Grammer March 2018

March  2018
Dear Friends in Christ,

March has been a busy month.  A lot of changes to our plans each day, so we’re glad that God is in control and is even interested in scheduling what we do each day.  Just trust Him and don’t stress out over unexpected changes!

Sam’s classes are going well each Sunday evening and 2 new students have joined us.  Learning God’s Word and the doctrines of Scripture always help us grow.  We praise God for the students who are transferring their knowledge into daily life.  Some of the men are now preaching at a new church in Coppermine on the Navajo reservation. Pastor Billy is talking about starting even another church on the reservation.  Pray for the Lord’s direction in these plans.

Janet and Helen are back on schedule with the nursing home visits.  When Helen’s health slowed her down, Janet had another Navajo lady help with the translating.  Mary enjoyed it so much that she asked if she can keep going with us. We’re so pleased with her response as we want to encourage Mary that she can serve the Lord.  This will also be a help whenever Helen is feeling challenged with her physical struggles and not able to join us.  Please pray with us for both Helen and Mary.

We heard from some of the folks in Alaska and ask you to continue to pray with us that the Alaska Power Company will decide to put in power lines to our property for the radio station.  It would be very expensive for us to pay for this access.   Some of the neighbors are talking about approaching  Alaska Power about their desire for electric and hoping the Company will put in the lines.  It’s in God’s hands.

A couple of Janet’s piano students are being encouraged to play in their local churches for the congregational singing.  She has encouraged them to play special offertory songs to help them adjust to playing publicly but some are still timid about becoming more involved.  This is an answer to prayer to see them willing to serve the Lord in this area of need.  Pray with us for willing hearts to serve.

Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer    

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Messick March 2018

MARCH 2018

We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers.”

1 Thessalonians 1:2

Dear Praying Friends,

In March, we enjoyed a wonderful visit from Bev’s sister-in-law, niece and great niece, Marilyn Wright, Sharilyn DeCrastos and Emily Blaikie all from Indiana. Having family make the long trip out this way means so much to us.


We are grateful for your continued prayers as April holds several opportunities of service. We are looking forward to things He will do this next month.

*Easter will be a special service, as we remember the great sacrifice Christ made on the cross,

bearing the punishment for our sins, then rising from the grave, giving us the hope of eternal life

with Him.

*April 4th -7th our church will host the IBIMI annual Retreat. It will be great to gather with our

fellow- missionaries and some of the advisory board members for a time of fellowship.

*Our Mother/Daughter Banquet will be held on April 21st.

We ask that you would continue to pray for:

*Our Youth Pastor’s health

*Our modular replacement

*The Junior Church Children


It is a great encouragement to know that you are praying for us. May the Lord bless you for being a blessing!

Love in Christ,

Gary & Bev

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Baucom March 2018

March 2018,


Dear Precious Friends Of Tommy & Elaine Baucom,


First, I greatly apologize for being so long in writing. That’s not my style. The reason is I have been sick and continue to not be completely out of the woods yet! Stress, depression and anxiety was killing me. My doctor kept asking me to take a 2-3 month medical leave and let our men keep things going at the Church. I asked him who was supposed to pay for this. No answer except trust the Lord. Well, it happened. Our pastor friend in Deland, Florida headed up putting it altogether along with a some of his preacher friends. They gave us several options of places to go. We chose North Carolina, our home Church, Tabernacle, Pastor Bobby Leonard. We actually stayed about 25 miles out in the country in a home fully furnished and provided by a dear pastor friend from Wilmington NC. Our home Church provided a van along with two other families in our Church that allowed us to use their vehicles as well. Meals upon meals they provided. And then our pastor, Brother Bobby Leonard, He could not do enough for us. So gracious! I don’t know why God would even look upon a dead dog as I.


It was total bliss. No one bothered us, no cell service, no satellite hook-up, no computer or internet, nothing except one Christian radio station and total peace and quite. My wife and I spent hours each day praying, reading, watching the birds and drawing closer to God and one another. We went there to do nothing but rest and relax. You know how hard that is to do? We feel we have accomplished so much concerning our health. But we still are not out of the woods. I still have an MRI and a schedule with a Neurologist here in Canada soon.


Thanks for being patient with us. Also, my wife has had an MRI and a biopsy concerning a mass they have found in the lower part of her body. Praise the Lord, the doctor saw the mass as a fibroid and said not to worry about it for now.


Our son-in-law Pat, Melissa’s husband is not fairing well. It seems like the chemo is not helping. He’s considering just stopping it all or not…for now his blood count is too low for chemo.


Our son John is continuing to be a blessing to the Church. He is involved in everything possible. The folks are amazed that he has become such a servant wanting to help everybody. Pray for him a wife. He wants his own family.


The Church is doing well. Our people have been behind us 100 percent. They kept things moving as well as could be with all the snow and cold weather and then sickness. John says it sounded like a hospital during Church. I have a schedule on the back that gives you an idea how they helped out. We are so glad to be back home and back in the saddle.  


Preachers, don’t wait until you are burned out. Take some time off. Elaine & I have given ourselves totally unto to the work here for 30 years without furlong. Don’t do this, Come apart before you come apart.

We will keep you up to date with the results of our test.   THANK YOU DEARLY FOR YOUR LOVE, PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT.   Our Cell: 905-308-6734   Our Email:

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Messick February 2018

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16
Dear Friends and Supporters,
February came and went so quickly, but was filled with many things to share with you.
Gary was asked to preach the funeral of an elderly Apache man.  It was one of those difficult funerals, not knowing the man or his spiritual condition, but Gary was privileged to have the opportunity in the message to present the gospel to family and friends.
Our Valentine’s banquet went well.  We had 12 in attendance, we expected 18, but the flu is bad out here right now, as it seems to be all over the country.  It was a great evening; lots of fun and a wonderful message on God’s great love. 
One great blessing was a visit from Bev’s 94 year old brother, Bob and niece, Joan, from Indiana.  It was a very special time of reminiscing and catching up on our lives.  Their love for the Lord and desire to be used of Him is a great challenge and encouragement to us.
We have a number of prayer requests that we would appreciate you remembering. 
*Our youth Pastor’s health – Paul Sondergaard – He continues to experience breathing problems. Tests have revealed high levels of lead and iron in his system. Though Paul has never smoked, he does work around chemicals and much dust as he remodels and paints trailers. The doctor has begun a treatment to detoxify his body.
*A second vehicle – We have been picking up around 20 children in our 15 passenger van; definitely not a good situation. We have a neighbor who is a mechanic and he is watching for a good used van or mini bus for us.  God knows our need and the best way to fill that need, so we’re
just waiting for His timing.
*Church piano –  Another situation to share with you is that mice have done much damage to the piano at church.  We paid $400.00 two years ago to have much of the felt replaced. We started noticing problems again, and the piano tuner found the mice had been busy again.  This time it was $500.00 to repair.  Please pray that we may have solved the mouse problem!  
UPDATE: After sharing the problem with our church folk, one couple said the have a practically new Yamaha electric piano they would like to donate to the church.  Jehovah Jireh!!  Now we can use the new one for duets and as an organ!
*Our modular – This is where the children’s ministries are held and it is in very bad condition.We have mentioned in earlier prayer requests how the highway road crew that is expanding the road in front of our church, is renting a five section modular they are using as their office, about a mile from the church. When they are finished with it, the company will haul it back down to Phoenix. Gary has contacted the company to see if they might be interested in selling it rather than pulling it back down to the Valley. We are awaiting a final answer.  God provided our church property in a miraculous way, and we know that He can replace the modular, as well.
*Church Children – Your prayers would be appreciated concerning our Junior Church kids.  We have some older children who have caused some problems. Please pray for wisdom in how best to work with them, and for their salvation. 
Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support.
Knowing you are lifting us up in prayer means everything to us.  God bless you.
In Christ,
Gary & Bev 
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Dave and Becky DeFord March 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors,                                                            Mar 2018 update


   We are enjoying the warmth and sunshine of Florida until later this month when we make our way back to the warmth and sunshine of Arizona.


   We’ve had a wonderful time visiting with three of our ‘grands’ in college here and seeing the activities they are involved with on campus. The services in the Crown Centre on Sundays are especially nice being with them as well as one of the young ladies from Hualapai Baptist attending here. We’ve had opportunity to visit with dear friends from Indiana vacationing here for the past three weeks.


   Our plan for the remainder of March is to visit several of the surrounding churches in this area as we have done before in other areas. Our goal being to acquaint the pastors and congregations of the ever present need for Gospel preaching churches on the reservations of the Southwest. As the Lord gives opportunity to speak we are excited to do so.


   As April approaches we plan to make our way to Arizona in time for Easter and our annual IBIMI Missions Retreat this year on the Yavapai Apache Reservation in Camp Verde. Gary and Bev Messick are hosting this year and we look forward to seeing a large majority of our missionary families plus some of the evangelists, pastors and winter laborers that have been such a great part of our lives and ministry.


   Early May we plan to return to Pensacola for the graduation of our granddaughter Kara. She will have her elementary education degree and anticipating a June wedding.

We return to Mesa after graduation, do some doctor visits, attend the wedding then make plans for summer and fall. We have several options, but will see where the Lord directs.


   We are very thankful for the health and stamina the Lord has given us and do not take it for granted. We are well aware of age and physical limitations, but are so grateful the Lord still has ministry and service for us.                                                                                                         


   Thank you to so many who sent cards, called and sent gifts for Christmas even though we have no permanent address. (Note temporary in letterhead)

In His love and ours,

Dave and Becky DeFord II Cor. 4:3

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Grammer February 2018

Feb. 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
The Bible School classes for this semester are on Christology/the doctrine of Christ.  We have students that are taking the class for credit and others that are auditing.  One of the students brought her mother-in-law to class one Sunday evening.  The topic for that particular class was “Why did Christ have to die?”  Salvation was clearly explained and the students were told that it was simple and to pray a prayer such as this…  A voice was heard quietly repeating that prayer and after Class, when asked, the mother-in-law admitted that she had prayed that prayer and accepted Christ!  The class was for the training of Believers and equipping them to serve.  But God used it to add another member to the family of God.  Thank you for your prayers.
(Included are some pictures taken and sent to us during one of the classes.  We thought you might enjoy them.)
We have had a lot of flu going around here in AZ and hearing it is hitting all across the country.  When we were traveling to the San Carlos Apache Reservation for their Sweetheart Banquet, we were called and informed that the Banquet had to be cancelled because so many had the flu.  We still had Sunday services with them though many were still out sick, as well as a meeting with some of their teens.
The next Sunday, Sam woke up not feeling well and we were afraid it might be the flu.  It was interesting to see God’s hand in it all.  When we called to let them know he wouldn’t be able to teach that night, we found that during the week, the power company was putting in a new pole and hit their sewer line so neither the church nor the parsonage had any plumbing.  Classes had to be canceled.  It was a good time for resting up and by the next day, Sam was very much improved.  Thankfully it wasn’t the flu!!
Janet and Helen had scheduled a visit to the nursing home that following week and we did postpone it so that we wouldn’t be bringing in any viruses or flu bugs to the residents.  Hopefully, the health of the general public will improve and we can start more regular visits again.
Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer    

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Veldhuis February 2018

Veldhuis February 2018 Prayer Update

Dear Co-laborers In Christ,

            Despite the many regretful delays with this update, fruit since our October letter has been too substantial to overlook thanking our great Jehovah-jireh or you for each victory.

            “God is able to make all grace abound toward you that ye always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work” (II Corinthians 9:8).

            Phenomenal provisions from many of you and all three Yuma supporting churches for our October 26-28, 2017 Native Revival miraculously surpassed our daily needs and met each evangelist’s hundreds of miles’ travel expenses.

            The spiritual fruit of new inroads into the extremely traditional May and San Diego families and the assurance of salvation of 30 year old Alex was enriched by the means of finishing major car repairs for our farthest driving couple.

            How grateful we were for Heritage Baptist Church and so many of your gifts for a totally unimaginable prepaid vacation on the San Diego Bay, Nov. 6-9, 2017! Your humbling magnanimous recognition of our 26th anniversary of Cocopah work recharged us for December’s grueling load and enabled us to complete mammoth longstanding church driveway and vehicle repairs while packing some 300 bags of fruit and tracts. P.T.L. for rewarding otherwise forbidden door to door distribution of these “gift bags” with well attended evangelistic Christmas and New Year services and new church pick-ups.

           PRAY for eternal fruit through Bible studies and church services as well as through Jacob and Lydia’s new 36 mile round trip route for youth night pickups. Pray that individual weekly Bible studies with some eleven teens will bring true saving faith and maturity to even those seriously damaged by parental substance abuse or blinded by the most pagan, satanic, traditional deceptions (II Corinthians 4:3 &4).

            God’s hand was definitely on Jacob and Lydia January 25th, 2018 as they drove 200 miles and led early thirties Lydia B. and her cousin, “Pumpkin” to faith in Christ in front of unsaved family members prior to Lydia’s potentially fatal brain surgery that day. PRAY for Lydia B.’s health and both of their growth.

            Jacob and Lydia’s additional non church times with Cocopah youth contributed both to winning teens and increasing their own burden to reach the entire nation. They are to be commissioned in September to join our mission and begin deputation toward working fulltime with us. Pray for wisdom and safety throughout deputation, as Lydia’s lung diseases are manageable at Yuma’s near sea level elevation but quickly decompensate without oxygen in the cold or at even a couple thousand feet.

            Dangerous driving conditions and constant close contact with carriers of Hepatitis C, MRSA, Tuberculosis, and other diseases make your prayers for each of our health that much more critical. P.T.L. for getting me through another year’s strict C.D.L. medical tests as you PRAY for Dawn’s bronchitis, Betty’s spinal arthritis, Felipe’s neuro/cardiac needs, Chris and others’ mental health needs, and Lyetha and Roxanna’s safe baby deliveries.

            We can’t thank you enough for your grace in so faithfully enabling and praying for our Lord’s Native work when we are so delinquent in updating you.


  • Jacob and Lydia’s new North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club and steps to join our mission.
  • 50 year old Joe’s survival from septic appendicitis and second chance to grow in Christ.
  • Reconnection and follow up of relocated foster children of all ages.
  • Successful treatment of all church building corrosion from our 2015 flood.


  • Comfort and spiritual needs of the Davis family after 38 year old Anthony’s death.
  • No tragedies from this month’s huge annual cash casino disbursements.
  • New individual adult Bible studies with Adolfo, Darren, Darnel, Eric, Joe, and others.
  • Ability to install church yard lights purchased fall 2017.
  • Illumination and salvation of mentally limited or spiritually blinded souls.
  • Pre-Easter revival meetings at Maranatha Baptist Church and our own Resurrection Sunday services.
  • Preparations for summers Neighborhood Bible Time and camp ministries.

                                    Gratefully Yours In Christ,

               Michael and Dawn Veldhuis

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Messick January 2018


Happy is He that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God.” Psalm 146: 5

Dear Friends and Family,

In our Christmas letter, we were looking forward to the ladies Christmas party, the Christmas play and our family Christmas.

Nine ladies enjoyed a great evening at the party hosted by Naomi, and her devotions were a blessing and challenge.

The children did well presenting the Christmas play “The Christmas Story,” and we were pleased to have several visitors in attendance.

How we loved our Christmas celebration with our kids, grandkids and Gary’s brother, Jack. We’re so thankful for every minute we have together, but the only downside was that the time passed much too quickly!

God continues to use people to bless His work at Living Waters Baptist Church. Once again, Don & Patty Beebout from Shariton, Ia. spent a few days of their time to help with work projects. You may recall that last January a building was erected that is a combination teen boy’s classroom and storage shed. While Beebouts were here, the men were able to get the electrical wiring run, insulation and drywall hung. Patty helped Naomi & Bev organize another storage area, decorate for the Valentine’s Banquet, and even get some decorations made for VBS. We also enjoyed a lot of good fellowship with these dear folk. Praying God will richly bless them for their labors.

Prayer Requests:

*Parents to not just send their children to church, but have a desire to come with them

*Our Valentine’s Banquet

*Salvation of several children and adults

*Need for another van or mini bus as we are consistently running 15 to 20 children on Sunday and Wednesday evenings


We thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf. Our Lord is so loving and faithful to meet our every need. May He find us all “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.”

In Him,

Gary & Bev

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Grammer January 2018

January 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,

The Lord has given us another year.  We are truly thankful for His hands on us this past year and allowing us to be a part of His plan.

Now that the holidays are past, we are slowly getting back into our routine.  Sam’s Bible School classes have started up once again.  It was good to see the students again and most of them were present for the first class of the year.

Janet and Helen have begun visiting the local nursing home again.  Helen is recovering, but slowly, from her wrist and elbow surgery.   As a young girl, Helen had polio which has left her with a life of physical struggles.  Yet she continues to use her life to serve the Lord and is an encouragement to those who know her.  We are thankful for her help in these visits with her interpreting for the Navajo ladies we see there.  (Janet also babysits for a local Ladies’ Bible Study which is starting at the end of this month.)

Next month, we are scheduled to be with an Apache church for a week-end, to speak to a Couple’s Banquet and also a youth meeting.  Pray with us for the travel as well as the time spent together in God’s Word with them.

We are experiencing a very dry winter.  We tell our eastern friends that they stole our snow.  Since we are considered “high mountain desert”, the snow up on the Peaks are an important source of our water, even in the summer months.  Pray with us for some snow or rain soon.

We have found the period between New Year’s and Easter to be a bit slower pace and try to take advantage of the time to rest up before the busy summer, fall and winter schedules hit us.  Already, our calendar is marked for spring and summer activities.  Pray that we use the time wisely as we spend time just studying and preparing.

Thank you to each of you that pray for us and give so that we can remain in our ministry among the American Indian people.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer                         

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