Grammer July 2017

Summer time is VBS time!  One evening we were able to help one of our fellow missionaries  who work  among the Yavapai-Apache people.  Their theme was a cowboy theme and we took our 2 horses down and gave the kids rides.  The kids seemed to really enjoy it and we must admit that it was fun for us too.


The church in Flagstaff is having their VBS this week and while Sam is in Alaska, Janet is helping with odd jobs that help the program to run more smoothly.  These programs are seen as fun by the kids, but the workers realize that it is a way to reach young lives with the Gospel of Christ.  Our prayer and goal is to see our youths begin their lives on the right path and serving God.  We do enjoy serving God!


It has been a joy watching God answer prayers and meet needs on the Alaskan Radio Station Project.   One of those answered prayers is in regards to the weather.  The Island has an annual rainfall of 120” per year which means rain almost every day.  We were praying for good weather and for the entire week, God held back the rains so that the men weren’t hindered in their work.  We prayed that the cabin would be completely enclosed this summer and our men were able to see that accomplished.  They are presently on their way home, but Sam has a few more days to complete some other goals before he begins his drive home.   Please continue to pray for him on this trip to Alaska.


This past month has been a “check-writing” month!  There were personal dental and health bills in Arizona as well as traveling,  shipping and building expenses in Alaska.  None were small but neither were any of them options.  Praise God that He gives peace and promises to meet ALL our needs.  So we wait in anticipation to watch God meet each of these needs and enjoy the peace that He gives us.  Thank you to each of you that have a part in God’s supplying.  We do recognize you as an important part of our ministry.  Even more than finances, we need the prayer support that you give us.  THANK YOU!!


Please pray with us for the Navajo nation.  They are feeling threatened by the Christian influence on their reservation since the Tribal council only recognizes the Peyote religion which involves their medicine men and the use of the hallucinogenic  drug  obtained from the cactus plants.  Presently they are having chapter house meetings at 5 different “chapters” (similar to counties) around the reservation to address “mission site leases”.  (Since the reservation is owned by the tribe, the use of any of their land requires a lease; whether for homes, businesses, churches…)  They would like to revoke the Mission/church leases, or revise them, to make it more difficult for the Christian churches to function.  Our prayer is that Navajo Christians will attend these meetings and make their voices heard and not feel that it is a waste of time to speak out.



                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Grammer June 2017

June  2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month we had a visit from one of our grand-daughters for 5 days.  At the age of 12, each of our grandchildren has been invited for a visit so we can get to know each other better.  This year, it was Isabela’s (Bela) turn.  Because of her age, she had to fly as an “unaccompanied minor” and a specified adult was to meet her at the gate.  Her plane arrived a half hour early and then some paperwork mix-up slowed Grandmom down in getting her gate pass.  A bit frustrating to a young girl full of excitement!  On the way up the mountain from the Phoenix airport to Flagstaff, a range fire halted all traffic on the interstate and required over 2 ½ hours of waiting in 117’ temperatures though it was interesting to watch the planes dropping the “slurry” to fight the fire. The fire came right up to the edge of the pavement but didn’t jump the highway, so we are thankful that traffic had been stopped, even though uncomfortable and inconvenient.   

                It was a busy schedule with Bela that included a horseback ride into the Supai Canyon where the Havasupai Indian people live.  On the way, a flat tire meant using the spare tire.  Then, on the way home, another flat tire- but the spare was already in use.  Grandmom was almost an hour away and drove to pick up the old tires, return to Flagstaff, have new tires put on the rims and then back to the truck and back home. Bela calmly stated that she thought God was teaching her patience.  J  She really did seem to enjoy her visit and we definitely were making memories!

                This may not seem connected to our work here in AZ but family is part of our ministry to our Lord and it is more of a challenge with so many miles between us.  We also see God’s hand of protection in each difficulty.  God is good.  Thank you for praying for her safety as she traveled so far alone.

                Last month, we asked prayer as Sam participated in a “horse camp” on the Navajo reservation.  Though not put on by Christians, Sam was asked to take part and share some saddle-fitting tips and leather work information.  Thank you for your prayers.  Sam did have opportunities to speak of our Lord to folks that probably would never come to hear him preach.  A reminder to us all that God can use us in every interest that we have in our lives, if only we will be willing to be used by Him.

                In a few days, (1 ½ weeks) Sam will be leaving Flagstaff for Bellingham, Washington to catch the ferry for Ketchikan, AK.  There, he will transfer to the Prince of Wales ferry and on to Thorne Bay.  A local man is helping us with the septic system installation and other local Believers have already put the flooring joists on the foundation pillars for us!  This was a pleasant surprise and should be a great help and allow the helpers from NC to accomplish much during their time in Alaska. 

Please continue to pray:

1-      For safety for all the men-both in travel and as they work on the project

2-That all the travelers make their connections

3-Wisdom in the construction, as well in the use of funds

4-Good weather so the work won’t be hindered

5-Good health for all the workers


                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

 In Christ,

Sam & Janet Grammer

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Messick July 2017

JUNE 2017

Dear Ones in Him,

June has been a month filled with many opportunities of service:

VBS God blessed us with a great Vacation Bible School this year. We averaged about 26 young people for the week. Paul & Naomi put together such a good program, the theme: “Riding the Gospel Trail.” When fellow-missionary, Sam Grammer learned we were having a Western theme, he volunteered to bring two of his horses the last night, so the kids could each have a ride. Needless to say, it was the highlight of the week and the kids were thrilled; many had never been on a horse before. We so appreciate Sam and Janet making the final night very special.

Pastor Tim Larkly and Ruth Ann were a tremendous help with skits, missionary stories, etc. We just couldn’t have done it without them. An added blessing was that several folk from the Greenfield Ind. area had donated prizes that were earned by the children throughout the week. We so appreciate Dawn and Linda Jack making the long trip out to bring these.

But the greatest blessing was the six young people who accepted Christ as personal Savior during that week! Thank you for praying for us and please rejoice with us at the answered prayer.

CHURCH CAMPThere were five of our kids from the Reservation that were able to attend camp at West Branch Camp the last week of June. It was a delight to see God work in hearts and to hear of some of the decisions that were made, including the salvation of one of our boys!

Please keep these seven young in your prayers, as they grow in their new walk with the Lord.


You may recall that with the help of several volunteers a new storage shed was built at church in January and a cement slab poured for outdoor activities. The slab was used for game time during VBS. That area has always had a drainage problem and the ground needed to be sloped away from the slab as water would gather there during heavy rains. It would have taken much dirt and a long time for Gary to correct this with his tractor. The State is doing an extensive widening project on the highway that runs in front of the church. Gary stopped one morning and talked to the supervisor of the road project and asked if they might have some extra dirt he could use for filler at our church. The man said they really didn’t have enough for their job, but he’d come and see what Gary needed. After meeting with Gary on the property, he said he could have one of the men come over with a grader after work and start leveling that back area. A few days later, Gary went to the church and saw the job site foreman with a surveyor surveying the back of the lot. He spent the morning staking that area and then after work he sent the grader over and a water truck to keep down the dust, and spent over two hours leveling that area. Gary offered to pay them, but they refused, saying they like to help with projects in the community. We are so thankful to the supervisor of the road project for helping us with this need.

It is amazing how God gives us what we need, exactly when we need it, and often in most unexpected ways!!

Thank you, once again, for your concern, prayers and support in the ministry here. God bless you.

In Christ,

Gary & Bev

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Messick May 2017

Dear Ones in Christ,

Moment by moment I’m kept in His love; Moment by moment I’ve life from above; Looking to Jesus till glory doth shine; Moment by moment, O Lord, I am Thine.”

Thinking on the words of this beloved hymn is a great comfort as we are reminded that we have life from above and that we are kept in His love, but it also challenges us to ask, “Does my life display, moment by moment, the fact that I am His?

We’ve had several visitors in our services recently, even a man who had walked about fifteen miles on his way to Camp Verde. He knocked on the door during the children’s Sunday School asking for water and ended up going to adult Sunday school and staying for Morning Worship. Though he had only stopped by to have his great physical need for water met, we pray that through the preaching of the Word he will come to know the Living Water.

The theme for our Mother/Daughter Banquet this year was “Making Melody in Your Heart to the Lord.” Mrs. Sue Smith brought a very timely message on music that is honoring to the Lord, to the twenty-seven ladies and girls in attendance. Bev was thankful that our daughter-in-law, Elida, was also able to come.

Another blessing for our ladies is that Naomi is having a bi-weekly ladies Bible study on “Beauty from the Heart.” Several ladies are coming faithfully and response has been good.

Yet another blessing to share was having two young men from Ambassador College teach our children’s church one Wednesday evening, and then minister to us on the following Sunday evening through message and song. They are seeking God’s direction in where He would have them serve when they graduate.

We want to thank you for your prayers and support for us and the ministry here. Each of us needs God’s leadership and grace moment by moment!

Love in Him,

Gary & Bev Messick

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Grammer May 2017

May 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,
Last month we spent 2 weeks away from Arizona.  During that time we were able to visit with 4 of our supporting churches; 3 in NY and 1 in PA.  One was a Hunters’ Banquet, an evangelistic outreach event at one of our churches and 2 decisions for restoration of fellowship that night.  Two of them were on Easter Sunday and the 4th was a 5 day Missions Conference.  We were busy the entire time and truly enjoyed the visiting- but glad to be back home.
This month, Sam was invited to join some men on a fishing trip in Utah.  These 5 men and their pastor are from the First Baptist Church in Tuba City where we ministered for many years.  What a good time of fellowship.  Serving our Lord doesn’t always mean “sacrifice”!
When he has time, Sam also does some saddle-making and leatherwork to help with our expenses.  We have found that any activity that we are involved in can open up doors of opportunities to witness.  Just recently, a man came for some leatherwork and began to share some personal problems in his life and the Gospel was presented to him.  He even came back the next day to visit some more.  The seed was planted and we are praying he will come to Christ.
Coming up in June, there is another opportunity in Tuba City where they are having a “horse camp” for a couple of days and Sam has been asked to come and share some leather craft information as well as saddle-fitting tips.  This is not a Christian endeavor but we are praying that he can speak of the Lord to some that he meets during that time
                We have a grand-daughter who is coming for a week the first of June.  Bela is only 12 and will be flying alone.  Pray for a safe flight for her and for Bela, Mom and Grandmom to not be anxious.  We are all looking forward to this special time together.
In early July, Sam will be driving up to catch the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK and then transfer to the Prince of Wales ferry to the Island.  He has a cargo trailer that he has been busy filling with tools and the equipment needed for the construction. This will then be used for  transportation of the supplies once in Alaska.
We have been in contact with a local man who has been cutting the lumber needed for the project and it looks like it will all be ready in time for the arrival of the 6 men from NC who will be flying up to help construct the exterior of the building.
Please pray with us for the following:
#1-The travel fees for the truck and trailer (gas & ferries)-approximately $6,500
#2-For all the materials (lumber, windows, metal roofing, septic tank…) to be available
                as needed
#3-Wisdom in using the available funds and that they will be sufficient
#4-Safety for all- both in travel and during the construction
#5-Good weather so the construction can be completed before the men have to
                fly home
                 II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”
 In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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April 2017 Messick’s

Dear ones in Christ,

“God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to Me!”

The words of this chorus so well describe all that God has done and continues to do at Living Waters Baptist Church. In March we saw many times the goodness of our Great God!

*God in His goodness has brought new folk out to services.
One Sunday, a couple walked over a mile to church with three little boys. After services, while
Bev was teaching the children’s church, Naomi had the joy of leading the lady to a saving
knowledge of Christ, Paul counseled with the man, and Gary lead a teen boy to Christ! What a
blessing to see God working in hearts. Naomi has started an in-home Bible study with the lady.

A lady from the San Carlos Reservation has come to our reservation to care for her sister who
recently had back surgery. She drove by on a Saturday, and saw the church and has been
faithfully coming to services since and is bringing her sister, as well!

*God in His goodness blesses us with sweet times of fellowship.
Evangelist Bill Rice spoke at our church for a Sunday night service, and we enjoyed having he
and his wife, Mary, stay overnight at our home.

It was so good to also have Bev’s nephews and their wives, Allen & Terri Collier and Steve and
Becky Delph from Indiana visit us for a week.

Another time of fellowship was spent with our fellow IBIMI missionaries at our annual mission
retreat, held this year in San Diego, CA. What a blessing to hear reports from each missionary as
to how God has been working in their ministries, to share praises as well as prayer requests.

*And again, we are so thankful that God in His goodness sent Paul & Naomi as
fellow-laborers in the work here.
Paul is teaching adult Sunday School class and preaching one Sunday am service and one
Sunday pm service each month, and he and Naomi have the kids class on Wednesday nights.
Naomi is teaching the the teen girls’ class, and her twice – monthly Bible study lessons have been
a great blessing to the ladies.

Pray as Bev and Naomi will be taking several ladies to the West Branch Spring Getaway later in April
For the spiritual growth of the two recently saved
For Paul & Naomi as they make plans to go out for a time of deputation

Your praying and giving have been a huge encouragement to us. Thank you for coming alongside; we are grateful for you and to you!

In Him,
Gary & Bev

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March 2017 Grammer’s

March/April 2017
Dear Friends in Christ,

This past month, while visiting at the nursing home, Janet and Helen had a new visitor to our devotional time. Juanita is a new patient there and found a childhood friend who was one of our regular gals. Please pray with us for Juanita’s salvation. Just before going to visit, we had agreed that the day’s Bible lesson would be “the woman at the well”. We didn’t know, but God did, that a salvation message would be needed. We try to encourage these Christian ladies that God hasn’t forsaken them and to remain faithful and not give in to depression.

We would also ask you to pray with us for Sally. She lives with family and we try to stop by her home and sing and pray with her after visiting in the nursing home. Sally’s husband, was faithfully serving the Lord as a pastor until taken home to Heaven. Not long afterwards, Sally suffered a brain tumor and stroke and is now confined to her bed and has limited speech. Both Sally and Gordon were former students of Sam when teaching at the Bible School, years ago.

Pray for us as we have had several counseling opportunities this past month. It is exciting to see God working in lives. Pray for wisdom to know how to encourage and help in each situation.

In a couple of weeks we will be flying back to New York for a Missions Conference. While there, we will be able to visit with 3 more of our supporting churches, including a Christian Hunter’s Banquet. Please be praying for our travel as well as the meetings.

Continue to pray with us for the Mt Eldon Bible Conference coming up in July. Though Sam will not be available to speak this year, he has helped them organize the materials for the conference and we are praying for them as they prepare.

Continue to pray with us for the Alaskan trip to complete the exterior construction for the cabin for the radio station. (1)- Safety in travel and during construction for Sam and the Christian volunteers (2)-materials to be available (3)-construction to be completed before the men have to fly home (4)-Wisdom in using the funds available so they will be sufficient (5)-weather to be convenient for building.

Once again, thank you for your prayers, as well as your gifts!
II Cor. 2:11 “Ye also helping together by prayer for us.”

In Christ,
Sam & Janet Grammer

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