ahead are being planned with camps, conferences and VBS.   
Pray for us as we prepare to help in these different areas by teaching and preaching.  

Praise-Sam was just asked to be on an ordination council for some men that he has had the privilege to teach doctrine classes to in the past.  It is a real encouragement to see God using these men and see them going on strong to serve our Lord! 

Pray also for Janet’s ministry in the nursing home.  She has been having difficulty finding a Navajo interpreter while Helen mends.  Without an interpreter, encouraging them is difficult. Janet can sing in Navajo but reading the Bible in Navajo is more of a challenge  because of the tonal inflections.  Also, the personal conversation is limited as the elderly often don’t speak much English.  Those that were bilingual are no longer with us or beyond any conversation in either language.  Pray for wisdom regarding keeping this ministry going and a willing and reliable interpreter.  

Sam is still planning a trip to Thorne Bay this summer to make more progress on the radio station project. Please continue to pray with us about the needs that were mentioned in last month’s letter:
*for the Alaska Power company to bring electric to the property
*finances to continue to keep this project debt-free
*volunteer work crews with the needed skills 
*reasonable air fares for self and workers

We try to get a letter out each  month, but I need to re-organize our mailing list and it will be helpful for me to know if there are corrections needed.  If you are presently getting our monthly letters and would prefer not to keep getting them, please let us know.  Also, please let us know if you are getting duplicate emails.  I also believe that some addresses are no longer in use and plan to make some corrections. Thanks.

We do appreciate each of you that has prayed for us and supported our ministry over the years.  We are very aware that you are part of our ministry and thank God for each of you. Thank you.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer  

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Sondergaad March

Dear Family and Friends:
A verse that keeps coming to my mind lately is Colossians 1:18 “And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.” O that the Lord Jesus may be most important and have first place in everything! O that He might be exalted in church, in our homes, in my words, in my attitudes, in everything! Let us make preeminent the One who has purchased us with His own blood!

Since our last update, Andrew has had several tests with various specialists. We are still waiting for some of the results including one test to check for genetic disorders. Because of the repeated UTI infections and problems with reflux, Andrew is on a medicine for a year to prevent kidney damage. When we wrote last, he was having several spasms/seizures every day. The doctors put him on a medicine for that and it has now been about a month since his last seizure. He is slowly coming off the seizure medicine and is becoming much more alert. Even though Andrew is now five months old, he still has very little muscle control in his neck but is doing some exercises which should help. In the last two weeks, we are seeing little encouragements that show God is answering your prayers!

Please pray for Rachel, a lady in our church. She is the one whose leg was removed last year. This past week, she told us she was struggling spiritually and had returned to smoking. Beverly and Naomi were both able to encourage Rachel and pray with her. They reminded her of the truths of Ephesians 6 and showed her the victory we all can have every day. Since their talk, Rachel has again been coming to church with her sister Beverly.
Please also pray for Ida, a Native lady who has come to church off and on for many years. She called Naomi one night and said she was going to end her life. She has struggled with alcohol and drugs and was drinking that night. Later Ida then texted Naomi and said she was fine. Thankfully she did not commit suicide, but still needs the Lord’s help for victory over sin!
Please pray for Jimmy, Joni, and Alex – the three brothers who have been faithfully coming to church for a few years now. They have become a hindrance to teaching the other children and are openly disrespectful to authority and often mock the Bible lessons. Alex, the oldest of the boys, is being influenced by wrong friends and seems to enjoy stirring up the other children. After repeated warnings, we finally had to keep them away for about a month. We assured them we want them to come to church and want the best for each of these children. Please pray that God will work in their hearts. And pray that God would give us wisdom in teaching these children the honor our righteous and holy God deserves. We are planning a visit and give them some Bible lessons they can do at home.

This last week we had special meetings with Evangelist Glenn Jaspers. We were challenged from the book of First John. It was especially refreshing for us to be taught from God’s Word.

In the preaching and teaching part of our ministry Paul is preaching through Romans on Sunday nights. Sunday mornings he began a study through the Gospel of Mark and has just began a Sunday School series on Baptist Distinctives.

• Little improvements in Andrew
• God providing our every need
• For the many who are praying for us
• Rachel and Beverly returning to church
• Denny: a lady who has been coming faithfully and desires to grow
• Visiting preachers: Glenn Jaspers, Troy Carlson (West Branch Camp), and Toru Marshall (NOW Ministries)
Prayer Requests:
• Another couple to join us in the ministry here
• Ladies Bible study
• Wisdom and provision in the modular replacement
• Salvation and spiritual protection for our children
• Andrew’s continued growth and development
• Opportunities to witness to Andrew’s caregivers and other patients
• Spiritual growth: Ida, Beverly, Rachel and many more
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew
Our Address:

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De Ford Jan/Feb 2019

A blessed start to the New Year!
Dear family, friends, and faithful
prayer partners:
Like much of the rest of the country,
Arizona has been blanketed with snow.
While snow isn’t unusual here in Northern
Arizona and in the higher elevations across
the state, Phoenix and Tucson have even
gotten a few flakes this year. I personally
welcome it because we all know the triple
digits will be here soon enough. And there
really aren’t many sights in all the earth
more beautiful than the frosted Grand
With the new year came the
resumption of home school co-op. Sherry’s
load is much easier with only 2 students in
here kindergarten/first grade class. Both
Cutter and Shealtiel are doing very well.
Sherry is pleased with their progress.
We took a trip early in January to visit
and give a report to a supporting church in
Winnemucca, NV. We really enjoyed the
long weekend and fellowship with Grace
Baptist. The folks there have been a
blessing to us for many years. Along the
nine hour drive there and back Sherry and
I also enjoyed just being together and
visiting. It is rare for us to be able to spend
extended amounts of time together just
being a couple. God is so good and I thank
Him for giving me such a wonderful wife!
Since our last letter we have seen three
Hualapai receive Christ as Saviour! One of
our church members as been inviting and
bringing his sister, niece, and nephew to
service for a few weeks. They came a few
times together before all three of them
acknowledged their need of salvation, were
dealt with, and gloriously saved the last
Sunday in January!
Late last summer, Sherry took our son,
Micah to Fargo, ND where he began
preparing for the ministry at Master’s
Baptist College. It had been several years
since we had visited the ministry as a
family. Over the years the work has grown
and developed quite a lot. I was blessed to
be able to visit Micah and the college in
February-the best time of year to visit
Fargo-and see all that the Lord is doing
there. Please, continue to pray for Micah
and Josh as he continues his training at
Pensacola Christian College. Lord willing,
both will be graduating Spring of 2020.
It is not often that I report on what is
happening within the Independent Baptist
Indian Mission of which I am the director.
However, there are two prayer request I
want to bring to your attention. Our
newest missionaries, the Jacob Jones family
to the Cocopah, are expecting their first
child. Jacob’s wife, Lydia is the daughter of
one of our veteran missionaries. Lydia has
numerous health issues which complicate
her pregnancy. At 33 weeks baby Samuel is
doing well. Pray Lydian carries Samuel full
term with no complications.
The Sondergaard family serving
among the Yavapai-Apache had their fifth
child, Andrew, back in October. He was
born with some significant health issues.
While he is still being tested, he has been
diagnosed with plagiocephaly. He has
many appointments in the next couple
month with several specialists.
Please keep these two little ones in
For God’s Glory,
the Steve De Ford family
3880 Stockton Hill Rd.
Suite 103-438
Kingman, AZ 86409
2406 Main St.
Keokuk, IA 52632
3880 Stockton Hill Rd.
Suite 103-438
Kingman, AZ 86409
Burge Terrace Baptist
9345 Brookville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46239

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Baucom February 2019

To The Dear, Dear Friends Of Tommy & Elaine,                                                     February  2019

It seems we just sent one of these out. But glad to keep you dear folks informed about what’s happening and what’s not happening. And it’s this time of the year that about all that is happening is the cold weather. We’ve had to close our services several times due to snow, ice and low, low temperatures.  Up to 2-3 years ago it did not bother us. But we have gotten older.

Elaine & I are experiencing several things that come with age & infirmities. We can’t seem to remember from the bathroom to the kitchen what we went there for. Our apartment is small, but we love it. Elaine hobbles around waiting for a hip replacement which can be 6 months to a year. I’m staggering and shaking more and more because of the Parkinsons. I’m just being truthful, We get aggravated due to our health problems and having to take soooo many pills morning, noon & night. God is still good and our marriage is still the most sweetest wonderful thing to happen to us, earthly speaking.  My prostate problem is starting to bother me more and more .

We have two Nursing Homes we attend monthly which are doing great. God just gave me a love for these dear senior folks. Some Nursing Homes are awful a shortage of funding and workers.

Our Sunday morning crowd is encouraging. But too, they are getting older and apt to fall, so they fear going out in the snow and cold. I don’t blame them. The Lord has given us a wonderful congregation of  people. Whether 25 or 255, I am prepared to preach to either size as if it might be my last.

We have had a couple of native women to visit or Church in which Bob and I decided to visit one of them. She was strongly traditional. I didn’t know just how strongly until we got there. I said, “Bob, what have you gotten us into?” After about 30 minutes, I wanted to have pray and go.  As we finished praying she wanted to pray as well. Woe! She took my hand while I still had my eyes closed. I was wondering what she was doing so I had to look.  You know the preacher has to look.  As I was peeking, she was casting out an evil spirit from me she said. She took her hand and pointed toward the window for it to leave.  Then she says  she would need to do this two more times before they were all gone. I wondered what they were that she was casting out. I didn’t feel nothing and I knew I belonged to JESUS! When Bob and I got to the end of the driveway, we stopped and prayed that  the Lord protect us and let us not carry any of this stuff back to our homes, Amen! This is some of the things we get into on the Reservation. We do a lot of pleading Jesus’ blood.

Please don’t expect too much out of Elaine & I in these winter months. It’s a task just for me and my health and heart condition along with Elaine’s hip joint to go from the house to the car. We’re not dead yet, just cautious.  We still carry a full load of preaching and visiting hospitals and such.

Our holiday season went well. Some of our Churches and individuals sent extra gifts in which we are soooo grateful. I’ve tried to keep an account of who sent special gifts so I could send a special Thank You for such.  If we missed you, please forgive.  Too, Thank You for staying behind us in prayers and financial help. You are very kind. We would love to visit you and the Church, but I’m just not strong enough yet and then having to be ready when the surgeon calls to do Elaine’s hip replacement.

Thanks again my friend(s).  With Love!              

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Grammer Feb 2019

Feb 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,

This month, we had to say some more “Good-byes”.  4 ladies that we have ministered to over the years are now Home with the Lord; Sally (from Black Mesa that we met years ago and has been a dear friend over the years), Thelma (from the nursing home where Janet has been visiting), Geraldine’s daughter (Geraldine is one of the Bible School students where Sam is teaching) and Rena (her husband Charlie died on New Year’s day-they were both faithful members of the church in Tuba City where we pastored a few years ago).

Yet God has balanced the “Good-byes” with several “Hellos” for this coming year as several babies are expected to make an appearance.  One of our missionary gals is expecting a baby boy in about a month.  One of Janet’s piano students is expecting early this summer and also some of our grandchildren are going to give us some more great grandchildren before the year is over.  Children are truly a gift from God and we thank Him for each new life.

 Each summer, Sam travels to Thorne Bay, Alaska to work on the radio station project. The exterior is finished but the interior is still waiting for completion.  Here are some of the things that we would like to accomplish this summer:
*wiring (already provided but needs installation)
*insulation ($3,000 needed)
*skirting to keep wild animals from making their home under the building
 (Approx. $500 needed)
*install wood stove (already provided but needs installation)
*footers for the extension that will include kitchen and bathroom
(Approx. $1500 needed)
Here are some things you can pray with us about:
*for the Alaska Power company to bring electric to the property
*finances to continue to keep this project debt-free
*volunteer work crews with the needed skills 
*reasonable air fares for self and workers

We do appreciate each of you that has prayed for us and supported our ministry over the years.  We are very aware that you are part of our ministry and thank God for each of you.  Thank you.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer   

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Jones February 2019

Dear Family and Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support these last few months. Currently, Jacob is on full time deputation. It’s been an exciting and busy time for us! There is a lot going on with the Jones family.
During the month of November, Jacob flew to Texas to present at 5 churches in southern Texas. He spent 2 and a half weeks staying with his parents in Beeville, TX. There, he presented at nearby churches. Jacob got to see and catch up with his parents.

On November 11th, Roxanna and Alex made the decision to dedicate their daughter, Miracle, to the Lord at Bethel Independent Baptist Church. On November 30th, Bro. Jacob and Mrs. Veldhuis (His mother in-law) planned a teen bonfire.They had hot dogs, chips, water, and roasted marshmallows. Jacob preached on “How To Be Born Again?” The teens listened but did not make a decision about salvation. Please keep them in your prayers.
In December, Jacob presented at 3 churches. Two churches were located in California and one church was in Arizona. Jacob and Lydia got to spend more time together and help out at their church (Cocopah Bethel Independent Baptist Church) in Yuma, AZ. On December 8th, they had an all church Christmas bake day. It went well and they had a good turn out. Mrs Veldhuis told a story on Jesus’ birth.

Pastor Veldhuis, Jacob, and a few church members helped pick fruit. They put about 15 pieces of fruit in each bag with a little bit of candy and a Gospel tract. The church handed out these bags on the reservation. Churches are not allowed to door knock but they are allowed to give out free bags of fruit.

All throughout the month, Jacob and Lydia went through discipleship with a couple of teens and adults. On the 31st, the church had a New Years celebration. This celebration included preaching, fireworks, games, and food. We had a fun time!

During the month of January, Jacob traveled throughout California presenting their ministry. He was able to present at 6 churches during that month! He had a wonderful time presenting and fellowshipping with pastors and others!

For the next few months, Jacob and Lydia will be living at the Ronald McDonald Home in Phoenix so that her doctors can keep a closer watch over Lydia and little Samuel. Lydia’s lung function has remained stable, although her pulmonary pressure has a higher risk of increasing as the pregnancy progresses. Please pray for God’s protection for she and Samuel as she has been experiencing some preterm contractions. Thankfully, they were able to be stopped each time before they progressed into labor.

Prayer Requests:
Salvations- Mariella, Satori, Ayla, Cayden, Airus, Sherry, Stanford, Sylvia, Mary, Joe, Jessie.
Spiritual Growth- Molly, Loren, Tyler, Lilly, Roxanna, Alex, Edward, Justice, Jasmine, Mya, Kayla, Vincent
Health: Lydia, Baby Samuel, Sherry with possible tumor; Mary, Edward, and Bro. and Mrs. Veldhuis with general health.

Deputation Goals for 2019:

On July 29th, we started full time deputation. We have traveled over 15,000 miles on the road. As of now, we are at 48% of our support goal. These past few months have not been easy. Traveling 15,000 miles, dealing with car repairs, my father in-law’s cancer, and Lydia’s pregnancy complications with baby Samuel on the way are some of the trials we have faced. Despite all of this, God has been good to us. He has helped us emotionally, physically, and financially these past few months.

We want to thank you all for prayers for my family as well as those of you who send your monthly support. Continue to pray for us as we try to wrap things up on deputation. We are trusting that God will provide enough funds for us to stop deputation July 1st of this year. Please consider helping us reach our goal financially!

Future Ministry Goals

One of our main goals is to begin a couples class at Bethel Independent Baptist Church. Another is to start the H.O.P.E. addiction ministry. In the future, we also desire to plant a church on the Quechan reservation and establish other ministries as the Lord leads us to start in order to reach Natives for Christ. Please pray that God would begin working in hearts and opening doors in order to allow us to reach these goals.

Currently ,there are over 1.6 million Native Americans in the United States and 562 distinct sovereign tribes. Many of these tribes struggle with substance abuse and poverty and have no gospel witness. Please pray with us that God will send more laborers into the Native American field located right in our backyard.

Personal Needs:
That more churches will take us on for support. As of now, we are at 48% of our needed support.
That God will provide for a ministry vehicle or the money to purchase one. We are looking into purchasing a $3,500 to $4,000 car.

Sincerely In Christ,
Jacob and Lydia Jones Missionaries to the Native Americans
Cell: (928) 315- 5057

II Corinthians 4:3-4
“But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto.Facebooktwitter

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