Grammer August 2021

August 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,

This is the last day of August so by the time you get this letter, it will be the month of September!  Sorry for being so late this month, but August has been a busy time.

As we mentioned in our last letter, Sam made 2 trips to Thorne Bay, Alaska this summer.  The first trip was in preparation for the volunteer work crew coming from N. Carolina.  After a few days at home and celebrating our 53rd anniversary, it was back to Thorne Bay and some serious building. 

The group from NC consisted of 7 men that accomplished much.  An addition was put up that will house all the rooms needing plumbing (kitchen, bathroom and laundry).  The 4 walls were put up and metal roofing put on so it is closed in for the winter.  Please continue to pray with us for electric to the property so that we won’t have to rely on generator power.

Janet is still able to get into the nursing homes for visitation but new restrictions have been put in place as the COVID cases have been increasing in our area.  Please pray for these ladies that don’t understand all that is going on in our present society and feel forgotten and abandoned. These are their last days but since God hasn’t taken them home yet, He must still have plans to use them.  The goal is to encourage them to continue to spend time in God’s Word and to be a witness to other residents and workers.  We are limited in contact to only those we personally know and only by appointment and for a set time period.  But the residents can interact and share the Word of God and need for salvation to others living with them. Pray specifically for Rosie and Merrie who have faithfully served the Lord for years and are now struggling with these old bodies.

The Northern Arizona School of the Bible began this week through Nov. 22.  This year, Sam is privileged to be teaching Bible Doctrine I & NT Survey. We have yet to hear about the Dine Bible Institute and when they will be able to begin to gather again on the Navajo Reservation.  Thank you for your prayers.  Your financial support helps pay our bills so that we can continue to serve in this way.  You are so appreciated.  Thank you.

We received many cards from many of you for our anniversary, as well as Janet’s birthday a week later.  Thank you for remembering us in this way. It was encouraging.  (Note- We can surmise what church you attend from your address, but would like to have more than your first name to identify you and sometimes there is no name in the address and only a first name when you sign it.  Thanks)

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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Steve DeFord August 2021

July:August 2021

Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support of the Lord’s work among the American Indians.

The busy summer activities are drawing to close now, but we were truly blessed during the months of July and August. Missionary candidate Josh Zacharias to Australia helped Steve with projects around the house and church including painting the church sign with a fresh coat of linseed oil the week of July Forth.

Our annual IBIMI missionary retreat was in Scottsdale, AZ the last weekend of July. Advisory board member, Dr. Tim Zacharias (no relation to Josh) was our guest speaker. All of our Arizona based missionaries were able to attend at least part of the retreat and everyone was encouraged through the teaching ministry of Dr. Z. Please, continue to pray with us that more people would answer the call to Native missions. We are thankful that one new family has made application to IBIMI.

Sherry began what we plan to be her last year of teaching in mid- August. She has the same three students she had last year who are now in K5, first, and third grade. Including the time she spent teaching our own children, Sherry has been teaching over 30 years! A highlight of the past two months was a baptismal service August 22. A family in our church has been raising their children and fostering three others. Mom has lead two of them to Christ while Steve and Sherry each lead another to the Lord. Seeing all four baptized in the horse trough was a thrill for us all!

We are formulating plans for an extended road trip next fall to report to supporting churches, attend our annual IBIMI retreat, and raise additional needed support. However, in order to make the trip we need dependable transportation. We are looking to purchase a Honda Pilot or similar vehicle to pull a Winnebago Micro Mini or similar camper. We estimate the total cost for a reliable used outfit to be in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $40,000. If you would like to contribute to this need please send your gift to the finance office at: 2406 Main St., Keokuk, IA 52632 designated to the DeFord transportation fund.

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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Grammer July 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
Last month, we told you about the wild fires in our area that put us in the national news. After 2 very dry winters with little snowfall and then the lack of our annual rainy season last summer, we were in a record drought.  Well, this summer, our monsoon season arrived and the charts show that we are getting an above average rainy monsoon season this summer!  The wildfires left little foliage to hold back the water from the mountains and now we are dealing with flash floods in Flagstaff and our governor has declared our city to be in a state of emergency. And once again we are in the national news!  Some of you have contacted us to see how we are doing.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.  However, our home is outside the city limits and the flooding is not affecting us personally, though we do know people that are in the flood zone and dealing with the cleanup and wondering if it will hit them again.
This past week, the Navajo Family Bible Camp/Conference was once again held on the telephone rather than in person.  The first 3 nights, Sam taught the sessions in English and on the last 3 nights 3 Navajo pastors taught the same lessons in the Navajo language.   The theme this year was on “The Resurrection” :
* 1-Christ’s resurrection
*2- the first resurrection (of Believer s) 
*3- the second resurrection (all the dead).   
We do know of at least one that made a profession of faith in Christ for salvation!  Again-thank you for your prayers!
This summer, Sam will be making 2 trips to Thorne Bay, AK for the radio station project. The first trip will be focused on getting building materials and supplies at the site so that when the work crew from NC come in mid-August, they will be able to get right at it and hopefully make good progress.  There are 4 men that will be helping on the first trip.  Please pray for them:
Will went with  last year’s work team as a high school Sr.  In August, he will be a freshman at Crown College in Tenn.- enrolled in the ministerial program.
Zachary has also worked with Sam before for a couple of years during his hunt camps and was a good worker and great help.  Zach grew up in S Dakota in a missionary family that ministered to the Sioux people.  He was married this past spring, yet still willing to help us with the work this year.  (We are thankful for a Christian wife that is willing to be away from her new husband so that he can serve our Lord.  Thank you Melissa.)
Brett is a retired school teacher from the Navajo Reservation and now, he and his wife are on staff at Tri-City Baptist Church & Academy down in the Phoenix area.
John Paul is a graduate of Crown College and taking post-graduate studies for his degree. He and his wife just had their first child this summer and are considering working in Alaska among the Indian people there. (Once again, we are thankful for his young wife with a new baby willing to be separated from her husband so he can serve! Thank you.)  Sam is planning to take John Paul to some of the Indian communities in that part of Alaska to help them understand if this is truly where God wants them to minister.
We don’t personally know each of the work team from the Antioch Baptist Church in NC but pray with us also for them as they come to help next month, as well as for their families that will be waiting back home.   
There are many small Indian communities located around Thorne Bay and they tend to be isolated by choice.  A Christian radio station is a great method of proclaiming the Gospel message to folks who resist interaction with strangers.  We are eager to see the station in operation and broadcasting the message of salvation.  The project has been slow, but we are encouraged as we see progress each summer; knowing that God’s timing is always the best.
Please continue to pray for 
*Safety for the men (both in travel and during the building) 
*The need for electric to be brought to the property
* Good progress on the construction so we can soon be broadcasting
Thank you for your part in our ministry, both here in AZ as well as in AK.  We need your prayers and are so thankful for your financial support that allows us to serve here.
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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DeFord May/June 2021

May:June 2021

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go….

As we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day we were reminded of our responsibilities as parents to train up the next generation for Christ.

PCC Graduation

Dear prayer and ministry partners,

Thank you for your continued enabling of this ministry. The state and reservation have continued to open up over the last two months. A recent increase in COVID cases has us concerned that this current situation may

not last long. Please pray for us and for those recovering from Covid! We were thankful to celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in person. We don’t take these times of worship together for granted any more! In addition to recognizing and challenging our moms, we also had one of our new families come to dedicate themselves to raising their children for Christ on Mother’s Day. Attendance was down somewhat on Father’s Day, however, the five fathers in attendance were also commended and challenged to maintain their testimonies for Jesus.

Our youngest son, Josh, graduated from college in Mid-May, and has taken a position in Austin, TX. We’re eager to see how the Lord uses him and his new graphic design degree for His glory. We are thankful everything worked out for us to attend the commencement exercise. As it turned out, another one of our IBIMI missionaries graduated with a Master of Ministry degree at the same time, so we were able to watch Brian Shannon march too.Sherry began hosting a new ladies’ Disciples of the Word course (via video by April Goetsch) on Wednesday mornings with three other ladies. They are learning how to study the Bible doing their own research. It is challenging, but they are learning skills they will use a lifetime!

June is camp month for us. Our juniors went the last full week of the month and our teens are in camp as I write this letter. The young people love camp and we are thankful for the ministry West Branch has in our children’s lives. My dad used to say, “We can accomplish more in a week of camp than in a year of Sunday school.”

May we all continue to train up our children in the way they should go.

For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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Grammer June 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,
Some of you that keep up with the news, have read about the forest fires in Arizona and have contacted us to ask about our safety.  There is a fire southwest of Flagstaff that has several communities on standby for evacuation.  However, our home is about 5 miles northeast of town and we are in no danger at present.  We do know folks on the other side of town that are unsure of what will happen –so thank you for the prayers.

June is typically a dry, hot month that makes us all eager for the monsoon season that usually begins in July.  This year, we are breaking the heat record set in the 1920’s.  We are also facing a severe drought as last year’s monsoon season gave us little rain and the last 2 winters had little snow and were very dry.  All of this has added to the fire danger and the forests have been closed as a result.  It is common to have fire restrictions this time of the year, but there is access to the forests-but not this year. 

The state has removed the mask mandate and our city has followed suit. Once again, Janet is able to visit in the nursing home, though a mask is required.  The resident that she visits with is feeling the loss of fellowship with other Believers yet her family is still uneasy about removing her from the home to go to church.  Pray that she is able to encourage this Christian sister during this difficult time.

The reservations have their own governments and some of them are still restrictive.  We are seeing some of the churches on the various reservations that are once again starting to have Sunday services.  Many of the churches on the Navajo Reservation still feel restricted in meeting together publicly .

The Western Navajo Family Bible Conference has decided to once again hold teleconference sessions rather than meet in person.  This worked out quite well last year so they will follow the same program this year.  Sam will be teaching 3 nights in English and then there will be a Navajo pastor teaching for 3 nights.  The topic this year is Biblical Resurrection.  Please pray with us as he prepares and ministers in this way.

We are still making preparations for this summer’s work in Thorne Bay, AK on the radio station project.  Orders for building supplies are being made over the phone and will hopefully be available and ready for the work teams coming in late July and August. 

Pray with us for:  (1) the construction, (2) safety of the workers both in travel and on site, (3) the need for the electric company to put in power lines, (4) that even now, God would be preparing the man God would have run the station, and (5) that we can soon be on the air reaching out with the message of salvation to those who live in the Thorne Bay area.  (Once again, this paragraph is a repeat from past months, but still true for this coming month.  We really do need your prayers with us in this outreach.)

Thank you to each of you that have helped us financially this past month and especially for those who have been faithful in praying for us.  You are an important part of our ministry.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Grammer May 2021

May 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
This past month has been a busy time around our house.  We’ve had several visits in our home and even some over-nighters.  There weren’t a lot of teaching or preaching engagements this month but June will make up for it.

We were able to be with the Living Waters Baptist church among the Yavapai-Apache people this past month.  Their pastor and wife were able to travel to see their grandson graduate and asked us to fill in for them for the week-end.  We have watched this work begin and grow over the years and it was a blessing to us to be with them once again.

Pray with us as Sam prepares messages for the next couple of months.  We are scheduled for 4 preaching and teaching opportunities in June and then the teleconference being planned for next month, July.

We are also schedule for 4 other preaching and teaching opportunities in June.  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Plans are now being made for this summer’s work in Thorne Bay, AK on the radio station project.  We have a work crew from NC coming up in mid-Aug and Sam is going up the beginning of Aug. with 3 young men to  be sure the needed materials are on hand and all is ready for the workers.  

Pray with us for:  (1) the construction, (2) safety of the workers both in travel and on site, (3) the need for the electric company to put in power lines, (4) that even now, God would be preparing the man God would have run the station, and (5) that we can soon be on the air reaching out with the message of salvation to those who live in the Thorne Bay area.  (This paragraph is a repeat from last month’s letter, but still true for this coming month.  We really do need your prayers with us in this outreach.)
You are important to our work here.  Thank you for your letters of encouragement, your prayers, and the financial support that allows us to continue to minister and serve the Lord.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Veldhuis May 2021

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,
Despite repeated unfortunate delays with this update, we can only thank you and extol our God of all Grace for turning this Covid-19

“valley of Baca [weeping] into a well” of life (Psalm 84:6).
The promises of verses five and seven of this chapter further proved as true today as when first penned: “Blessed are they that

dwell in thy house: they will be still praising thee. Selah. They go from strength to strength…”

The year long closure of all three Cocopah reservations to any group ministries or Native pickups actually broadened and strengthened relationships through increased weekly personal visits. Parents were often happier than their largely foster children families for our constant supply of basic life needs, Bible DVDs and quizzes, school or activity packs, and tri-weekly live-streamed church services.

Bible studies and smaller group meetings with off-reservation Native families brought rich fellowship the world could never give those who looked elsewhere (1 John 2:17). Homebound Lydia S. blessed us similarly in town with news of her watching a Biblical Navajo evangelist after viewing our live-streamed services.

Salvador and Lorie were gloriously married March 5th in our church almost a year to the day of his conversion and Lorie’s re- surrender to the Lord the final night of our 2020 revival. They won custody of Lorie’s three nine to sixteen year-old children after his full time employment and both of their victory over longstanding substance abuse.

PRAY for the entire family’s huge health and housing needs as well as teenagers Lilly, Tyler, and Tyrus’s suicide attempts, gang activities, and lifetime imprisonment. Revival meetings late March at Heritage and Maranatha Baptist churches helped relieve these pressures and assuage the losses of Salvador’s probably unsaved aunt and Lorie’s last living Quechan sisters to the virus.

The re-opening of our tribe April 1st allowed us to take teens to the Bill Rice West Branch Teen Retreat, April 30th-May1st as well as to resume Jacob and Lydia’s monthly teen rally, April 9th. Dawn and I were blessed to update Central Baptist Church of Santa Ana, CA in person for the first time in ten years, April 7th and 8th!

Our dependence on your prayers and provisions for both physical and spiritual needs cannot be overemphasized or adequately recognized. Providential virtual miracles in recent weeks alone included:

  • The spiritual hunger and joy throughout the teen retreat of Ayla and Phoenix, two girls from hardcore traditional and broken homes.
  • Breakdown of our van before beginning the 720 mile round trip drive to the retreat.
  • Protection from loss of control on mountain curves of the substitute van’s dangerously worn ball joints and steering components.
  • Discovery of a bus fuel line leak spraying onto its’ hot manifold in time to prevent a fire.
  • The means to cover a full set of tires and the myriad repairs of other vehicles for summer ministries. Your prayers for “utterance and boldness in making known the Gospel” (Eph. 6:19) are tools we know and trust to turn these petitions into eternal blessings. PRAISES
    • Parents increasingly sending children to Bible Clubs and church.
    • Excitement of young people and parents about summer camps.
    • Superb teen response to resumed Bible clubs and rallies.
    • Jacob and Lydia’s completed full time deputation and help with the Cocopah beyond their recently begun Quechan work.
    • Resumption of North Rez Bible clubs and church pickups (25 miles away).
    • Michael’s good February cancer follow-up, a CDL physical, and successful March knee surgery. PETITIONS
    • Young adult Casey’s salvation and huge physical and mental health needs.
    • 12 year old Anthony, five siblings, and mother’s needs after the father’s fatal April heart attack.
    • Souls saved and matured through Neighborhood Bible Time, June 14-18, and Bill Rice West Branch Junior and Teen Camps, June 21st-25th, and June 28th-July 2nd, 2021.
    • Possible July Native Week at Apache Creek Deaf and Youth Camp in New Mexico.
    • Each of our health, wisdom, and safety ‘midst summer’s grueling heat, sandstorms, and monsoon humidity. Heartfelt love and personal thanks for each one of your invaluable prayers and sacrifices. Sincerely In Christ, Michael and Dawn Veldhuis (II Cor. 9:8)
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Messick APRIL 2021

But it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the LORD GOD, that I may declare all Thy works.” Psalm 73:28

Dear Friends and Family,

April 4th, Easter Sunday, was a very special day. The Lord blessed us with a cool, sunny morning to have our Sunday School hour out under the canopy. Both it and the Morning Worship hour was well attended. Afterward, we were able to have our first church meal together since covid. This was followed by observing the Lord’s Supper. 

On April 11th, Gary was preaching in the evening service. He complained of a bad headache and, though he knew what he wanted to say, he began to have difficulty getting the words out, and had to stop several times. He went to emergency the next day and they found he had had a TIA. We thank the Lord for his goodness to us in that he has suffered no residual effects from it!! We would appreciate your remembering him in prayer, and Bev also as she is struggling with double vision since having cataract surgery. 

Some of you may not know that we live on top of a mesa and have a very steep hill to descend. One Sunday morning, driving the church van, we had reached the cross road at the bottom of the hill and came up to the stop sign, but we didn’t obey it!! We had no brakes! Gary quickly turned the corner just behind a car that had just passed in front of us! After pumping the brakes several times, we were able to continue on to church. A new master cylinder took care of the problem. I must say, we were definitely wide-awake the rest of the day!! So thankful for God’s protection.

Upcoming events we are looking forward to in May will be:

*The Mother/Daughter Banquet

*A visit from our sister-in-law, her daughter and husband – Marilyn Wright, Rick & Sharilyn DeCrastos 

*A trip to Arkansas to attend our grandson, Hunter’s, graduation


*Bob – struggling with single-parenting his three children after the passing of his wife 

*Simon – Spiritual needs

*God’s leading and timing to supply a couple to take our place 

*That God would supply the extra funds for the modular replacement as building material

costs have skyrocketed, as well as wisdom in knowing what type of structure would be best

*Safety in our travels

Thank you for bringing these needs before the Father, and for your faithful support of this ministry.

May God bless you for being a blessing!

Love in Christ,

Gary & Bev Messick

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DeFord March/April 2021

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15
And thank you for your faithful prayers and support of the ministry among the Native Americans! March and April were filled with ministry
opportunities, travel, and various celebrations. Early in March, our youngest son, Josh hosted his Senior Graphic Design show at
Pensacola Christian College. He was thrilled with all the out of town guests that came to congratulate and encourage him. We are
looking forward to his graduation in May.
We are so grateful the reservation in opening up more and more. Not only are we holding in person services, but in March we had our
first wedding in quite a while. The groom is the man I mentioned in our last letter who was saved during marriage counseling. That same
day was the anniversary of Steve’s Dad’s graduation to Glory! We held a memorial service for him at Bill Rice Ranch West Branch a
couple of weeks earlier. Our family was greatly encouraged by the outpouring of support by all those in attendance. Dr. Bill Rice III
preached a message about John the Baptist that blessed us beyond words!
Two days later Steve returned to West Branch with our largest group ever to attend men’s retreat. Several first time attenders discovered
why the rest of the men look forward to this event every spring.
Resurrection Sunday brought the largest attendance since meeting back in person. We also had our first breakfast at church in over a
year. Serving the meal was different than usual to facilitate covid protocols, but everyone enjoyed the fellowship. We look forward to
getting back to our monthly “Super Sundays” including breakfast once restrictions are lifted.
The following Sunday after the evening service we had a special fellowship time to celebrate our oldest church member turning 90! Rose
has been in Hualapai Baptist Church since she was a young girl. Her life has been a miracle since she survived a car wreck a few years
ago. Her recovery has been as remarkable as it has been complete.
Another April blessing was the Brady Rochester family ministering to us in music and Word. We had scheduled this talented family last
year, but they had to cancel their trip during the pandemic. Meeting and worshiping with them was another joy of being back in person
for services.
But the greatest blessing of all to share with you is what happened the last day of April. Our church had been praying for a woman to be
saved for the last few years. This same woman approached one of our men and asked him to visit her dying husband. Arrangements
were made and Raynard and Lisa made the visit April 30. As Raynard presented the gospel Lisa prayed and it became very clear that the
woman we had prayed for for those years was very ready to receive Christ as her Saviour. By the time the visit was over she was saved
along with her husband, a nephew and his girlfriend-four precious names written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life!
All of these gifts are ours through the rich grace given us through the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for allowing yourself to be used of
Him to make these blessings a reality.
For God’s Glory,
The Steve De Ford family

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Jones Family May 2021

Dear Family and Friends,
      We want to thank you all for your prayers and financial support these last few months. We hope you are all doing well!
These last few months, Jacob and miss Lydia has started back doing in person displeship, teen activities,  pick ups for church and preparing to plant New Haven Baptist Church in Winterhaven,  CA for the Quechan tribe. Our support level is at 93%. We are praising God for His goodness towards us.

During the month of February, the reservation was not open. So, we continued with online service. While I (Brother Jacob) was not able to minister much to the Cocopah. I started doing a lot of door knocking in Winterhaven, trying to figure out the how we could speed up the process in purchasing the new building in WInterhaven, studying and preparing sermons.
Towards the end of March, We got news that the Cocopah and Quechan reservations opened up for us to pick up people for church. On April 9th, we had our first Teen Rally in a year. It was fun and exciting to see all 12 teens come back to church. We had a blast!! I gave an devotion. We had games and food. 
On April 18th, we had our grand opening at New Haven Baptist Church. We had 7 people from the local area who came out to our grand opening service. What a blessing!!
Please, continue to keep us in your prayers!!

For the ones who do not support us, we would ask you to pray about doing so. For those who are unable to support, thank you for being our warriors in prayer!
God Bless!

Prayer Requests:
Salvations: Mariella, Satori, Ayla, A.J., Denisia, Marley, Airus, Jerry,  Jalen, Felix, Phoenix, Evan, Richard and his younger brother, Darrell, Vaughn and his family, Izadiah, Mitchell, Miracle, Lilah,  Millie, Rosie, Jazmyn,  and Cheryl
Spiritual Growth: Molly, Loren, Tyler, Lilly, Roxanna, & Alex, Justice, Jazmyn, Mya, Kayla, Vincent and Ammon

Health: Lydia, Samuel, & Bro. and Mrs. Veldhuis with general health. Pray for the Cocopah families who have gotten COVID- 19 that they will recover soon. 

Personal: Wisdom, strength, Samuel’s future, health, purchasing the new building in WInterhaven, CA. We are still waiting for the Winterhaven Church of Christ to update there LLC so they could sell us there building. And pray for us to reach our goal  of 100% support. 

Ministries: Visitation, Cocopah Teen Ministry, van ministry, children’s ministry, New Haven Baptist Church and New Haven Food Bank ministry.

Thank you all again for your prayers and your sacrificial giving!
                        Sincerely In Christ,
            Jacob, Lydia, and Samuel Jones
        Missionaries to the Native Americans
                     Cell: (928) 315- 5057
2 Corinthians 4:3-4
“But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto.”

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Grammer April 2021

I realize some of you may be getting this twice.  My apologies.  They have changed the format of our email and I think I made some errors.  To avoid skipping anyone, I am re-sending our letter so you may well get copies.  Sorry-Sam & Janet
April  2021
Dear Friends in Christ,
This week is the final class for this semester in the Northern Arizona School of the Bible, here in Flagstaff.    We have had a good response from our students that tell us how they appreciate the opportunity to learn more of God’s Word.  What a joy it has been to be able to be one of the teachers.  We have several that attend class in person, plus more that attend online around the country as well as outside the country.  Technology has been a real blessing during these difficult times.
At the moment, the Dine Bible Institute has not yet returned to classes because of the Navajo Nation COVID restrictions.  We have kept in touch with some of the former students and they are eager to begin once again.  Pray with us for the Lord’s timing regarding fall semester classes and for wisdom for those in leadership. 
Once again, Sam has been asked to teach the English sessions for the Western Navajo Bible Fellowship summer sessions.  Again this year, they have chosen to forego the family camp that they held every year here in Flagstaff but to have teleconference sessions.  We miss seeing them in person, but glad that we can spend time together in the Word of God.
We are also making plans to spend some time in Thorne Bay, AK working on the radio station project.  We have a volunteer work team planning on helping in August and some other workers that hope to join Sam ahead of time getting materials ready for the team.  We are eager to see this station broadcasting.  
Pray with us for:  (1) the construction, (2) safety of the workers both in travel and on site, (3) the need for the electric company to put in power lines, (4) that even now, God would be preparing the man God would have run the station, and (5) that we can soon be on the air reaching out with the message of salvation to those who live in the Thorne Bay area.
What a comfort to know that God is in control of everything in our lives.  Thank you so much for your prayers and your part in our ministry.  We are very much aware that you are important to our work here and often pray for various churches and individuals that have helped us over the years to be able to serve where God has placed us.  Thank you for your letters of encouragement, your prayers, and the financial support that allows us to continue to minister and serve the Lord.

II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
In Christ, Sam & Janet Grammer

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Sondergaard April 2021

Dear Family and Friends:
“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word!” This past year, God’s people have been tested to see where we put our trust. Thinking of recent events, it is almost as if God is prying our hands off what we often trust: health, freedom, our finances. One by one it is as if God is asking, “Do you love Me more than these?” Would you be content if all you had was your walk with God? Are you holding onto the Lord as tightly as other things? I am thankful for God’s promise: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” 2Tim 1:7. Recently someone shared with me the verse, Isaiah 26:3 – “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee”. No wonder many of God’s people do not experience perfect peace: their mind is not stayed on the Lord.
Here at Living Waters Baptist Church, God continues to give opportunities to encourage these people. Many of our people have lost loved ones or face discouraging physical and spiritual needs. We look to God for the right words to encourage and point them to Christ. Martha: grieving the loss of her husband. Cyrus: losing his grandma and his mother having health needs. He is questioning why God allows it and is struggling with depression. Rachel: physical needs and her son’s spiritual needs. Bob: wife just died. Please pray for wisdom in ministering to this family. Lynn: facing health/spiritual needs.
In recent months, we have seen strong attendance to the services. We are encouraged to see a desire to be in church. Paul has been able to invite several of his coworkers to church. Several express a desire to come although their work schedule often prevents it.
As a church we are supporting one missionary to Mexico and another to Native Americans. This year the church chose to raise their monthly support. A missionary to Israel just came and presented the ministry as well. We are excited to see the people grow in faith as they take part in missions.
Family praises:
• We have seen God answer prayer for Paul’s mom in giving her strength and healing. She is doing so much better, and we are thankful for what God has done in her life.
• Andrew has received two pieces of equipment that is helping in his mobility. His wheelchair helps him sit up in church and helps when we go places. His stander helps develop his bones and should limit improper hip alignment. Andrew is now beginning to crawl and pull himself up on things. He is now almost 2½. Every day he is doing things that never seemed possible. His smiles are sweet, and he brings much joy to our home.
• In January, we attended the wedding for one of Paul’s brothers. It was a blessing to be part of a Christ-honoring wedding that was testimony to several unsaved people.
Ruthanne and Hannah holding a shofar at the display table from the missionary to Israel.
Andrew enjoying his new swing!
• Andrew’s new equipment and development
• God’s provision to give more to missions
• God providing funds toward the modular building
• We are now having Sunday School again after stopping for a year
Prayer Requests:
• Those who have stopped coming to church
• Wisdom for our old modular building
• Personal and church revival
All for Jesus,
Paul and Naomi Sondergaard
Ruthanne, Nathan, Hannah, Aletheia, and Andrew

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