Sondergaard August 2018

Dear Family and Friends:

First Peter 3:15 tells us to be “ready always.” These two words have the sense of readiness for action before the opportunity ever comes. Throughout this month, I have been challenged by the example of many people who were taking advantage of opportunities God gave them to share the Gospel. Oh, that God’s people would be “ready always” to tell others of the good news of Jesus Christ!
After a month of deputation travel, we returned home one week ago. God was gracious and allowed us to travel over 6000 miles without accidents or problems with our van. We saw God bless each meeting and use His Word in the hearts of many people. Along the way we had meetings in six churches (2 in Iowa, 3 in Indiana, and 1 in Missouri). We were also able to visit four solid churches for midweek services when we didn’t have scheduled meetings.

Our first meeting was on a Wednesday evening in Marshalltown, Iowa. The next day at church while Naomi was outside washing windows and Paul was repairing a door, we received several alerts on our phones for tornado warnings. Moments later we watched an EF3 tornado tear through town causing tremendous damage.
After visiting several churches in a short time, we were impressed by the creative ways people took advantage of opportunities to reach the world with the Gospel. One church had their Sunday morning service at the county fair (where many unsaved heard the Gospel). Another church has a group of people who meet every Tuesday morning to assemble Bibles that are shipped around the world. We were able to join them in assembling several hundred Spanish Gospel of Johns. Other churches used their opportunities with an addictions ministry, an outreach in the city park for children, and Bible studies held in homes each week. What a challenge to think of the opportunities God gives us every day to share the Gospel with others.

We praise the Lord for many of you we met for the first time. It felt like we met friends at each church. We were greatly encouraged when so many of you promised to pray as we serve the Lord here.
We are thankful for Pastor Gary and Bev Messick for their faithfulness while we were gone. Each week we were encouraged to hear how people were coming and being taught from God’s Word.
This past Sunday, Rachel was able to come to church for the first time since her leg amputation. She was in great spirits and gave testimony to how she has drawn closer to the Lord through the experience. She told how she is reading her Bible more now and is already in Ezekiel. Simon (her son), Marquina, and Kelley brought her (all of whom are unsaved).

The day after we left on our trip, one of the men in the church passed away. Bob and Patti have been a faithful part of the church for about three years. Thankfully he had a testimony of salvation and was a consistent example of serving the Lord. Please pray for this Saturday when we will be having a service for him.
Children fed the goats near one of the churches.

• Safety and great meetings on our deputation trip
• The great encouragement and blessing so many were on our trip
• Several first-time visitors again lately
• God’s provision for our family in many ways
Prayer Requests:
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Brendan and Danielle – faithfulness
• Rachel: continued healing, testimony before her family
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children
• Comfort and wisdom for Patti after Bob passed away

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Messick July 2018

JULY 2018

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;” Psalm 63:1

Greetings from not-quite-so dry Arizona!

Yes, we are so grateful that the refreshing monsoon rains have finally arrived. We have been in severe drought conditions for several months, so we are praying we might see some more thirst-quenching showers for our parched land.

The Lord has also been faithful to send a refreshing shower of blessings. We mentioned in our last letter that Shea Dobish, a student at Ambassador Baptist College, came to fulfill her eight weeks of internship. We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing her out our way. What a tremendous help she has been, and her sweet fellowship was an added bonus! We’re asking God to bless her abundantly for her servant’s heart and to guide her in her future plans.

Paul and Naomi and children are in the Midwest for a short time of deputation work. They report that meetings have gone well, and that they have met some very nice folk along the way. Please pray for their support needs and for safety in their travels.

July had five Sundays, so our church hosted the 5th Sunday fellowship night. There were two other churches in attendance totaling around 50. We were blessed to have Dr. Charles Serrett from Ambassador speak for the service.

July was not without some sadness. First, Bob Mell, one of our faithful, passed away quite unexpectedly. Please remember his wife, Patty during this time.

Then, we would appreciate your prayers in behalf of Bev’s family in the tragic loss of her great-niece, Amanda, her husband, and eight-year old daughter. Our hearts are heavy, but it is a great comfort to know they loved the Lord and are safe in His loving arms.

We are grateful for your faithful support of the work here and would ask that you remember to pray for the above mentioned requests and for us all throughout this month.

In His Service,

Gary & Bev

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Grammer July 2018

July 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

Summers are always full for opportunities to serve the Lord and this year has been no exception.
The month of July started with a funeral on the Navajo Reservation.  The man was from a family that observed the old Navajo traditions.  However, they informed the daughter that since she was “next in kin”, it would be up to her to make the funeral arrangements.  Amaya is a Christian and desired a Christian burial and Sam was asked to preach since he was her pastor while we were serving in Page, AZ.  It was a small gathering, but there were several that responded when an invitation to accept Christ as Saviour was given! She had been nervous about the response of the family so was excited to see their reaction to the Gospel. Only God knows the hearts, but it was a joy to see Him working.  Thank you for your prayers and support that allows us to be here and be a part of this ministry.

The very next day after the funeral, we were at the Navajo Family Bible Conference held here at the El Nathan Camp Grounds in Flagstaff.  We have worked with them for several years but the past few years we have been scheduled to be away during their conference and our help was limited to coordinating the Bible Study schedules so that the Navajo and English sessions would be similar.  This year, Sam taught the English classes each morning and evening for the week.  The theme was the armor of God and we had a great time with them in God’s Word.
This annual camp is like a family reunion for us as we get to visit with several that we helped to train and are now serving in various churches on the Navajo Reservation.  One man came up to an older Navajo pastor (one of our former students) and stated that this was his “father”.  This was the man who led him to Christ.   Once again, thank you for having a part in helping us train these men.

This week, Janet has been helping a local church here in Flagstaff with their VBS program.   It is nice to just be a helper and not have the responsibilities or organizing the program.  She was glad to be able to help, but especially to have that alone time with girls that want to know how to be saved.  If you have ever been able to pray with someone as they accept Christ as their Saviour, you know the thrill of seeing God at work.
Coming up this next month, we will be celebrating 50 years of marriage together!  It is great to spend your life with a partner that prays and serves right along beside you and we thank God for bringing us together and keeping us together.

Right after our anniversary, another trip to Alaska is being planned.  This time, we will have a group of volunteers from North Carolina to help with more work on the Thorne Bay Christian Radio project.  Please be praying for this ministry.  Here are some specific ways you can pray with us:
    *Safety for all the summer workers-both in travel and while in Alaska
    *Electricity to be made available by the local power company
(The cost for us to bring in the electric would be around $25,000 and the responsibility of repairing a power outage would be our cost rather than the electric company.)
    *That the building would soon be ready for occupancy and the right man to keep the station up and running
    *That God would continue to keep the property safe from vandals, weather and/or animal damage
    *That the radio programs would reach many with the Gospel message
    *That God would provide the $3,000 need for the insulation costs

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer   

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Sondergaard July 2018

Dear Family and Friends:

“For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God” (Heb 6:7). Throughout the Bible, rain illustrates God giving or withholding blessing. We have had an unusually dry year and now face strict fire restrictions. We are thankful the late summer rains have begun giving much needed relief from extreme drought. More than a refreshing rain in a dry desert, we need God refreshing His people with His blessing. Oh, that God’s rains of revival might refresh our churches and homes!

Thank you for praying for our Vacation Bible School. This year the theme was on faith from the life of Noah. Paul finished the week with a chalk drawing illustrating Noah believing God’s faithful promise. Each night we had about 20 kids—some for the first time. Several responded to the Bible lessons.
After VBS, nine kids from the reservation went to Junior Camp at West Branch. We are thankful for the truths they heard and the responses from tender hearts. Three of the children raised their hands for salvation and others made decisions. One of the girls has faithfully come to church since then.

Thank you for praying for Brendon and Danielle. While they express a determination and excitement to be at church, they do need encouragement for faithfulness. After our trip, we hope to begin discipling this family. Danielle came to Bible study this week and asked some thoughtful questions.

We are very thankful Shea came to help us this summer. It has been a blessing to have her help with VBS, go with the kids to camp, and ride the church van when picking up on the reservation. She has been such a help to all of us and will be a great help to Mrs. Bev while we are gone on deputation. Please pray that God will provide for her needs at Ambassador Baptist College. On July 31, she will travel home to visit her family and then to Ambassador for her last year of college.

Please be in prayer as we plan on leaving early next week to visit several churches in the Midwest to share the burden and needs of the ministry here. We will be visiting churches in Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. Please pray that we might be a blessing and help to each church we visit. We have a couple openings for Midweek services, so if you know of a church we can visit, please let us know.

• Both children and adults who responded to Bible truths at VBS and Camp
• Several first-time visitors again lately
• Faithfulness of a new couple – Danielle and Brendan
• Good attendance and participation at Ladies Bible Study
• God’s provision for our family in many ways
• Two more churches scheduled in Indiana
Prayer Requests:
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Rachel: more infection after her leg amputation
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children
• Deputation trip: July 16 through August 13

All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, and Aletheia and baby __?

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Grammer June 2018

June  2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
As you are receiving this letter, Sam and Steve DeFord, our mission director, are traveling.  They are driving up with a pickup loaded with building supplies for this summer’s volunteer workers from North Carolina that are planning on coming in August.  Some of these supplies have been donated by individuals.   They will be stopping in Washington to add some donated electrical supplies before catching the ferry to Ketchikan and then another ferry to the Prince of Wales Island and then driving to Thorne Bay.  They plan to spend 2 days unloading and then flying home , leaving the pickup to be available for use this summer. Please continue to pray for their travel safety.
One Kids’ club from a supporting church wanted to help supply the installation kit for the wood stove.  At each of their weekly meetings, they brought their gifts.  Some even collected cans to recycle so that they could have something to give.   The check that they were able to send was twice what they had hoped !  The cards that they sent with the gift makes it hard to tell who got the greater blessing in this effort. Thank you, “Son-Shine Club”
Soon after returning to Flagstaff, Sam is scheduled to be the English speaker at the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship family camp here in Flagstaff.   This is always a good time of fellowshipping with other Believers and we are looking forward to it.  They have both morning and evening classes-so you can see that a lot of preparation is needed for the 8 day camp.  Pray for him (as well as the Navajo speakers and those working with the youth) to be clear as God’s Word is taught and that hearts will be challenged and encouraged with all of the sessions.  
  Thank you for your prayers for Helen, Janet’s visitation partner and interpreter in the local nursing home. She is now waiting for more tests and a hip replacement and recuperating at home. Pray also for Mary who has been filling in for Helen during this time.  She seems to be enjoying the ministry and seeing how God can use her.   These elderly ladies are excited whenever we show up and appreciate having someone sing the old hymns in Navajo with them.  That-Janet can do.  But conversation definitely needs an interpretation.
III John 4  “No greater joy have I that to hear that my children walk in truth.”
Earlier this month, we received a visit from a Navajo lady who stopped to spend the night in Flagstaff on her way to Phoenix, 150 miles south of us.  Lorena was one of our former Bible School students.  After graduation, she taught in a small Christian School on the Reservation and later joined   the local mission where she has been serving the Lord for over 20 years now.  We haven’t had contact with her for many years now and she wanted to stop and tell us thank you for the time spent in teaching and training her.  What an encouragement to us to hear how God has used her and of her faithfulness over the years!
I Cor. 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; forasmuch as  ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”
We trust you also find this encouraging.  Your financial gifts have made it possible for us
to  serve here in the Southwest.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts in this ministry that God has allowed us to have part in.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer   

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Sondergaard June 2018

Dear Family and Friends:
How much do you talk about salvation? Don’t forget “…it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…For therein is the righteousness of God revealed…” (Romans 1:16-17). May we never lose sight of what the Lord Jesus has done and will do because He went to the cross!
Please be in prayer for the ministry here this week. We will be having Vacation Bible School every night Monday through Thursday. The theme for this year is “Have Faith in God” and is based on the life of Noah.
Last week, we finished visiting every home on the Tunlii reservation to invite kids to VBS and invite adults to church. We had several good conversations and made several new contacts. Several ladies also showed interest in the Ladies Bible Study. Please pray for Jennifer, Shanday, Melissa (has a 4-year-old she wants to bring), Chris, Delores (Roman Catholic), Brooklyn, Aleah, Frank, Mary, Savannah, Stephen, and Monty. These are just some who received tracts and need salvation. Stephen was walking down the street, so we don’t have his address. He was recently released from prison and was able to hear the Gospel. Monty is a man in his 60’s who showed great interest in the Gospel. We plan on returning to his house after VBS. Many of the people we talked to are related to, or at least are friends with, some of our church members.
Next week, nine of our church kids will be going to West Branch for junior camp. Evangelists Tim Thompson and Troy Carlson will be preaching. Please pray that the kids will be tender to the preaching they hear. Every year some of them make decisions in response to the work God does in their hearts.
In the last two weeks we had a visit from all of Naomi’s family. They were a blessing and tremendous help in many ways: baking over 70 cookies for VBS, helping invite people to church, and making song and verse visuals for VBS. Naomi’s Aunt Pat and her grandparents (who are both in their 90’s) also came from California. The three of them are all unsaved (so please continue praying for their salvation). On Wednesday night they came to church and Paul gave a short message from Psalm 139 on the truth that we cannot hide from God. Paul sensed God leading while preaching and emphasized salvation in a way he had not planned. Afterward, Pat asked, “Don’t they ever talk about anything else?” She mentioned two other Baptist churches she’d been to this year and said, “They all say the same thing!” We are thankful for God allowing them to hear the Gospel again.
Please pray for Brendon and Danielle. They have two young boys. Here is a family who recently moved to the area and seem intent on coming to church. We are excited with the possibility that with some discipleship they seem ready to grow and become a faithful part of the church here. Please pray for them. While we anticipate what God can do, we also realize the destruction Satan will try to accomplish in their hearts.
In our last letter we asked for prayer for Rachel due to the removal of her foot. She did not heal properly and her leg to her knee was removed. When we visited her in the hospital she was very encouraged. She told how, when the pain was more than she could handle, she learned that by trusting the Lord, God gave her the peace she needed. She rejoiced in the strength and help she found in God. We left her with some good music and preaching on CD to help keep her mind on the Lord.
• Good responses to tracts on the reservation
• First-time visitors: Frank & Susy, Brendon & Danielle, Cliff & Cheryl
Prayer Requests:
• One complete family to become a part of our church
• Rachel: complications with diabetes; foot removed and recovering.
• Sharon (and other ladies) to come to Ladies Bible Study
• Spiritual protection and growth for our children.
• VBS: June 18-21
• Junior Camp: June 25-30
• Deputation trip: July 16 through the beginning of August.
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, and Aletheia and baby __?

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Veldhuis Summer 2018

Veldhuis Summer 2018 Prayer Update

            “Brethren, pray for us that the word of the Lord may have free course and be glorified…and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men.”(II Thess. 3:1&2)

            Sparse correspondence on our part since the February update reflects the intervening months’ relentless Cocopah challenges rather than our utter dependence on your prayers and our Lord’s conviction for any true lasting fruit. How encouraging your prayers are knowing the Holy Spirit “will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgement”(John 16:8) regardless of surface appearances.

            This is our trusted prayer as we strive to evangelize and disciple the many Cocopah who missed March, April, and May’s revivals along with the core Natives who attended them. Thank you Pastor Ulises for our youth revival March 8-9, Pastor Robinson for your Tim Green meetings March 29-31, and Pastor Doyel for our own May 6-8 revival!

            PRAY God will give life to the convicting seed sown each meeting and bear fruit to His glory in many more Native lives through ongoing witnessing, individual Bible studies, weekly services, and summer’s unique ministries. Sheer numbers cannot be our goal as too many professing individuals have failed to repent from demonic traditions or to show signs of transformation and growth.

            Such was evidently the case with Lydia B., “Pumpkin,” and their large extended family once over Lydia B.’s near death crisis. Many of even the more educated San Diego and May family members committed their souls firmly to unseen Christ-rejecting, sin denying, spirit guides after probing the Gospel through church visits or Bible studies.

            Nineteen and fifty year olds Chris M. and Joe C. are definite exceptions to this, as Chris and Joe both confess Jesus as Lord and Savior under the most trying circumstances. PRAY for both of their enormous health needs and testimonies in boarding school and on our reservations. Joe C. suffered a life-threatening head injury early June exercising and pushing too hard bringing friends to church so soon in his recovery from 3 “code blues” January-March 2018. 84 y.o. Joe H. and daughter, Mary are saved, faithful Hispanic attendees we’re blessed to help physically.

            This February I also took over the complete medical, financial, and caretaking responsibilities of disabled 68 y.o. Felipe. PRAY for wisdom and strength meeting this wonderfully saved but severely limited man’s numerous neurological, physical, and mental health needs secondary to a traffic accident and one year coma in 2001&2002.

            The prayers that saw the safe deliveries of diabetic Roxanna and Alex’s girl, Miracle, and Adolfo and Lyetha’s twins, Havoc and Adolfo Jr., are needed more than ever for both couples’ spiritual needs, marriage, and deliverance from substance abuse. P.T.L. 27 y.o. Vincent and Kayla returned to church and began rehab programs to break the drug abuse cycle in which they were raised and lead their four children God’s way!

            The first step to helping Natives find the path of the new birth and victory over sin often requires getting them off their reservation’s vortex of sin and pall of hopeless death. We thus write this note the eve of our week of Neighborhood Bible Time earnestly coveting your prayers for God’s power, protection, provisions, and fruit through the dangerous heat and challenges of the following summer ministries or needs:


  • Neighborhood Bible Time, June 17-22/2018.
  • Bill Rice West Branch Jr. Camp, June 25-29 and Teen Camp July 16-20.
  • Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp July 23-28.
  • Jacob and Lydia’s deputation meetings, June 17/’018-May 2019.
  • Lydia’s health
  • 63 year old Shirley’s well-being.
  • 28 year old paraplegic Jessica’s care since her 2017 accident.
  • The Serreno, Soto, and Thomas families’ return to the Lord.


  • No known deaths from this year’s casino payout.
  • New North Cocopah Reservation Bible Club
  • Jacob and Lydia’s acceptance into our mission.
  • Lydia’s recovery from her recent SIRS infection and subsequent hospital stay.

                 Sincerely In Christ,

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Messick May 2018

MAY 2018

Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things He hath done for you.” (I Samuel 12:24)

Dear Ones in Him,

The month of May was another busy one, but filled with blessings from the Lord, as well as some unexpected events!


We are so thankful that God provided the funds, allowing us to attend the graduation from Bible college of our grandson, Jake Tyson. This is JD and Jenny’s oldest son. We were able to spend five days with them and to make some wonderful memories as a family. Another special event occurred during that time. It happened to be Mother’s Day weekend, and for the first time in twenty-five years, Bev and Jenny got to spend it together!

Still more family fun!… Kirt & Elida’s sons, Joseph and Micah, turned nine and eight years old, and we enjoyed having them with us for a couple of days. Our six grandchildren bring much joy to our lives!


Gary was walking in our driveway near the house, he happened to look down, and not two ft. from him was a rattlesnake! He grabbed a hoe, killed it, skinned it and the skin is hanging on our wall!!

A couple of mornings later, he got up with much pain in his back and lower abdomen. A trip to emergency revealed he had a kidney stone. After it was passed, he felt fine, but decided those are two experiences he doesn’t care to repeat!


On June 5th, a student of Ambassador Bible College, Shea Dobish from Lanark, Ill., will be coming to do her summer internship. We are thankful to have her help while the Sondergaards are away for a time of deputation. Please pray for their safety and for the Lord’s guidance in raising needed support.

Your prayers would be much appreciated as we prepare for VBS June 18th – 21st .

Then our young people will head for Camp on June 25th at West Branch located at Williams, AZ. God knows the spiritual needs of each young person at VBS and camp. Please pray that through these programs hearts will be changed and Christians strengthened in their walk with the Lord.


Besides the ones mentioned above, we would covet your prayers for:

*The Sondergaards as they schedule deputation meetings, and for Paul’s health

*Rachel, who attends our church, as she had to have her leg removed below the knee

*That we would keep on serving the Lord with joy, with all our hearts and energy

Thank you for the great encouragement you are to us, your prayers and support of this ministry.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Grammer May 2018

May  2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
We had a special treat this month when 2 of our grandkids flew in for a visit.  Emily (20) had a layover in AZ for a couple of days as she was traveling to AK for a summer job.  She brought her cousin, Isaac (11), with her for an extra week’s visit.  Both of them enjoyed a trip into the Supai Canyon before Emily had to leave.  Isaac joined us the next week-end as we had meetings on the Navajo Reservation.  It was a joy to watch him help some of the men set up for the morning service, without being asked.  Later that evening, we were told that we needed to bring him back out when he grew up.  They really enjoyed him and he seemed to also enjoy the time with them.
Ps. 72:18 “Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to everyone that is to come.”
Grandparents-We still have a ministry, even in our later years, as we encourage the next generation that we have a great God worthy of serving.
Our calendar is filling up for the summer as camps, VBS programs and conferences are being scheduled.  One week-end, we had 3 different invitations to take part in their programs but had to sadly decline 2 of them and stay with the first invitation.  It is good to see God using us in His plan. We PRAY for more workers and were glad to watch 2 young couples join our mission group this past spring.  Even if you don’t carry the title of pastor or missionary, you have a role in God’s plan’ a place of service.  Ask Him how He wants to use you.
Before our next monthly letter, a trip is being planned to AK.  Sam and our mission director, Steve DeFord, are to take a 10 day trip to Thorne Bay to deliver a pick-up truck.  We have a volunteer group that are to come in mid-Aug, but by that time, the salmon will be running and that will greatly increase ferry and airline fees.  By traveling in June, we can take advantage of the lower rates.  We are driving and taking the ferries and then returning by plane.  PRAISE:  A large portion of the estimated costs for this trip have been supplied by various Indian men that want to see this radio station up and broadcasting.  This has been an encouragement to us as we see God supplying.  PRAY for wisdom while traveling that we don’t exceed estimated costs.  Also, PRAY for safety in travel; on the roads, in the water and in the air.
Continue to PRAY with us for Helen, Janet’s visitation partner and interpreter in the local nursing home.  She has continuing physical challenges, but also a determination to be used by God until He takes her home.  She has been a good example of faithfulness-in spite of hardships.
I Cor. 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; forasmuch as  ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

Thank you for your prayers and gifts in this ministry that God has allowed us to have part in.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer    

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DeFord May 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors,                                                              May 2018 update


   We are in Arizona now for about six weeks and will be able to get out an update on the last three months. It has been filled with travels and much activity.


   Our annual IBIMI Retreat in Camp Verde at Living Waters Baptist Church was a highlight as well as probably the best attended. Only two of our families were unable to attend. We were blessed by the preaching of Dr. Bill Rice III, encouragement from several long time Advisory Board members and recognition of Mission families with 25+ years of service.


We were all encouraged with the introduction and acceptance of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Jones (Lydia) as missionaries working with Veldhuis’s on the Cocopah Reservation near Yuma. Lydia is their daughter and obviously is well acquainted with the work there. This new family along with Paul and Naomi Sondergaard working with Messicks on the Yavapai/Apache Reservation are working on their deputation process throughout this summer and beyond. They are setting up meetings to present their respective areas of ministry. If you would like to be of help in any way in facilitating their needs, contact should be made with Steve DeFord, Director, or by contacting us. These two couples are a definite answer to prayers for younger families joining in reaching the Indian fields of the Southwest.


   While we were in Camp Verde for the retreat we stayed through the month of April at Living Waters and attended their services plus had the privilege of Becky speaking at their Mother/Daughter Banquet and David preaching the last Sunday of April.


   Four days following the retreat we received word that our Pastor, Dr. DeWayne Felber had passed to his heavenly home. He was one of those in attendance at the retreat. We were so glad to have been there with him and share in his last missions trip. We drove to Indianapolis along with Messicks to the funeral and returned back to Arizona within a week.


   May 4 we left Arizona and drove to Pensacola for our granddaughter Kara’s graduation. She is the 4th one of our ‘grands’ to graduate Bible college. She is to be married June 21 in Arizona and Papaw will be doing the service.


   Our plans for summer are incomplete at this time, but we would like to visit with Becky’s sister in Washington and visit with friends in Wyoming and Colorado before returning to Arizona in the Fall.


   We want to thank each of you who pray for us. We are so thankful for those who stand with us financially as well. We are enjoying the ministry the Lord has for us now in our later years. It is beyond our imagination at times to see what the Lord is doing. He is the God of the Impossible.



Safety in many miles of travel

Two new Mission families

Good health for both of us



Open doors to share the need for more workers

Travel safety

Dental and Dr. appts while in Az.


In His love and ours,

Dave and Becky DeFord II Cor. 4:3


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Sondergaards May 2018

Dear Family and Friends:

And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry; I Timothy 1:12

IBIMI Missions Retreat: Once every year our mission (IBIMI) meets together to share burdens and encourage one another. This year our church hosted the retreat. God had laid it on Pastor Messick’s heart to invite all our board members (see photo) including his sending pastor, Pastor Felber. Bill Rice III preached. Paul and Betty Hiscock presented their Sermon-in-Songs. And we enjoyed a train ride, a skit time, and lots of fellowship with one another.
Faithful Servants: We are thankful Pastor DeWayne Felber, though 91 years old, was able to come out for the retreat. It was through his faithful preaching for over forty years that God called many into full-time ministry – including the Messicks. Many sweet and tearful testimonies were shared praising God for the part Pastor Felber had in each of our lives. The retreat ended on April 7th and Pastor Felber returned home in Indiana on Monday, April 9th. On Wednesday night at his son’s church he shared how he was thankful the Lord allowed him to take the trip. The next morning, he was in the presence of the Lord Jesus. God’s timing was perfect. We’re thankful to have been a part of his last week here on earth.

The mission retreat was a special blessing to us as we saw our children interacting with missionaries and others who have served the Lord for so many years. It brought joy to our hearts that our children had so many examples of serving the Lord. Speaking of faithful servants, we just learned that on May 14th, Norman Johnston went home to be with the Lord. Brother Johnston was on our mission’s advisory board and led the mission’s department at Ambassador Baptist College. Paul took one of his classes when we were at Ambassador and he was a special blessing to our family.

Ladies Ministries: Near the end of April we had a mother/daughter banquet with the theme, “Be Still my Soul.” We invited several ladies to the banquet, but it was a great encouragement when some of the Native American ladies invited their own family and coworkers to the banquet. Often people respond to family and friends better, so we were encouraged to see the ladies serve the Lord in this way. Mrs. DeFord spoke on having a quiet time with God.

One of the ladies who came to the banquet expressed a desire to come to the Ladies Bible study. Because of her work schedule, she asked if we could move the Bible study an hour earlier. Pray that Sharon will start coming to Bible study as well as Sunday services!

Family Update: Recently, we began talking about purchasing homeschool curriculum for the upcoming school year. Looking at the cost, we hesitated. Naomi stopped at a garage sale and found boxes of Christian curriculum for 2nd through 6th grade. What a blessing to find several hundred dollars’ worth of needed books for only $50. Jehovah-Jireh – yes, God does provide!

Please pray as we prepare for a trip this summer. Lord willing, we will visit several churches in the Midwest to present the ministry. Knowing we would be gone for several weeks this summer we have been praying for help for the Messicks. Our prayer was for someone who could not only help with some of the responsibilities but also experience the unique challenges of ministry in the Southwest. Just over a month ago Brother Norman Johnston contacted the Mission and asked if any of the churches could use a student from Ambassador Baptist College. We were excited to see God answer a specific request. Please pray for Shea as she helps primarily with the ladies and kids this summer.

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