Grammer May 2017

May 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
Last month we spent 2 weeks away from Arizona.  During that time we were able to visit with 4 of our supporting churches; 3 in NY and 1 in PA.  One was a Hunters’ Banquet, an evangelistic outreach event at one of our churches and 2 decisions for restoration of fellowship that night.  Two of them were on Easter Sunday and the 4th was a 5 day Missions Conference.  We were busy the entire time and truly enjoyed the visiting- but glad to be back home.
This month, Sam was invited to join some men on a fishing trip in Utah.  These 5 men and their pastor are from the First Baptist Church in Tuba City where we ministered for many years.  What a good time of fellowship.  Serving our Lord doesn’t always mean “sacrifice”!
When he has time, Sam also does some saddle-making and leatherwork to help with our expenses.  We have found that any activity that we are involved in can open up doors of opportunities to witness.  Just recently, a man came for some leatherwork and began to share some personal problems in his life and the Gospel was presented to him.  He even came back the next day to visit some more.  The seed was planted and we are praying he will come to Christ.
Coming up in June, there is another opportunity in Tuba City where they are having a “horse camp” for a couple of days and Sam has been asked to come and share some leather craft information as well as saddle-fitting tips.  This is not a Christian endeavor but we are praying that he can speak of the Lord to some that he meets during that time
                We have a grand-daughter who is coming for a week the first of June.  Bela is only 12 and will be flying alone.  Pray for a safe flight for her and for Bela, Mom and Grandmom to not be anxious.  We are all looking forward to this special time together.
In early July, Sam will be driving up to catch the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK and then transfer to the Prince of Wales ferry to the Island.  He has a cargo trailer that he has been busy filling with tools and the equipment needed for the construction. This will then be used for  transportation of the supplies once in Alaska.
We have been in contact with a local man who has been cutting the lumber needed for the project and it looks like it will all be ready in time for the arrival of the 6 men from NC who will be flying up to help construct the exterior of the building.
Please pray with us for the following:
#1-The travel fees for the truck and trailer (gas & ferries)-approximately $6,500
#2-For all the materials (lumber, windows, metal roofing, septic tank…) to be available
                as needed
#3-Wisdom in using the available funds and that they will be sufficient
#4-Safety for all- both in travel and during the construction
#5-Good weather so the construction can be completed before the men have to
                fly home
                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
 In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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April 2017 Messick’s

Dear ones in Christ,

“God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to Me!”

The words of this chorus so well describe all that God has done and continues to do at Living Waters Baptist Church. In March we saw many times the goodness of our Great God!

*God in His goodness has brought new folk out to services.
One Sunday, a couple walked over a mile to church with three little boys. After services, while
Bev was teaching the children’s church, Naomi had the joy of leading the lady to a saving
knowledge of Christ, Paul counseled with the man, and Gary lead a teen boy to Christ! What a
blessing to see God working in hearts. Naomi has started an in-home Bible study with the lady.

A lady from the San Carlos Reservation has come to our reservation to care for her sister who
recently had back surgery. She drove by on a Saturday, and saw the church and has been
faithfully coming to services since and is bringing her sister, as well!

*God in His goodness blesses us with sweet times of fellowship.
Evangelist Bill Rice spoke at our church for a Sunday night service, and we enjoyed having he
and his wife, Mary, stay overnight at our home.

It was so good to also have Bev’s nephews and their wives, Allen & Terri Collier and Steve and
Becky Delph from Indiana visit us for a week.

Another time of fellowship was spent with our fellow IBIMI missionaries at our annual mission
retreat, held this year in San Diego, CA. What a blessing to hear reports from each missionary as
to how God has been working in their ministries, to share praises as well as prayer requests.

*And again, we are so thankful that God in His goodness sent Paul & Naomi as
fellow-laborers in the work here.
Paul is teaching adult Sunday School class and preaching one Sunday am service and one
Sunday pm service each month, and he and Naomi have the kids class on Wednesday nights.
Naomi is teaching the the teen girls’ class, and her twice – monthly Bible study lessons have been
a great blessing to the ladies.

Pray as Bev and Naomi will be taking several ladies to the West Branch Spring Getaway later in April
For the spiritual growth of the two recently saved
For Paul & Naomi as they make plans to go out for a time of deputation

Your praying and giving have been a huge encouragement to us. Thank you for coming alongside; we are grateful for you and to you!

In Him,
Gary & Bev

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March 2017 Grammer’s

March/April 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,

This past month, while visiting at the nursing home, Janet and Helen had a new visitor to our devotional time. Juanita is a new patient there and found a childhood friend who was one of our regular gals. Please pray with us for Juanita’s salvation. Just before going to visit, we had agreed that the day’s Bible lesson would be “the woman at the well”. We didn’t know, but God did, that a salvation message would be needed. We try to encourage these Christian ladies that God hasn’t forsaken them and to remain faithful and not give in to depression.

We would also ask you to pray with us for Sally. She lives with family and we try to stop by her home and sing and pray with her after visiting in the nursing home. Sally’s husband, was faithfully serving the Lord as a pastor until taken home to Heaven. Not long afterwards, Sally suffered a brain tumor and stroke and is now confined to her bed and has limited speech. Both Sally and Gordon were former students of Sam when teaching at the Bible School, years ago.

Pray for us as we have had several counseling opportunities this past month. It is exciting to see God working in lives. Pray for wisdom to know how to encourage and help in each situation.

In a couple of weeks we will be flying back to New York for a Missions Conference. While there, we will be able to visit with 3 more of our supporting churches, including a Christian Hunter’s Banquet. Please be praying for our travel as well as the meetings.

Continue to pray with us for the Mt Eldon Bible Conference coming up in July. Though Sam will not be available to speak this year, he has helped them organize the materials for the conference and we are praying for them as they prepare.

Continue to pray with us for the Alaskan trip to complete the exterior construction for the cabin for the radio station. (1)- Safety in travel and during construction for Sam and the Christian volunteers (2)-materials to be available (3)-construction to be completed before the men have to fly home (4)-Wisdom in using the funds available so they will be sufficient (5)-weather to be convenient for building.

Once again, thank you for your prayers, as well as your gifts!
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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March 2017 Steve DeFord

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Col. 1:16-17

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of the ministry among the native Americans. Forty years ago Mom and Dad packed up us boys and headed west to begin ministering among the Navajo. God has proven Himself faithful day after day.

During the past several weeks He has again blessed here at Hualapai Baptist Church. In February Evangelist Andy Gleiser and his family were with us for a week of special meetings. Brother Andy has been here a few times now. And we were again blessed by his ministry in the Word and in song. The highlight of the week was when one young man accepted Christ as his Saviour. Several gave testimony of how God used the messages in their lives and how they have appreciated watching Brother Andy grow in the ministry.

Please pray for another man who received Christ a couple of weeks ago. He has struggled with a number of issues during his life. We are hopeful he will be admitted to the Reformers Unanimous House in Rockford, Ill. He has a great desire to know God’s deliverance from addiction and oppression. We have many obstacles to overcome, but know God is able to bring him true deliverance.

A quick trip to the east coast gave me an opportunity to see our son, Josh, and to stop through Indianapolis and report to one of our supporting churches.

We are reminded that Christ created all things and He is in control of all things. This knowledge gives us the faith and courage to continue on for as many years as our precious Lord chooses to give us. And we look forward to taking that journey with your faithful prayers and support.

For God’s Glory,
Steve De Ford

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Feb 2017 Messick

Dear Ones in Him,

Recently, Naomi, our Youth Pastor’s wife, sang a special in our Morning Worship Service titled, “No Time for the King of Kings.” The words of the first verse and chorus are:

“Is the Christ crowded out of your busy life,
with the toiling that each day brings?
with the strain and the stress of the cares that press,
You’ve no time for the King of Kings.
No time for the King of Kings,
No time for the King of Kings;
Yet for business and pleasure you always find time,
But no time for the King of Kings.”

This was such a good reminder that it is easy to be distracted by the busyness of the day, and must ask God to keep our focus on Him rather than the “good things” that need to be accomplished. Yes, those “good things” need to be done, but not at the cost of time with our Lord. Balancing those is always important. Please pray that we would keep priorities where they need to be in our personal walks with Him.

The end of January and month of February was one of those extra busy times. As we mentioned in our last letter, we were so blessed as God sent volunteer workers – Pastor Bud & Connie Wells and Don, Leslie & Cameron Otto from Wyoming; and Don & Patty Beebout and Greg Sommar from Iowa to help construct a 12 X 16 ft. building that will be divided for use as a teen boys’ classroom and for storage. The 20 X 30 ft. cement slab they poured will be used for VBS and fellowship activities. We praise God for these dear folk and for His provision, allowing this to become a reality! The building has inside work to be finished, and a roof will need to be added to the slab for shelter.

Naomi has started a teen girls’ Sunday School class, and she hosted a party to launch it. Bev helped, and the girls really had a good time. Would you join us in praying for wisdom for Naomi, and for the spiritual needs of these girls, that they would desire to please and glorify God in their walk with Him. Paul wants to begin a teen boys class soon.

Next came our Valentine’s Banquet with twenty-one in attendance. Pastor Randy Miller of Northland Baptist Church in Flagstaff brought a very timely and challenging message, there were fun games, good fellowship, and a great time was enjoyed by all.

*Salvation – Leanne, Michael, Cicily, Darrel, Kito
*Teen Classes
*Several needing victory over addictions

We consider it a privilege to serve our God at Living Waters Baptist Church; He has been so good and kind! Thank you for praying for the work here.

Love in Him,
Gary & Bev

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Feb 2017 Grammer

February 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
            Early this month, we had 3 snow storms hit, one right after another, leaving us with 37 inches of snow.  Just beautiful!  But not good driving weather.  After the snow, we had several days of very warm weather and though it made the snow disappear, it replaced it with mud! We did get out on the Navajo Reservation once this month and had to leave behind paved road and returned home with about a pound of clay and sand stuck to our feet.
            However, though not traveling out of town much, we have used the time to prepare for future ministry.  Each summer, the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship holds a week-long conference here in Flagstaff at a campground at the base of Mt. Eldon.  We have helped with this conference for several years now.  Though Sam won’t be able to be one of the English speakers this year, he is again preparing an outline for the speakers to follow.  This allows both English and Navajo sessions to follow the same study and also helps the speakers know what is to be covered for other speakers and avoids repetition on materials.   The leaders have chosen the topic to be the “Fruit of the Spirit” for this summer’s study.
In July, at the same time that the Mt. Eldon conference will be starting, Sam will be leaving Flagstaff to head for Alaska.  He will be driving to Seattle and taking the ferry to Ketchikan and then another ferry to the Prince of Wales Island.  He will be pulling a trailer so that he can take up needed tools and equipment for the work and also provide transportation to and from the site.  The cost of travel by ferries will be approximately $6,000 because of adding the trailer.
There are at present, 6 men that will be joining him for a week to install the septic tank and erect the exterior walls.  Please pray with us for safety and completion of the work.  We really don’t want the outside walls to be partially completed and then deteriorate by being exposed to the weather.
 Pray with us for the needed costs for the construction.  A local Christian man with a lumber business in the area has offered to supply the needed lumber and the septic is estimated at $6-7,000.  Pray also that the materials will be available during the same period that our workers are available.
Once again, thank you for your prayers, as well as your gifts!
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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