Grammer’s Christmas Letter 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,
We had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving time this year.  First, we were able to be with the Cedar Ridge Baptist Church for their Thanksgiving meal where Sam was asked to speak.
Janet played the piano for the special day.  At present, they have a piano but no pianist.  One of their young girls is taking lessons from Janet and we are praying that she can progress enough to play for the congregational singing.  She is now committed to playing a special number for them at least once a month.  Toahonnie is the granddaughter of the pastor, Paul Chief, who is also one of Sam’s former Bible School students.   It is a blessing to see the Lord using us over the years.
We were also able to travel to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving week with 3 of our daughters and their families.  Our family lives so far away that we look forward to this annual time together and thankful that God provided once again so that we could be there.  We were also able to visit one of our supporting churches in NC, Five Forks Baptist Church.
Please continue to pray with us for Navajo Fellowship Baptist as they look for a full-time pastor and for a home for his family in Page.  We see one of these families every other week as they bring 2 of their children to Flagstaff (2 hrs travel each way) to continue their piano lessons.  Once again, the church has a piano but is in need of someone to play for the congregational singing.  Both Keanu and his sister, Aaliyah are doing well, playing at least once a month for a special number and hopefully will be able to meet this need.
Janet also has 2 piano students traveling every other week from Tuba City (1 ½ hr travel each way) and they are also playing a special in church once a month.  Please pray for these piano students to be able to serve the Lord with their music.
While in the grocery store a few weeks ago, we met a young man and his girlfriend, Marvin and Destiny.  Marvin was just a young toddler when we first met him and now he is talking of marriage and asked about pre-marital counseling.  We told him this would be great, but suggested that he first go to his pastor and make sure that the pastor would be in agreement with this arrangement.  We do not want our pastors to feel that they are being replaced, but rather want to help them in anyway that we can.
We are now quickly approaching the Christmas season.  Are you thrilled over the fact that our Creator became a man, fully understanding the suffering He would endure, just so that our sin would be paid for and we could once again be friends with God?  This is a good time of the year for us to reach out to our family and friends with this wonderful message.  How are you taking advantage of this season to share the Gospel message?
Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts this past month.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

P.S.- I’ve noticed that our e-mail provider has changed their format and our emails are being designated as “Century Link”.  I  have included our name in the subject line so that hopefully we won’t have our monthly up-dates deleted because you don’t recognize the sender.  I’ll try to do this regularly so that we can keep in touch with you without having to change providers, since our prayer cards are printed with this address – and to avoid having you make changes when you want to send messages to us.

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Brian & Louann Shannon’s Fall Update 2014

Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!” (Ps 36:7a)  How excellent, indeed, is the lovingkindness of our Lord to us!  September and October were exciting times here, with all of the opportunities and blessings we received from Him!

We had a great time on the church trip during September, with our church family enjoying a couple of nights in San Diego, including a visit to the Creation Museum there!  The time of fellowship and touring were enjoyed by all!

It was a special blessing to have our dear friends, Pastor David Jones and his family, out for revival meetings at the church in Ak-Chin.  We enjoyed a great time of fellowship with this family, and the Lord used the preaching and special singing to work in lives.  We’re thankful for the visitors that came during this time as well.  Please pray for the work done through the revival to carry on in the hearts of the people!

We enjoyed the great privilege of baptizing 4 new Christians during the past two months.  What an exciting step for these dear people to take, following God’s instruction, even though it may “cost” them with some of their family and old friends!  Thank God He always gives back “abundantly more!”

What a great blessing we had to be invited to take part in the Missions Conference of Tucson Baptist Temple!  We are so thankful for the opportunity to present the ministry, to tell of other Native Americans who need to hear the gospel, and to enjoy a great time with this dear church family.  We went to be a blessing, and truly received the larger blessing from them!  We thank God for the friendships made, the encouraging messages heard, and fellowship He provided us through this meeting.

On last Friday night we had a Fall Festival at the Casa Grande church, with fun, food, games and candy!  A great time was had by all (though we are still debating whether the kids or adults enjoyed it the most, ha!)

We are eagerly anticipating (and already preparing for) the exciting Christmas season we always enjoy here with the various groups we are privileged to minister to.  We look forward, Lord willing, to providing toys to the kids at both churches and Bible club, as well as gifts for the dear ones in the nursing home.  Thank you for your prayers regarding this ministry!

Pray for Lilly, a junior in high school, who will be traveling to West Coast Baptist College this month to take part in their “College Days” weekend, as she seeks the Lord’s will for her future.  We are thankful to have just celebrated her 18th birthday (and thankful for the surprise party given for her by the kind people of Tucson Baptist Temple, where we were during her birthday!)  Our heart’s desire and prayer is that our children live their lives for God!  Our family is continually blessed, excited to be in the service of the King!  Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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Grammer’s Fall Update 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,

We plan to be enjoying our annual family get together for Thanksgiving at the end of November, so we’ve decided to send October’s news out a bit late and include the month of November.

Our last day as Pastor at Navajo Fellowship Baptist Church in Page was very encouraging.  We were able to baptize a young mother that Sam lead to Christ a year ago.  She and her husband joined the church that same day.  We’ve watched them both grow and actively witnessing to others and bringing them to church with them.

We were also encouraged to have one of Janet’s piano students play the offertory  from the Hymnal.  He’s not quite ready for congregational singing, but playing from the Hymn book is more difficult than the easy arrangements that he was been playing so this was quite an accomplishment.  There is truly a need for pianists among our Indian churches and we are excited to see some of her students being used to minister in this way.

Please continue to pray with us for Navajo Fellowship Baptist as they look for a full-time pastor that can live right there in Page.  We want them to find the very man that God would have take that position.  So many of you in our supporting churches are also looking for pastors, so we have quite a list of churches that are included in this request as we pray.

Fall is also the season that we have our annual Fall Hunt Camp.  There were 5 hunters this year, which included a son-in-law and grandson, Nate & Nathan Carmichael.  In the past, we have had a camp with 3 generations in one family and this year the “generations” were our own!  This year’s camp-fire Bible Study was in the book of I Thessalonians.  We are thankful for a good time, safety in traveling and the hunt, as well as the 3 elk and bear that were taken.  It’s great to have so much fun while serving the Lord.

Thank you to each of you that helped us these past 2 months with financial gifts and especially with your prayers. You are appreciated.

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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Steve DeFord’s Fall Update 2014

Dear Friends of Indian Missions,

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.
     Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of the ministry.  The last two months have been full of opportunities here at Hualapai Baptist Church.
     Our ladies attended the Lancaster Baptist Church Ladies’ Retreat in September and were encouraged to pray for and seek Godly wisdom. They returned home refreshed and eager to share what they had learned. The following weekend our youth group went to a rally near Phoenix hosted by the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch. The key note speaker, Evangelist Chris Miller, followed the teens home and spoke for us the following day at our September Super Sunday. Then our family enjoyed  fellowship with brother Miller and his sons for the next few days in our home.
     We began the month of October with missionary Amie Richard who challenged us all with the enormous need in Thailand.
     One of the responsibilities that comes with being the director of the Independent Baptist Indian Mission is to try to help fill ministries that are without pastors or missionaries.  One such mission came to our attention earlier in the year in remote Northwest New Mexico.  Brother Cleve, my son Josh, and I went to visit the Star Lake Baptist Church October 12. This work has been without a pastor for several months. One of the local Navajo men is trying to hold together the work while a Colorado pastor assists in finding a full time pastor/missionary. Pray with us that the Lord would guide us to His will for this church.  Later that same week, my dad joined Josh and me on a quick trip to Utah for the graduation of Zachary Pike. He is the son of a member missionary who graduated from a Christian trade school. Zachary is looking forward to whatever the Lord may have in his future. If God has Native American missions in his future, we look forward to serving Zachary any way we can.
     A local Kingman pastor was the special guest speaker at our annual Harvest dinner the evening of the 17th of October.  We had a great turn out and  great fellowship around a full table and the Word of God.
     The last full week of the month we were blessed to have Dr. Bill Rice III with us for revival meetings. We had nearly 100 guests during the week. And three of our youth earned a free week of camp! The highlight of the week was a young lady gaining assurance of her Salvation and a man, who has struggled with alcohol for his entire adult life, being saved. Pray for Falcon as he seeks victory in his life.
     Finally, after weeks of attempts, Steve was able to have a Bible study at the Peach Springs jail. Two men came to the study. One gave a good testimony of his salvation years before. The second man was concerned that he could not give such a testimony and received Christ as his Savior. Please keep Skyhawk in prayer.
Thank you again for your partnership with us. We appreciate you all and covet your continued prayers!
For God’s Glory,
Steve De Ford
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Veldhuis October 2014 Update

Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

The passing of our prayer warrior father and five more Cocopah since our April 2014 update multiplied the demands of ongoing labors while gripping us with the urgency of using every possible summer ministry to reach survivors with the gospel.

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…”(II Cor.4:3-4)

Our daughter, Lydia, put her burden this way: “I grew up with the Native Americans with whom my parents work but never dreamed of standing over the coffin of my 24 year old childhood friend. We drifted apart as teens when she and her sister had chosen different paths than mine.

I went to shake Alfreda, her 59 year old nominally Christian mother’s hand, but she gave me a hug and sobbed on my shoulder. One month later, “I walked by Alfreda’s casket to comfort the family and to show her grandchildren in my Sunday School class a better path of life.”

Within a matter of days, 13 and 17 year olds Tyrus and Alyetha saw their relatives seek comfort in the alcohol that had just killed his uncle and her mother.

The ease of drug abuse and distribution by early teens led us to add a much longer North Reservation/ California bus route, driven by Silas, to our existing ones to disciple remote Natives.

Your PRAYERS for the well-being and growth of our struggling young people Angel, Autumn, Benicio, Cylas, Gabriel, Gilbert, Justice, Katie, Kaya, Lilly, Loren, Marriella, Molly, Mariah, Aria, Tyler, and Tyrus are as vital as your sadly unrecognized sacrifices for us this summer. We sincerely pray a glimpse of our Lord’s fruit will return His blessings to you.


  • Dawn’s clearance of lung or cardiovascular as causes of her weakness.
  • Uncomplicated September 29 removal of tumor from Lydia’s chest found to be benign.
  • Gospel messages to Natives at funerals who might never hear it otherwise.
  • The Henderson’s and our family’s enabling my April/May deputation trip.
  • Our family’s ability to drive to Grandpa Veldhuis’ Arkansas funeral in June
  • Repairs of vehicles and our prophet’s chamber in time for Neighborhood Bible Time.
  • Professions of faith by juniors Cylas, Lilly, Tyler, and teens Benicio and Julia through NBT July 6-11th.
  • 12 young people making it 500 miles safely to camp after engine repairs from a runaway vehicle halfway there.
  • Professions at Indian camp from our 11 and 15 year olds Autumn and Gabriel G. as well as natives from elsewhere.
  • September 27ths Bill Rice Youth Rally in Phoenix as a follow-up of summer decisions.
  • Fruitful jail Bible studies with Brandon, Kenneth, Enrique, Demetrius, Jessica and Oscar among others.


  • Provisions for and saving grace through our Nov. 3-5 tent revival with Native evangelists and Arizona churches.
  • Conversions of Millie, Mary, Shirley, and other seniors who have heard but not believed the gospel.
  • Daren’s healing from a spinal infection and he and his five adult siblings’ revival.
  • Determination of the etiology and best care for Dawn’s weakness.
  • Lydia’s strength for daily activities and ministries through her emphysema, asthma, and pulmonary hypertension.
  • Wisdom winning unreached souls through Christmas ministries.
  • My healing from a back injury sustained in July.


Yours For Forgotten Peoples,

Michael, Dawn, Lydia, and Silas Veldhuis 

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Brian Shannon’s August 2014 Newsletter

July – August 2014

Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,

“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle…” How time does fly by, and what a busy, fast Summer we’ve experienced. We thank the Lord for His provision, safety, and the many opportunities we’ve been blessed with!

During July, I was privileged once again to travel to Virginia and take part in the youth camp that the Lord has allowed me to attend and preach for several years. This year was very exciting, as for the first time, I was able to take my family with me! What a great time of traveling across the country, seeing many things and many friends in a short amount of time! The camp was great, and time spent traveling with family was wonderful!

In August, we were blessed to attend the annual retreat of our mission board, Independent Baptist Indian Mission, Inc (IBIMI). The meeting this year was held at the church established by Dr. Glen Jaspers in Marshalltown, IA. The church (& the Jaspers) were such gracious hosts, and the mission family so enjoyed our time there. We’re thankful for this time to fellowship with the other missionaries serving with Native Americans. Bro. Jaspers has been such a friend to the Mission, and great personal friends of our family as well!

School is back in, at home and on the reservation. We pray the start of school will also provide new opportunity with the children’s Bible club in one particular village where “tribal programs” have shut us out over the past couple of months. Quite often, school season brings an increase in children’s attendance, and we pray this will be the case again this year. We appreciate your prayers for the Bible Club, as we seek His leading, and for our home school as well.

The past couple of months have brought tragedy to our area of the reservation, directly touching our church family. There was a 6 year old boy who occasionally attended different church services, day camp, etc.., who was attacked by killer bees while playing with some friends in the desert, and passed away from his injuries. His aunt is one of the most faithful people at the AkChin church. We appreciate your prayers for this family. Within a few days of this tragedy, a 36 year young lady who was saved at the church several years back, and who has family that is faithfully attending the church, passed away unexpectedly. Please pray for this family, including a sister and several nieces who have been drawn back to the Lord through her death. These have been 2 sad reminders of the truth that our lives are like a vapor, appearing for a little time, and then vanishing away. How important for everyone to make sure they’re ready, and then to be busy doing all we can, while we can!

On a brighter note, many from both churches have been saving up for many months in anticipation of our upcoming church trip in September. Lord willing, we will get away for a few days as a church family with a time of touring and fellowship. We appreciate your prayers for this special time.

Our family is continually blessed. We appreciate your prayers and support!

Working together with you for HIM,

Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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Steve & Sherry DeFord’s August 2014 Update

Dear Friends,

God has blessed us with a great summer! Thank you for your prayers for this ministry.

July was a very full month. Our juniors went to camp the first full week of the month at the Bill Rice Ranch West Branch. West Branch has not begun a regular schedule as of yet. However, we were invited to participate in a “work week” or practice run as the camp prepares for a regular schedule next summer.

With just one week in between we held Vacation Bible School. Three young men received Christ as their personal Saviour during the week. Attendance was excellent, and our church family did a terrific job hosting the community.

The week following VBS our teens went to camp. Our campers from both weeks really enjoyed camp and are looking forward to next summer already!

In the middle of the month, Sherry hosted another quilt class for the ladies at church. They have been learning a technique that helps them piece the quilts together much more quickly than traditional quilting. Everyone enjoys the fellowship. And Sherry presents a quilt themed devotional as well.

August had us overjoyed as our nearly all of our children were home together. Manny finished his traveling on ensemble, Josh ended his cowboy work in Tennessee, and our daughter Jackie’s family was able to join us for a week. There were a lot a trips back and forth to the airport, but grandma and grandpa were not complaining! We cherish the time we get with our little grandson, Nathan.

The men of the church got together and got more work done on the buildings in preparation for home school co-op to begin for the fall. It is a continual blessing to see the church facilities continue to improve each year. Plans are moving forward for our next BIG project-a fellowship hall/gymnasium building with much needed classroom space included. We will be writing more about this project in the months to come.

Sherry continues with jail visiting. And, as of August, Steve began taking some of the men to the jail for visitation. Unfortunately for the men, no one has come to the services yet. Please pray that the men in the jail will realize we have a great concern for them and their souls.

Co-op began the 25th of the month with 14 students. Again, I would ask for your prayers for each of our young people as they begin a new school year.

We will be taking our son, Micah, to Tennessee to begin Bible college Thursday, August 28. We are diving from home to Murfreesboro, helping him settle in, then traveling back home. We will put a lot of miles on the car between now and our expected return date September 6. I am grateful for the men of the church that will be filling in for me in our absence.

We want to take a moment and thank all those that have helped contribute to Sherry’s hospital expenses. Your gifts and your prayers are very much appreciated!

For God’s Glory-the Steve De Ford family

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Baucom’s April 2014 Letter

Dear Pastor & Church,

Good News! Our son-in-law, Pat has accepted the Lord as his Saviour. This means so much to The Baucom family and our Church here as well. Pat has been a blessing to all of us. It surely is a shot in the arm, especially in this long, cold and dark winter. They both have been a blessing to our Church. Melissa has started playing the organ and singing specials. We will be baptizing Pat as soon as the weather breaks. What a joy to have someone that has been saved and wants to follow the Lord in Believers baptism. Pat comes from a family of Catholics and was so afraid and skeptical to loose his Catholic teachings for so long. But through prayer and patience the Lord convinced Pat to come.

Our attendance had dropped off some due to the harsh winter and sickness. But business has started to pick up due to better weather and Spring in the air. Just this past Sunday we had 39 in attendance. Elaine is still faithful with the Academy. That too has taken it’s toll with sick children.

And, And, And,…. let me tell you about our first grandbaby! It is due to arrive on September 5, Lord Willing, to Mary & Derek Ingle who live ten thousand miles away from us. Just kidding. They live in Arkansas; that seems like 10,000 miles away. ☹ A further note concerning our son John. He was in a wreck which totaled his car. A lady was not paying attention and slammed into him from the rear. He’s ok, but shaken somewhat. We are so excited about the movement the Lord has taken in his life. Thank you for praying. Please don’t forget him.

Well, not much more we can comment on except it’s been the coldest winter we have had here in our past 26 years. And it’s still cold today in April! I sure hope someone invites us down south to visit their sunny Church. We would love it. ☺ Again, we say “Thank You” for your love and continued support for the Baucom Family. The Lord miraculously supplies our needs through friends, loved ones and Churches like you.

Praise the Lord! Thank you so kindly.

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March 2014 Update from the Veldhuis family

Veldhuis April 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners in Christ,

Three Cocopah deaths, record numbers of prison Bible studies, and serious family health problems since our December letter multiplied the demands of Native labors and made your faithfulness that much more precious. [“…we had the sentence of death in ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead; who delivered us from so great a death and doth deliver…ye also helping together by prayer for us…”] (I Cor. 1:9-11)

Words cannot tell the unexpressed gratitude we owe our Lord and each of you for protection and provisions through life-threatening health crises for Dawn and Lydia. We apologize at how many precious gifts we failed to recognize in recent months, but assure you time has only endeared what overwhelming loads obscured.

Your December sacrifices enabled us to get the life-transforming gospel to more Cocopah and detainees than ever before-some for the last time. Adrian, Angel, Chris, Javier, and Rodrigo made wonderful professions of faith before disappearing in our penal system. PRAY we’ll soon add these men to weekly Bible studies with growing detainees, Bobby, Jesse, Jovanny, Mikhail, Ricky L., and Victor.

Other Cocopah heard the call to repentance and faith and passed into eternity without clear professions of faith. Sixty-two, fifty-eight, and twenty-four year olds Douglas, Irene, and Clarissa died January and February-all from years of substance abuse. PRAY for repentance and comfort of the Hayes, Sharkey, Thomas, and White families as even Clarissa’s professing Christian sisters turned to alcohol for solace. PRAY for their mother Alfreda and other adults such as Amanda, George, Millie, and Shirley’s conversions.

BLESS Him for protecting Dawn from permanent harm or injuries driving while we reigned in sugar levels near 500, severe weakness, and unexplained muscle wasting from runaway diabetes. Insulin injections and drastic diet changes normalized her sugar levels in weeks, but dangerously aggravated the edema associated with her vasculitis. PRAY for wisdom distinguishing and treating the relevant contributions of asthma, diabetes, and vasculitis to Dawn’s severe weakness and extreme edema.

PRAY that Yuma work ups of Lydia’s C.O.P.D., reactive airway disease, and pulmonary hypertension will permit an accurate annual assessment and treatment plan of her progressive lung disease. Phoenix pulmonologists and lung transplant specialists will make final decisions regarding her care in May.


· Successful Tea Party and Ladies’ Bible study 3/29/14 for saved or otherwise unreached women.

· Major repairs on our largest bus.

· Detention center conversions and weekly Bible studies.

· Ability to restock dwindling Bible studies and tracts.

· All of Dawn’s recent medical bills will be paid by our reinstated low income medical insurance.

· Ricky S.’s full commitment to the Lord and superb witness to family and friends.


· Lydia’s current flu and pressing respiratory and dental needs.

· Dawn’s ongoing health needs and recovery of strength.

· Revival meetings at Maranatha Baptist Church, April 13-19, 2014.

· Michael’s deputation trip as far as Ohio and Florida April 13- mid May.

· The Hendersons, Dawn, Lydia, Silas, and Bro. Jason carrying on main ministries while Michael is away.

· Preparations and provisions for Neighborhood Bible Time, July 2014 and Christian camp later in the summer.

Sincerely in Christ,

Michael, Dawn, Lydia and Silas Veldhuis

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April 2014 Letter from David and Becky DeFord

Dear Prayer Partners,

In February we were able to visit with Gary and Beverly Messick at Living Waters Baptist Church. It was so good to see Gary much improved health wise and to visit with their church family briefly. Their new building is progressing. It will be such a blessing to this church family to have the new facilities finished and in use.

The Ladies Bible study at Ferguson Memorial continues to be a blessing. Attendance has maintained steady and it is such a joy to hear the ladies’ comments about Job’s trials at the ’ash pile’, then relate the study to their own personal lives. Applying Scripture to everyday life is more than reading and studying, they are learning it is doing.

March was filled with traveling. It was a blessing to fill in for Steve and Sherry while they took some well deserved time for Spring Break. The Hualapai Baptist Church is a very loving and caring church family. They are truly a blessing. We were able to attend Thursday and Friday nights of their revival services with the Adrian Burden family. David preached the next Sunday a.m. and p.m. and the following Wednesday night. Sherry invited Becky to go with her and another lady from the church to the Tribal jail on Friday. Two in-mates were there that evening. After the devotion was given from Daniel 1:8 around the theme of “Making Wise Choices”, one of the ladies asked the Lord to save her and to help her make wise choices in her life. Please pray for Piceeta Walema as she is released and returns to her family. Pray she will have a real desire to attend church and grow. She faces many obstacles and temptations.

While at Peach Springs David had opportunity to attend the Men’s Conference at Bill Rice West Branch with Steve and the men from Hualapai Baptist. Following the conference Evangelist Bill Rice III and his wife, Mary spent the weekend with Steve and Sherry. We all had a good visit together.

Please remember to keep Pastor Steve Fox and Treasa in prayer. His voice is weak, although he is able to preach short messages along with Neil Price who has been voted as Associate Pastor.

Prayer Requests: Neighbors, Pastor Steve Fox, Gilson Wash Baptist Church, Baptist Indian Chapel, Travel in April and May (from one end of the state to the other) new Christian Piceeta Walema.

Praises: Safety and continuing good health, Opportunities to preach and witness

In His love and ours, David and Becky

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March 2014 Letter from Sam & Janet Grammer

March 2014

Dear Friends in Christ,


This past winter has been a very dry one for us. I think the winds have blown it all eastward as we are hearing of extra snowfalls along the east coast. This brings us into a dry spring with wildfire dangers running high. How thankful we are that God is in control of even the weather and we can trust Him for our safety.


For some time now, we have been dealing with a leaking roof at both the front and the back entrances of the church. These leaks have been serious enough to start to destroy the inside walls in the entrance ways. We’ve tried patching and re-sealing, but what was needed was to just replace the roofs over the entry ways. This month, the men took a few days and began the task. We now have new roofing over the back entry, which was the more severe. The sheet rock inside was also replaced but still needs the trim and painting to be completely finished. They had hoped to get them both done during the few days that were available, but found it more of a challenge than first thought. The front entrance still needs to be re-done, and then we will be ready for the annual rainy season in the desert. We are so thankful for men who knew what to do to repair this problem and were willing to take so much of their personal time to do it.


Thank you to those of you who have been praying with us for Keanu (pronounced “Key-ah-new“), who broke his wrist last month. He appears to be healing well and now has his cast off, wearing only a brace. It will still be a few more weeks before we’ll try to return to his piano lessons though.


This month, Keanu’s sister, Aaliyah (pronounced-“Ah-Leah“) broke her toe, so is now walking in a special boot. Keanu and his sister are home schooling for the first time this year. Both of our home-schooling families, the Hendersons and the Winlocks, each have an older son attending Bible College. It is so encouraging to see parents that are doing all they can to help their children grow in their knowledge of our Lord and use their lives to bring God glory. It is not easy and Satan is still the enemy of God’s children, especially when they want to serve Him. Please pray with us for these homes. Those of you that are involved in training your children at home, are very aware of the challenges and know more specifically how to be praying for them.



In Christ,


Sam & Janet Grammer

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Jan/Feb 2014 Letter from Brian & Louann Shannon

January – February 2014


Dear Supporting Church Families & Friends,


“How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God!” (Ps36:7a) Greetings from the Tohono O’Odham Nation. We have had such a great start to the new year, and are continually amazed by, and thankful for His excellent lovingkindness.


January brought our annual “Bible Reader’s Supper,” going to eat with 7 people who read their Bibles from cover to cover in 2013. May we all be faithful students of His Word throughout this year! I’ve never regretted one minute of time spent reading His Word! May our personal prayer and Bible reading times be of utmost importance to all of us this year!


We were blessed to have a visit from Evangelist Glen Jaspers and his dear wife Mary for several different services. Bro. Glen does such a great job of preaching, and Mrs. Mary always works with the kids, teaching stories and songs. They also travel to several other reservation ministries in AZ, preaching and doing some physical work as well. What a blessing they have been to the Independent Baptist Mission Inc in general, and to our family specifically. We thank God for such great friends!


The Bible Clubs in Cockleburr continue to be well attended. We recently completed a long series on the 10 Commandments, with many of the children having them memorized, and able to make application in their own lives! Thank you for your continued prayers for the Bible Club ministry in this village.


The Nursing Home ministry is also such a blessing. Before one recent service, one of the residents began singing aloud one of the hymns we generally sing together (our first “special” sung by a resident)! We are excited for the increased opportunities to serve there this year, having received permission to have more than the 12 services per year we’ve been having! Thank you for your prayers for this ministry as well!


The people of the AkChin church seem to be growing in desire and heart for the Lord, and we are so thankful for this. Several are like sponges, soaking up everything the Lord has for them, asking questions after church, etc…! The messages lately have focused on having a personal burden for lost individuals, friends and family. Each person in the church has asked the Lord for an overwhelming burden to see at least one specific person saved. Pray for their continued growth, and for other souls to be saved as well. We’ve had several visitors lately, and are praying they return and allow the Lord to meet their need!


To encourage Christian fellowship and growth, we have scheduled “family fun night” for one Friday every month this year for the church family to get together and play games, snack and enjoy each other’s company. The first two have been well attended and enjoyed by all. We pray an even closer bond to each other the Lord will result!


Our family was especially blessed and privileged to take part in two missions conferences during the month of February. What a great time of preaching, meeting other missionaries, and spending time with dear pastor friends and their church families. We are very grateful for how the Lord sends just the right people by at just the right time in our lives, and for the friendships He blesses us with!


“Saving the best for the last,” we are thrilled to tell of three pre-teen young people who accepted Christ as their Savior during the past two months. It is always exciting to see the increase after a season of planting and watering! Pray for Alma, Michaela and SarahAnn!


Our family remains continually blessed and eternally grateful for all the Lord does for us! Thank you too, so much, for your faithful prayers and support!


Working together with you for HIM,


Brian & Louann Shannon & family

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